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TCU News: The reviews are in for #ADJD

And they’re good!

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If you’re asking his peers, TCU is ‘in great hands’ under new AD Jeremiah Donati | The Star-Telegram

#ADJD has done a stellar job as he closes in as his first year as “the guy” at TCU.

“I’ve always dreamt about the day that I would be fortunate, or hopefully fortunate enough, to be the AD in that stadium,” Donati said. “In my seven years working at TCU, it was one of the best first games we’ve had. With regard to the team, I was really excited about our speed and toughness and think we have the potential to be pretty good this year.”

As far as himself being more recognizable in his relatively new role, Donati said: “Yeah, since I’ve been AD, a lot more people recognize me and are pointing me out. One kid asked for my autograph, which I thought was funny. But I don’t look at it differently. I’m here to work on game days. I was troubleshooting and problem solving during the game, but a lot of familiar faces congratulated me on the first home win. It was fun and it’s something I’ll never forget.”

What’s at stake in TCU-SMU showdown this weekend? Horned Frogs explain | Sports Day

Patterson won’t apologize for playing a rivalry game, no matter how good or bad SMU is.

“Everyone says you have to play big games and all I’m reading in the newspapers is all the players who played in those big games are out for the season,” Patterson said. “You [media] guys all want these special games to play but the bottom line is you need to get your team ready to play.

”You go win ballgames, get your team ready, then you go play your conference schedule and get ready to go.”

Around Campus:

Mumps case confirmed at TCU | Sports Day

Wait, what?

A case of mumps has been confirmed at Texas Christian University, county and school health officials confirmed Wednesday.

The school is working with Tarrant County Public Health to identify and contact students who may have been exposed to the person with mumps, TCU health services director Dr. Jane Torgerson said in a memo to faculty and staff members.

No other cases have been reported. School health officials did not specify whether the person with mumps is a student.