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FanPulse Week 8: The Rise of the Ponies

SMU and Baylor are getting the respect that they deserve. Finally.

Does anything suck more than TCU being bad while SMU and Baylor remain undefeated? I can’t think of anything.

But, here we are, with SMU ranked 13th and the Bears 17th, at least according to your votes.

In Big 12 news, Oklahoma stays in the top five, at five, and Texas drops to 15th.Oklahoma State Is in the also receiving votes category, despite getting destroyed in Stillwater by Baylor Saturday afternoon.

In the confidence category, the Frog fans continue to show their displeasure, dropping from 60% confidence all the way down to a season-low 25%.

TCU fans voted 7-0 SMU as the country’s 13th best team, while 7-0 Baylor comes in at 14. 5-2 Texas found themselves at 18 in Frog votes. Iowa State found themselves at 25th overall.

You can get your votes in this weekend by registering HERE.