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Frogs O’ War Weekly Picks: GO GO GO


Western Michigan v Michigan Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Whoops, forgot to post these yesterday! Standings will be available after this week’s picks are complete!

Big 12 Games

No. 16 TCU @ SMU (Friday) (7pm, ESPN 2)

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 56, SMU 10 - TCU is just the better team, and they’ll win going away. Will SMU give the Frogs a fight? Sure - even last season the Ponies led 16-7 at one point, but this game won’t be in doubt by the fourth quarter.

Melissa Triebwasser: TCU 44, SMU 17 - This one will be close through a half, especially as the Frogs look to gain their footing in what is expected to be sloppy conditions. Ultimately, though, TCU’s talented overwhelms a rebuilding Sonny Dykes squad in the third quarter.

Deanna Rust: TCU 52, SMU 10 - The Ponies struggled last week against UNT, and I firmly believe they’ll struggle this week against the Frogs. TCU had some minor stuff to clean up this week on both sides of the ball, but overall it was a great start for this new era of Frogs. At least SMU will have a pretty new platform to stand on to see the skillet get handed to us at the end.

Parker Fleming: TCU 42, SMU 17 - TCU covers, gets up early, and gets out of the rain healthy and with another win.

Grant McGalliard: TCU 38, SMU 14 - The Frogs don’t need to show much in this game, especially with Ohio State looming. Go up early, don’t let the Ponies do anything weird, and hope Shawn Robinson doesn’t have to play more than, say, 2.5 quarters before he can hit the bench and rest up.

Dean Straka: TCU 56, SMU 21 - The Horned Frogs have dropped exactly 56 points on the Mustangs in three of their past four meetings. With the way SMU looked at North Texas last week, why not make in four of the past five. I wouldn’t be stunned if Sonny Dykes & Co. keep this one close for a quarter (this is a rivalry game, after all), but this contest could get out of hand quickly after that.

Chris Conaty: TCU 48, SMU 13 - Weather could play a factor in this game and could force teams to do more offensively on the ground, which would favor TCU. Robinson, Anderson, Olonilua, and Demercado should run wild in this one.

Mason Chreene: TCU 52, SMU, 17 - Literally give me all of the rushing tuddy’s in this one folks. If it rains, then lets just hit that power O over and over again with Olonilua and up the gut with Anderson. SMU’s defense doesn’t really keep me up at night and neither does a Sunny Dykes coached team. That being said, I expect a little bit of trickery and deep passes against the Frogs in this one. If the rain really takes effect, it won’t be a bad thing to see Shawn Robnison play through some form of tough environment before the big showdown next week.

Kansas State vs. No. 18 Mississippi State (11am, ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 24, Mississippi State 21 - Call me crazy, but I believe the Wildcats will improve dramatically from week one to week two.

Melissa Triebwasser: Mississippi State 34, Kansas State 17 - K State can’t possibly look, or be, as bad as they were in week one, right? The Cats struggled against an FCS team, and now a Bulldogs squad that might actually be good comes to town. This one won’t spiral totally out of control, but it won’t be close, either.

Deanna Rust: Mississippi State 27, Kansas State 21 - Kansas State was a big surprise last week, and not in a good way. In the meantime, Mississippi State had a strong week with a backup quarterback. I’d love to see Kansas State get the upset, but they’ll have to dig deep, especially with Nick Fitzgerald returning to QB for Mississippi State.

Parker Fleming: Mississippi State 34, Kansas State 13 - I wouldn’t put it past Bill Snyder to win this game, but they won’t; Kansas State has to find their identity, and Mississippi State looked pretty incredible even without their starting QB last week. Nick Fitzgerald is the video game QB Bill Snyder would build; he torches the Cats.

Grant McGalliard: Mississippi State 28, Kansas State 21: Joe Moorhead is an exceptionally talented offensive coach that can now unleash Nick Fitzgerald after the quarterback was suspended for the first game of the season. Kansas State dang near lost to South Dakota, and not the good team from South Dakota. Manhattan is a tough place to play, but once the Bulldogs find their feet, there should be plenty of CLANGA to go around.

Dean Straka: Mississippi State 35, Kansas State 14: It’s hard to have much faith in the Snydercats against an SEC West squad after they struggled to put away an FCS opponent on home turf last Saturday. Of course, K-State has a nasty habit of sticking around in games they have no business winning, but I don’t think that’s the case when Bulldogs roll into town. Get ready for a big day from Nick Fitzgerald.

Chris Conaty: Mississippi State 38, Kansas State 17 - The Wildcats struggled last weekend and were lucky to escape with a win. Meanwhile, Mississippi State rolled their opponent with a backup QB and now get dark-horse Heisman candidate Nick Fitzgerald back.

Mason Chreene: Mississippi State 31, Kansas State 21 - The wildcats didn’t really do much to inspire confidence in anyone last week, so a game against a ranked opponent doesn’t tend to bode well...but hey fingers crossed for the Big 12’s reputation.

No. 6 Oklahoma vs. UCLA (12pm, FOX)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 55, UCLA 20 - This is going to be another beating for the Sooners, this time though, they’ll flex on a Pac-12 squad still getting used to Chip Kelly’s offense.

Melissa Triebwasser: OU 55, UCLA 24 - Oh no Oklahoma is really good again. UCLA, on the other hand, is not - yet. Kyler Murray and co drop a 50 burger on Chip Kelly and send the Bruins to an ugly 0-2.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma 51, UCLA 17 - Oklahoma will crush the Bruins this weekend. The Bruins will have 6 players returning after being suspended for the first game, so there may be some improvement for them, but it won’t be enough to overthrow the Sooners.

Parker Fleming: Oklahoma 56, UCLA 17 - Hoo boy, if UCLA had a hard time with Cincy, this is not going to be fun for Chip and the gang.

Grant McGalliard: Oklahoma 52, UCLA 21 - Maybe Chip Kelly can call up the 49ers and see if they want to give it another go?

Dean Straka: Oklahoma 55, UCLA 24 -- If you want to see that spectacular showdown between Lincoln Riley and Chip Kelly, you’ll have to wait until 2019. The Rose Bowl is far better venue for it anyways. Kyler Murray and the Sooners will be winning big (and I mean big) for the second straight week at Owen Field this Saturday.

Chris Conaty: Oklahoma 59, UCLA 16 - The Bruins gave up 63 rushing yards to Cincy’s QB last week… good luck on stopping Kyler Murray, Chip.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma 52, UCLA 31 - Chip Kelly is going to need like 3 more years before UCLA is really good...

Kansas @ Central Michigan (2pm, ESPN+)

Jamie Plunkett: Central Michigan 42, Kansas 7 - Kansas is very bad. There is no hope. There will never be any hope.

Melissa Triebwasser: Central Michigan 38, Kansas 20 - Do we see Doug Meacham as interim head coach by week three? Maybe.

Deanna Rust: Central Michigan 35, Kansas 17 - I really wanted Kansas to beat Nicholls last week and show that there was something hidden there. But alas, Kansas was Kansas. And they’ll do the same this week.

Parker Fleming: Central Michigan 17, Kansas 14 - Another hit on the David Beatty Farewell tour.

Grant McGalliard: Central Michigan 28, Kansas 13 - This made me sad. Anyone who watches this game should be monitored by federal police.

Dean Straka: Central Michigan 31, Kansas 17 - If you’re wondering when the Jayhawks are going to win again in 2018, well, odds are they’re not going to, so quit asking.

Chris Conaty: Central Michigan 30, Kansas 23 - There’s only one FBS team that Kansas can beat.

Mason Chreene: Central Michigan 32, Kansas 24 - I mean maybe Kansas keeps it interesting?

Texas Tech vs. Lamar (3pm, Fox Sports Network)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 56, Lamar 14 - The Red Raiders beat up Lamar and feel good about themselves, kind of like when your dad used to block your layups in pickup basketball when you were seven.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas Tech 31, Lamar 13 - Tech got banged up in week one, but a visit from Lamar ought to help them right the ship. This Red Raiders offense might actually be bad, but the D isn’t completely terrible, and will do enough to get Kliff to a W.

Deanna Rust: Texas Tech 27, Lamar 21 - Tech is hoping to have a better week than they did last week. I’ll predict a victory for them, but who knows at this point.

Parker Fleming: Texas Tech 42, Lamar 9

Grant McGalliard: Texas Tech 38, Lamar 14 - It’s too early to tell if Tech is good, but I don’t think they’re “lose to Lamar” bad.

Dean Straka: Texas Tech 34, Lamar 10 - The Red Raiders need to get their confidence up after the embarrassment against Ole Miss in H-Town. A home game vs. Lamar is the perfect opportunity to do so. Again, Texas Tech is still figuring out its true identity, but I don’t see them dropping this one.

Chris Conaty: Texas Tech 56, Lamar 9 - Lamar has had one winning season since restarting their program in 2010. Texas Tech shouldn’t have any problem here.

Mason Chreene: Texas Tech 51, Lamar 16 - Kliff’s seat slightly SLIGHTLY cools.

Iowa State @ Iowa (4pm, FOX)

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 27, Iowa 17 - Go Cyclones. Go Wide Right Natty Lite.

Melissa Triebwasser: Iowa State 24, Iowa 21 - The Clones are itching to play football, and will come out ready for their biggest rival. This one will be ugly, contentious, and a ton of fun. Get em, Coach Campbell.

Deanna Rust: Iowa 24, Iowa State 21 - I don’t think Iowa will dominate this game as much as some predict, but I do think they’ll take this one in front of a home crowd. Iowa State hasn’t played yet this season, so they haven’t had a chance to work out the kinks, which I think does them a disservice this week.

Parker Fleming: Iowa 24, Iowa State 21 - Sneaky defensive game; David Montgomery struggles then has a few big plays, but it’s not enough. Iowa City is a weird place for everyone.

Grant McGalliard: Iowa State 27, Iowa 21 - This game, as is tradition, will be weird from start to finish, and, hell, maybe the ‘Clones will pull this one out. Trying to predict ISU-Iowa is like trying to guess what the weather will be in Dallas on April 17th, 2023: sure, you might get it right, but nobody believes you actually knew why you guessed what you did, and at the end of the day it won’t really matter.

Dean Straka: Iowa 30, Iowa State 24 - I’d feel better about the Cyclones’ chances in this one if they were at home and already had a full game under their belt this season. Playing at Kinnick Stadium is always a difficult task, and the rivalry element doesn’t make this one any easier for Matt Campbell & Co. The latest installment of the Cy-Hawk series will be yet another thriller, but Kirk Ferentz and the Hawkeyes will squeeze past Iowa State on top in the end.

Chris Conaty: Iowa State 27, Iowa 24 - Excluding 2016, this rivalry has always produced close games recently and this year will be no different. I think Matt Campbell will be able to add a major rivalry victory to an already impressive resume.

Mason Chreene: Iowa State 31, Iowa 28 - Big 12 homer pick incoming! Matty Ice Campbell storms in to his rival’s home, and is here for two things: beating football that Hawkeye butt and chewing bubble gum...and he’s all out of bubble gum.

No. 14 West Virginia vs. Youngstown State (5pm, ATSN - American Trigger Sports Network)

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 63, Youngstown State 3 - Western By God Virginia has Will Grier and that’s all they’ll need for this one.

Melissa Triebwasser: WVU 63, Youngstown State 17 - Will Grier Heisman Campaign: ACTIVATED.

Deanna Rust: West Virginia 46, Youngstown State 10 - West Virginia should take this one easily against the Penguins.

Parker Fleming: West Virginia 60, Youngstown State 24 - I for one will be loudly making fun of the fact that WVU gives up double digits to a team whose mascot is a Penguin.

Grant McGalliard: West Virginia 56, Youngstown State 17 - Miss you, Bo Pelini.

Dean Straka: West Virginia 62, Youngstown State 21 - Will Grier, judging from last weekend, is the real deal. Get ready for another field day for the Mountaineers offense as Youngstown State pays a visit to Morgantown.

Chris Conaty: West Virginia 70, Youngstown State 13 - It’s not going to be a good time for the Penguins.

Mason Chreene: West Virginia 63, Youngstown State 10 - Give me all of the Will Grier stat padding in this one for the heisman campaign. Bo Pelini will do what he can, but I’d say his team is going to score anywhere between 9-3 scores. Field goals? Touchdowns? Not sure which yet but probably the former.

Baylor @ UTSA (6pm, Facebook Live)

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 35, UTSA 28 - At UTSA, because Baylor isn’t afraid to go anywhere and play anyone.

Melissa Triebwasser: Baylor 41, UTSA 24 - FACEBOOK LIVE??? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Deanna Rust: Baylor 49, UTSA 6 - Still don’t care.

Parker Fleming: Baylor 38, UTSA 31- A real “feel good” win for Baylor against a team they should trounce.

Grant McGalliard: Baylor 41, UTSA 14 - This game’s on Facebook, huh? Folks, the last time I saw something this unsavory on Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was screwing Eduardo Saverin out of millions of dollars.

Dean Straka: Baylor 35, UTSA 28 - This is a game that I could see turning into both a blowout or an unsuspecting thriller. I’ll go with the latter. The Bears and Roadrunners trade the lead several times, but Baylor ultimately gets the job done and improves to 2-0 for all to see on our favorite sports network that is If they lose, it might be time for the Big 12 to unfriend them for a week.

Chris Conaty: Baylor 45, UTSA 27 - Congrats Baylor on surpassing your win total from a year ago. Jk.

Mason Chreene: Baylor 42, UTSA 21 - I’m sorry what? Charlie Brewer has really shown off how good of a QB he is against *checks Baylor’s pre conference schedule*.....oh. All that being said I do feel like this Bear’s squad may have an upset in them, so keep an eye them...on facebook.

Oklahoma State vs. South Alabama (7pm, Fox Sports Network)

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 70, South Alabama 17 - This is a, “make everyone feel okay about Cornelius at QB” opportunity for Gundy and Co, and they’ll take advantage.

Melissa Triebwasser: Oklahoma State 48, South Alabama 7 - USA was one of my favorite med schools to visit when I was in the sales game. Some of the nicest kids you’ll meet. But… that isn’t going to help them against Mike Gundy and his mullet.

Deanna Rust: Oklahoma State 45, South Alabama 14 - Oklahoma State is favored by 30+ points. South Alabama will try to get a few points on the board to avoid a total blowout.

Parker Fleming: Oklahoma State 56, South Alabama 3

Grant McGalliard: Oklahoma State 49, South Alabama 7 - U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

Dean Straka: Oklahoma State 52, South Alabama 10 - Get ready for another big day from Justice Hill as the Cowboys steamroll the Jaguars.

Mason Chreene: Oklahoma State 48, South Alabama 13 - The more games that OSU is able to work out the kinks and straighten everything out before they begin conference play, the more I worry that they could be a sleeper in the conference. Is that because I don’t know a lot about them at this point? Absolutely.

Texas vs. Tulsa (7pm, Longhorn Network)

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 30, Tulsa 28 - This is another close game, because Texas is ba(d)ck.

Melissa Triebwasser: Texas 27, Tulsa 10 - I am so tempted… but, no. Texas will be 2-1 when TCU comes to town. Book it.

Deanna Rust: Texas 42, Tulsa 21 - Tulsa will try to use their running game to get through a Texas defense that was probably running stairs from sunrise to sunset last Sunday, after their embarrassing loss to Maryland. Can Texas get their act together this week? I think so. But after last week, anything is possible.

Parker Fleming: Texas 27, Tulsa 12 - I want to pick the upset, badly. It’ll be a solid normalizing game for Texas, though.

Grant McGalliard: Texas 31, Tulsa 10: After losing to a turtle, Texas will try and find its feet against a strong, oddly-colored weather phenomenon.

Dean Straka: Texas 38, Tulsa 13 - Okay, I suppose we declare Texas “back” for a week after this one. Beyond that, good luck.

Chris Conaty: Texas 99, Tulsa 0 - Tom Herman says his team is much improved this year so clearly they will roll through this game like a Hurricane.

Mason Chreene: Texas 101, Tulsa 0 - ^Chris I see your score and raise you by 2 more since we are in year 2 of the Herman era, which means that they are back (to Texas to being a meme).

Around the Country

No. 24 South Carolina vs. No. 3 Georgia (2:30pm, CBS)

Jamie Plunkett: Georgia 42, South Carolina 10

Melissa Triebwasser: Georgia 34, South Carolina 17

Deanna Rust: Georgia 38, South Carolina 31

Parker Fleming: Georgia 28, South Carolina 21

Grant McGalliard: Georgia 41, South Carolina 14

Dean Straka: Georgia 40, South Carolina 10

Chris Conaty: Georgia 34, South Carolina 20

Mason Chreene: Georgia 41, South Carolina 24

Texas A&M vs. No. 2 Clemson (6pm, ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Clemson 38, Texas A&M 28

Melissa Triebwasser: Clemson 31, Texas A&M 20

Parker Fleming: Clemson 48, Texas A&M 24

Deanna Rust: Clemson 34, A&M 28

Grant McGalliard: Clemson 38, Texas A&M 31

Dean Straka: Clemson 45, Texas A&M 21

Chris Conaty: Clemson 31, Texas A&M 13

Mason Chreene: Clemson 45, Texas A&M 27

Pittsburgh vs. No. 13 Penn State (7pm, ABC)

Jamie Plunkett: Pittsburgh 31, Penn State 24

Melissa Triebwasser: Penn State 24, Pittsburgh 20

Parker Fleming: Pittsburgh 33, Penn State 32 (2 OT)

Grant McGalliard: Penn State 31, Pittsburgh 21

Deanna Rust: Penn State 24, Pittsburgh 17

Dean Straka: Penn State 28, Pittsburgh 21

Chris Conaty: Penn State 41, Pittsburgh 17

Mason Chreene: Penn State 38, Pittsburgh 20

No. 10 Stanford vs. No. 17 USC (7:30pm, FOX)

Jamie Plunkett: Stanford 35, USC 31

Melissa Triebwasser: Stanford 24, USC 21

Parker Fleming: USC 35, Stanford 27

Grant McGalliard: USC 27, Stanford 17

Deanna Rust: Stanford 31, USC 24

Dean Straka: Stanford 38, USC 28

Chris Conaty: Stanford 34, USC 24

Mason Chreene: USC 24, Stanford 23 - You make fun of whataburger Stanford and Texas never forgets.

Arizona State vs. No. 15 Michigan State (9:45pm, ESPN)

Jamie Plunkett: Arizona State 27, Michigan State 20

Melissa Triebwasser: Michigan State 30, Arizona State 17

Parker Fleming: Michigan State 31, Arizona State 28

Grant McGalliard: Arizona State 27, Michigan State 21 (why not?)

Deanna Rust: Arizona State 31, Michigan State 28

Dean Straka: Michigan State 38, Arizona State 24

Chris Conaty: Michigan State 27, Arizona State 17

Mason Chreene: Michigan State 30, Arizona State 20