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Weekly Picks: Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

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Play along as the FOW staff tells you who is winning, who is losing, and who is worth watching.

Staff Picks

Here are this week’s picks!

#12 West Virginia (3-0) @ #25 Texas Tech (3-1) (11:00am, ESPN2)

Parker Fleming: West Virginia 38, Texas Tech 27 - Tech has looked awesome this year, but they struggled with Mississippi’s WR core, so I doubt they will bottle Wild Bill Grier and the boys.

Chris Conaty: West Virginia 41, Texas Tech 23 - I will admit that Texas Tech looks much better than I thought and their win last weekend was very impressive. However, this West Virginia team looks like one of their best.

Grant McGalliard: West Virginia 45, Texas Tech 28 - I think West Virginia comes out and makes a statement in this game. The Mountaineers haven’t faced a truly good team yet -- sorry, Tennessee, you don’t count -- and this is their chance to show they’re serious contenders. Don’t bet on this game though. Weird things happen in Lubbock.

Melissa Triebwasser: West Virginia 31, Texas Tech 28 - I have no idea.

Oklahoma State (3-1) @ Kansas (2-2) (11:00am)

Parker Fleming: Oklahoma State 42, Kansas 7 - I’m never picking Kansas again.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma State 31, Kansas 10 - What Parker said.

Grant McGalliard: Oklahoma State 51, Kansas 13 - What Chris said.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 17 - What Grant said.

Baylor (3-1) @ #6 Oklahoma (4-0) (2:30pm, ABC)

Parker Fleming: Oklahoma 35, Baylor 33 - Baylor has improved every week, and looked even more polished against a bad Kansas team. That’s what good teams do, beat bad teams. OU isn’t any worse off despite an almost L to Army that no one saw. Gimme the Sooners, but closer than you think.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 44, Baylor 28 - The Bears are trending up and putting pieces together, but I can’t see them pulling off a marquee victory like this quite yet.

Grant McGalliard: Oklahoma 45, Baylor 21 - The Sooners will want to wipe the taste out of their mouths after Army took them down to the wire. Baylor’s getting a motivated Oklahoma team that won’t overlook the Bears.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma 42, Baylor 31 - Oklahoma has had issues with bad Baylor, and the Sooners might be pressing a bit as they look ahead to Texas. This one could be tight early, but OU pulls away in the second half.

#18 Texas (3-1) @ Kansas State (2-2) (2:30pm, FS1)

Parker Fleming: Texas 28, Kansas State 10 - Texas’s first four game win streak in…? KSU is switching QBs, but that won’t be enough. They can’t switch offensive lines.

Chris Conaty: Texas 30, Kansas State 17 - No, Texas isn’t BACK back, but they have played well since losing to Maryland and they should be able to handle the Wildcats.

Grant McGalliard: Texas 27, Kansas State 3 - Kansas State ain’t making a bowl.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 27, Kansas State 13 - The Longhorns haven’t won in Manhattan since 2012, but... that streak ends today.

Iowa State (1-2) @ TCU (2-2) (6:00pm, ESPNU)

Parker Fleming: Iowa State 27, TCU 21 - I’m just still not sure this TCU team can consistently score under adversity. I’m sorry, I know I’m the Debbie Downer. It’s just late in the afternoon and my blood sugar is low, but still, I’m worried this TCU team is reeling.

Chris Conaty: TCU 27, Iowa State 17 - I agree with Parker that the Frogs have struggled with consistency on offense, but so have the Cyclones. I also think being back in the Carter should bring a sense of comfort back to the young Frogs.

Grant McGalliard: TCU 31, Iowa State 14 - Contrary to Parker, I just ate a free donut in the office and am on a sugar high. This game is not going to be fun to watch at all, but the Horned Frogs won’t lose three in a row.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 20, Iowa State 19 - The Frogs finally force a turnover, of the scoring variety, to take the lead late.

Around the Country (Score predictions only)

Syracuse (4-0) @ #3 Clemson (4-0) (11:00am, ABC)

Parker Fleming: Clemson 45, Syracuse 17

Chris Conaty: Clemson 55, Syracuse 13

Grant McGalliard: Clemson 51, Syracuse 31

Melissa Triebwasser: Clemson 42, Syracuse 24

#4 Ohio State (4-0) @ #9 Penn State (4-0) (6:30pm, ABC)

Parker Fleming: Ohio State 33, Penn State 17

Chris Conaty: Ohio State 33, Penn State 31

Grant McGalliard: Ohio State 28, Penn State 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Ohio State 34, Penn State 28

#7 Stanford (4-0) @ #8 Notre Dame (4-0) (6:30pm, NBC)

Parker Fleming: Stanford 17, Notre Dame 14 (... I guess?)

Chris Conaty: Notre Dame 31, Stanford 20

Grant McGalliard: Stanford 20, Notre Dame 16

Melissa Triebwasser: Stanford 24, Notre Dame 20

South Carolina (2-1) @ #17 Kentucky (4-0) (6:30 pm, SEC Network)

Parker Fleming: Kentucky 24, South Carolina 17

Chris Conaty: Kentucky 30, South Carolina 21

Grant McGalliard: Kentucky 38, South Carolina 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Kentucky 38, South Carolina 28

#19 Oregon (3-1) @ #24 Cal (3-0) (9:30pm, FS1)

Parker Fleming: Oregon 27, Cal 20

Chris Conaty: Oregon 34, Cal 17

Grant McGalliard: Oregon 38, Cal 13 (Chris took my score.)

Melissa Triebwasser: Oregon 41, Cal 35