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TCU Football revealed their uniforms Wednesday. Here’s what people thought about the new look.

It’s been a long time coming, but now that they’re out there, people have feelings.

There are so many Easter eggs hidden in the recent uniform reveal, and fans are eating them up.

ICYMI, TCU Football held their big uniform reveal Wednesday morning, releasing a really powerful, really engaging video (narrated by former Frog safety and current Cleveland Brown Derrick Kindred!) that told the story behind the design as well as gave us our first look at the new threads:

The video was met with nothing but positive vibes - a beautiful tour through Rozel, KS, hometown of Gary Patterson, where the philosophy of TCU Football was indeed born. The mantra of “Don’t Back Down”, playing with a chip on your shoulder, overcoming doubts and humble beginnings - all of these are what Patterson’s program was built on. “The saying goes, to whom much is given, much is expected. But what about to whom nothing is given? To those of us born with a chip on our shoulder? Even more.”

With nods to TCU’s past and future, such as the “horns” around the neckline (bringing back the geometric shapes around the neckline from the days when LT roamed the backfields), the horn on the helmet (representative of the ‘horns’ on a horned frog - a creature known for overcoming much larger predators by relying on a strong defense), and - my personal favorite - a neck patch in the shape of a guitar pick (a nod to Patterson’s love of music and his desire to set the tone for his program), each element of each piece was clearly thought out and very intentional. Something you can see if the detailed breakdown released concurrent with the video.

So, with all of these new looks, how did Frog fans react? Well, as one would expect, the results were mixed.

Some absolutely love the philosophy behind the new look:

Others just love them in general:

Some prominent alumni weighed in as well:

And even some rivals chimed in:

A lot of folks picked up on a Black Panther feel to the new duds, something GP told us could be happening (Fort Worth is Panther City, after all):

The WAC-era throwback look definitely resonated with folks as well.

The most controversial element seems to be the helmets, going away from the glossy look on the previous iteration, choosing instead to focus on a more matte look, and adding in a two-tone facemask that is pretty unique (save for one other program).

At the end of the day, uniforms about one thing. Though they certainly want fans to scoop up new merch, it’s all about the kids, folks. And they nailed what recruits want.

Of course, someone has to rain on every parade, and we heard from a few of those, too:

Also, big time props to TCU Equipment and TCU Video for an incredible job on design and reveal. You the real MVP, guys and gals.

The most important thing we can take away from today, though, is this - we can all be happy to say goodbye to the grey camo. Finally.