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TCU News: “In this defense, it’s hard to play like that. Maybe we ask them to do too much.”

Where, oh where, have the pass-rushers gone?

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Links O’ War
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We have what we have.’ How TCU football plans to improve its lackluster pass rush | The Star-Telegram

No one is coming in to save the day - these guys have to play better.

TCU’s defensive ends didn’t have a sack in last week’s 24-17 loss at Kansas State. They didn’t register a tackle. They didn’t even assist on a stop.

That’s not a formula for success in Gary Patterson’s signature 4-2-5 defense that has seemingly churned out pass rusher after pass rusher each season.

“It’s been a long time since we didn’t make a tackle, assisted tackle or a sack,” Patterson said of his defensive end unit. “In this defense, it’s hard to play like that. Maybe we ask them to do too much.

Longhorns WR Brennan Eagles absent from practice, questionable against TCU | Horns Wire

Johnson was big against TCU last year and Duvernay has been the star this, but Eagles opens up a lot for both of them. His would be a big loss.

This week, Texas Longhorns wide receiver Brennan Eagles has missed an undisclosed amount of time due to personal reasons. It is currently unclear what’s going on, but it has caused Eagles to miss at least one practice, and he is questionable for the upcoming matchup against TCU.

Golden’s nuggets: Surely the Longhorns can stop TCU ... right? |

Surely the Frogs can get the offense going against a depleted Texas D?

The topic of bad defense isn’t going way until Texas starts tackling. Was running back Pooka Williams paying homage to the Kansas Comet, Gale Sayers, or were those 190 yards simply a product of Texas being historically bad on that side of the ball?

When asked Monday whether it’s technique, coaching or a combo platter, Herman did not run from his team’s problems.

“If it were that easy, we would be fixed tomorrow,” Herman said. “I think guys that have been here for two and three years should be able to play man-to-man coverage and quarters coverage. (As coaches), we need to uphold our end of the bargain in terms of the techniques and the players need to uphold their end by employing those techniques on game day.”

Translation: Wrap up those ball carriers and hold on until the posse shows up with provisions. Running back Darius Anderson and wideout Jalen Reagor are the two most explosive athletes on the TCU roster.

Behind Enemy Lines: TCU preview with | Horns 247

Both teams have questions on the defensive side of the ball.

Horns247: It’s hard to believe TCU’s defense, always well-coached by Gary Patterson, hasn’t forced a turnover yet in Big 12 play. Why is a reason for that?

That is the biggest question on everyone’s mind. Patterson has been asked about it several times and he doesn’t even have a good, logical answer. I personally feel a lot of it has to do with TCU’s lack of pressure on the quarterback, and a lack of hurried passes means fewer inaccurate throws for potential interceptions. Also, I just don’t think the defense is as physical as some of the groups TCU has had in the past.

TCU prediction: Will the Horned Frogs hang with a dynamic Texas offense? | Dallas Morning News

Grant is a hater.


TCU may be able to slow Texas down, but the Frogs can’t stop Ehlinger and the Longhorns entirely. Look for Texas to take an early lead as TCU starts slowly on offense. The Frogs may keep it close for the first half, but Texas will take control in the third quarter and put this game on ice. Texas improves to 6-2 while TCU wonders where it’ll find its next win.