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Frogs O’ War Podcast: A Mighty Cyclone?

Parker and Melissa look back at last week’s game at Texas and look ahead to the Frogs’ return to the Carter.

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The Frogs need a win in a bad way, and this week’s podcast explores just how they can get one.

With Jamie out, Parker joined Melissa to help break down what TCU is doing right, what they are doing wrong, and what they should do going forward. You won’t want to miss his informative nuggets of information on Shawn Robinson, play-calling, and the defense.

We also took a look at Iowa State and their massive wide receivers, David Montgomery, and where the Frogs can have success against a stingy Cyclone D.

Lastly, we went around the conference and around the country to talk transfers, Army, and Texas Tech being good - as well as making predictions on some of the week’s big games.

Check it out! (You will need to go through SoundCloud temporarily, but we will have it on PodBean and iTunes shortly!)