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TCU to debut new alternate uniforms against Texas Saturday

These are, uh... WOW.

TCU’s new “spit blood” helmets are a big change from any of their previous alternate designs.
(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball)

In August, TCU Athletic Director Jeremiah Donati hinted at a new, previously unseen, fourth uniform to go along with the Horned Frogs new “Black Panther” football threads.

Tuesday, we got out first look at what they look like, and boy howdy, they are SOMETHING.

Many fans, myself included, have been pining for a kit that highlights the “spit blood” aspect of a Horned Frog, wanting to see more red on the jersey and uniforms than what we are accustomed to. This uniform delivers that desire in a big way.

The video is pretty incredible and absolutely worth your time, but let’s highlight a few of the coolest aspects of the Frogs’ new duds.

The Helmet:

(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

There’s a lot going on here, but most of it works. The purple is a little brighter than what we have seen on the 2019 uniforms, which really allows the red face mask and red outline on the Horned Frog logo to stand out. The Frog logo itself is black with a red outline, and looks pretty dang menacing. The red outline on the black stripe going down the middle mimics the blood that shoots out of the horned frog’s eyes.

The Gloves:

(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

These are my favorite part of the new unis - purple gloves with black accents and red palm and pinky. I mean, LOOK AT THESE BAD BOYS!

(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

I want them.

The Pants:

(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

The color of the uniforms is more anthracite than black, and I really like how the red-outlined Frog looks at the otherwise simple black pants. These are great.

The Jersey:

(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

The red numbers with a purple outline look pretty clean, as does the red TCU on the neck line. The purple-trimmed sleeves and the jet black “horns” great touches in my opinion. Again, it’s a lot, but it comes together pretty cleanly.


(all photos courtesy of @TCUFootball on twitter)

I have a feeling that not everyone is going to be in love with these, but overall, they are pretty slick and absolutely going to resonate with players and recruits. For those that have wanted to see the Horned Frogs spit blood, well — here you have it.

Former Frogs and current NFL players sure seemed to like them.

You can see these debut on Saturday against the Longhorns, when TCU takes on Texas at Amon G. Carter Stadium at 2:30pm.