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TCU News: “That’s the reason why we’re playing Max because he’s giving us a chance to win.”

GP is standing behind his freshman QB, even as he continues to use two passers in games.

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‘He’s been the best one of the group.’ TCU remains all-in with QB Max Duggan | The Star-Telegram

Well, there you have it, I guess?

True freshman Max Duggan remains the best option to get the offense going in the right direction, coach Gary Patterson said.

“As far as practice and everything else, he’s been the best one of the group,” Patterson said on the Big 12 football coaches teleconference on Monday.

“It’s pretty simple. We like eating, paying our bills but at the end of the day you evaluate the guy you’re going to play with that you feel gives you the best chance to win. That’s the reason why we’re playing Max because he’s giving us a chance to win.”

TCU Football: Is a Bowl Game Still Possible? | Sports DFW

It’s possible, but we need to see some serious changes on both sides of the ball.

Last season, after a brutal loss to Kansas, TCU Football rallied in a big way, as they went from 3-5 to win three of their last four to become bowl eligible. Currently the Horned Frogs are going to have to fight hard to get the three wins needed, but if anyone has learned something about teams coaching by Gary Patterson – they do not quit, and will keep fighting until the final whistle of the season, whether they win 12 games, or 4.

Fortunately for the Horned Frogs, it appears as if they have found their quarterback of the future in Max Duggan, even if they fail to make a bowl game with Duggan running the show, he should develop into the leader that the team has been searching for, and can lead the team for years to come, like Andy Dalton.

TCU football’s Lucas Niang is playing ‘banged up,’ snapped starting streak at K-State | The Star-Telegram

The Frogs desperately need Niang on the line, but the Frogs should be careful with their star lineman, too.

Myers started at right tackle against K-State, although Niang entered the game shortly afterward.

The question going forward is whether the injuries become severe enough for Niang to call it a season. This is a guy who has NFL potential and flirted with going pro after last season.

Niang has not allowed a sack during his 19-game playing streak, including the 18 consecutive starts.

Niang has to balance the risk/reward situation of finishing out his college career, while also being mindful of his future.


TCU basketball coach Jamie Dixon talks upcoming season, leadership and team chemistry

So many new faces, but the team seems to be gelling well and building something.

How’s the chemistry with so many new faces this season? “Everybody’s got new faces now, so it’s going to be talked about. I think you’re going to be doing it every year. We did it last year but things change. We had five guys with season-ending injuries last year, so that changes things. How do we handle a little adversity? We haven’t hit that adversity yet per se. We try to create some situations in practice whether it be conditioning things we do, some demands we make.

“We started practice on Sept. 26. It used to be Oct. 15. All of these things have made it possible. I don’t know that they made these rules cause kids are going to leave and transfer and go to the NBA, but everything is made for constant movement with rosters now. But they’ve given us more time on the back end. It wasn’t done because of that, but it gives us time and I don’t think it’s a real issue as far as bringing in big groups of guys cause you have way more time and an earlier start date to do that. We had all of our guys here in June. We’ve been practicing since then.”