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Bears, weather slow down Frogs in 4-0 loss

A three hour lightning delay had TCU Soccer on the ropes before the game even began.

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TCU and Baylor are notorious rivals, so it’s no surprise that any game the Bears are at, become a big deal for the Frogs.

In past meetings, TCU has had a 2-3-2 home record against the Bears, with an overall record of 4-10-4. This game could be a turning point for the Frogs, as they are currently ranked #4 in the Big 12, and Baylor sits down at #7. (Keep in mind they tied #1 Oklahoma state 1-1, and beat #3 Texas Tech 2-1) The Horned Frogs started the season off hot with 6 back to back wins. Since then, they’ve gotten themselves back on to a win streak of 2-games after beating Iowa State and (#13) Texas Tech. Tonight the Frogs played to not only keep that streak alive, but also to end the 2-game losing streak they have against Baylor currently.

After almost a 3-hour lightning delay, first touch was at 9:55. Ironically, the originally scheduled Baylor game was also postponed due to lightning and severe thunderstorms.

The Frogs gave up 1 goal in the first half, and 3 in the 2nd, taking a loss of 4-0. Yazmeen Ryan had 3 shots and 1 on the goal, Messiah Bright also had 3 shots and 1 on goal, Tara smith had 1 shot, and Gracie Brian had 3 shots. “We weren’t good enough tonight. We need to get better and be ready to win a game on Thursday night,” Coach Eric Bell said after the match.

The Frogs will be playing at home on Thursday against Kansas State, and Sunday against Kansas as they hope to bounce back.