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Did Y’all See That? Week Four Edition

If you turned your TV off after TCU-Texas, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with the things you need to see.

Army v Oklahoma
Army just would not let go of the ball against Oklahoma.
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

You’d be forgiven if you didn’t see anything past, oh, let’s say, 6:50 p.m. on Saturday, when TCU called its last timeout and Texas had the game locked up. The writer of this post may or may not have walked directly into his bedroom and spent the rest of the night lying awake staring at the ceiling.

But — there were things to see! And it’s time to highlight five of them. A reminder: “Did Y’all See That” is meant to go just below the surface level of the college football weekend. Everyone saw, say, Michigan put a smackdown on Nebraska, or Old Dominion upset Virginia Tech. That’s Football 101. But we’re not going as deep as my colleague Parker Fleming’s Football 201. That’s way over my head.

Think of this as Football 102. Is that how class numbering works? Who knows.

Did Y’all See: Nebraska’s ground-breaking and daring safety?

Hey, just because the Cornhuskers were getting their doors blown off doesn’t mean they couldn’t try out some brand new tactics. Necessity is the mother of invention, some old German philosopher said, and Nebraska certainly needed as much as they could get Saturday.

That led to this.

Don’t fault Adrian Martinez for dropping back to pass, passing, and then passing again. It’s not like you could’ve found a way to score against the Michigan defense in that game anyway.

Did Y’all See: Texas Tech’s new towels?

This technically happened on Monday, so if you didn’t see it during the weekend, don’t fret. But the Red Raiders are debuting a Tortilla Towel for the Texas Tech-West Virginia game, a ranked matchup (??) that will take place Saturday in Lubbock.

I have friends that have covered games at AT&T Jones Stadium and been pelted by tortillas on the sidelines. Texas Tech fans are famously a wild bunch, but I’m sure they’ll treat these towels with respect and not sling them on to the field. Besides, if they hit Dana Holgorsen with a towel, he might climb into the stands and try to whip somebody with it.

Did Y’all See: Jalen McCleskey is transferring from Oklahoma State?

We like to have a lot of fun here at Did Y’all See That?, but here’s some actual hard-hitting football news.

Yeah, Oklahoma State wide receiver Jalen McCleskey is heading out of Stillwater. He told the coaches he wasn’t getting enough touches and asked for a transfer.

McCleskey has been a major part of the Cowboys’ offense since he was a freshman. In his career, he’s racked up 1,904 yards and 18 touchdowns from scrimmage. Through four games in 2018, however, he was only the fourth-leading receiver on the team.

This is bad for Oklahoma State, and gives TCU one less dynamic receiver to cover when the Frogs host the Cowboys. But Gundy said he wasn’t mad at McCleskey, and your writer is staunchly in favor of players being able to go where they want.

Losing to Texas Tech can make you do strange things, man.

Did Y’all See: Tennessee’s Quart’e Sapp nearly pulled a Vontae Davis?

Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis — or rather, former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis — retired at halftime of Buffalo’s game last weekend. Tennessee linebacker Quart’e Sapp clearly drew some inspiration and walked off the sidelines during the Volunteers’ loss to Florida.

Tennessee coach Jeremy Pruitt said Sapp refused to enter the game when asked; Sapp explicitly denied being asked to enter the game. Either way, Pruitt said Sapp will remain with the team, and that “everyone makes mistakes.”

Boy, it’s a good thing the Volunteers got Butch Jones out of there in the offseason! Everything seems to be going hunky-dory in Knoxville.

Did Y’all See: Army’s time of possession against Oklahoma?

I touched on this in Around the Big 12, but: Army had 44 minutes and 19 seconds of possession against Oklahoma in a 28-21 overtime loss.

Here now is a brief list of things you can do in 44:19.

  • Listen to all of Yeezus, by Kanye West
  • Watch the “Dinner Party” episode of “The Office” twice
  • Run a 10K at a 7-minute mile pace, if you’re into fitness or whatever
  • Preheat an oven and cook a pizza, then eat some of that pizza
  • Stare at a picture of Kliff Kingsbury and take in the beauty

Or you could watch Army slowly suffocate Oklahoma. I don’t care if the Black Knights lost this game. That’s an amazing stat.

The record for T.O.P., by the way, is 45:16, set by Air Force in 2016. That game was against Georgia State, a team that is most decidedly not Oklahoma.