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Get your questions in for the podcast!

Got a question for Jamie and Melissa? Leave it in the comments below.

New Podcast Logo

Jamie and Melissa will be at Dutch’s Locker Room on Wednesday evening, at 7:30, to record another episode of the Frogs O’ War Podcast.

A few of the topics for the show will definitely, probably, could be:

  • TCU vs. SMU
  • Gary Patterson
  • Ohio State
  • Texas
  • Dutch’s Locker Room
  • Sports
  • Big 12 football
  • Predictions
  • Dutch’s Locker Room
  • Football
  • Other Things

So if you’ve got questions about any of those things, or other things, or maybe some stuff, go ahead and leave those in the comments so we can answer them on the podcast!

And be sure to get out to Dutch’s Locker Room for the live show - 7:30 - Wednesday night.