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Mailbag: It’s time to come home

We open up the mailbag on the eve of TCU’s homecoming game!

NCAA Football: Texas Christian at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs are sitting at 3-3 and on a two game losing streak after falling on the road to Kansas State last week. Naturally there’s a lot of frustration and questions in the air, so we wanted to hear from you all and what questions you have going in to this weekend’s game against Texas. Oh and we also answered some Homecoming questions along the way!

Can the TCU run offense be successful without any real passing threat?

I think it absolutely can, especially with an above average offensive line and a very good backfield I don’t see why this team can’t rush for at least 150+ a game. Even if we can’t hit our passes every single time, if we can use the play action pass to get safeties to bite - and even if our passing fails us - we can still use that uncertainty on the defensive side of the ball to get big chunks on the ground.

Really to answer your question is how creative can we get on the ground. Are we going to be running any pre snap motions, are we running any swing blocks, disguising what our play is going to be, etc, etc. I’m obviously not a professional play caller (unless we’re playing NCAA 14 in which case I am the GOAT) but we have to experiment or even get a little weird here if we want to keep a banged up Texas defense on its toes.

Should the homecoming game be vs an easy opponent for a happy win, or should it be used as motivation to upset a bigger-name team or arch-enemy? Is Homecoming even still a big event in today’s college experience?

I’m pretty conservative when it comes to dealing out hot college takes, but I would like to think that homecoming still matters and is a part of the college experience - if anything it gives all of the younger alumni/current students an excuse to tailgate and drink with some of the older alums. Being born and raised in Texas our homecoming for our high school was a big deal (shout out Plano Senior High School, go wildcats) but I’m sure it is different in other parts of the country, for example I’m sure there are some Big 10 schools that make home coming a huge deal (Michigan, Wisconsin, etc) and there are some where it’s probably not as big of a deal. Really, just depends on what region you are in at least in my opinion.

Also a quick shout out to Oklahoma State, who is known to have an incredible homecoming weekend.

In terms of who should a university schedule for their homecoming game...I’m always one that says go for the big fish and schedule a bigger name team. You would hate to see people flying in from across the country just to see the team lose, but as TCU fans of any era...their probably not allergic to seeing the Frogs drop one. Thankfully, UT was an arch rival AND an easy opponent for that solid 4 or 5 year stretch but now they have to be taken extra seriously and we’re the underdogs again. I like giving those that had to come a long way a solid game to watch, so to answer the question I would lean big name/arch rival. If we lose, oh well it’s homecoming everyone’s still going to have a good time being back.

Are there any players you’re excited to see developed for next year?

Well, this is an easy answer for me and if I can’t say Max Duggan (because duh) I would 1000% say Taylormade Barber. He’s got the potential to be such a dangerous weapon this year and next year. He’s just been in and out this year due to injuries and his stats would be so much better if he hadn’t gotten overthrown a couple of times.

The man has speed and can be an ELITE slot receiver for us going forward. But he’s got to be able to stay on the field as he progresses. Health wasn’t an issue last year so I’m pretty optimistic that he can stay healthy. You can pretty much apply this answer to the entire TCU wide out corps since we need some help there BAD. Reagor can’t do it all himself, especially if he isn’t getting a high amount of targets.

What’s been your favorite play call this year?

I’m interpreting this as my favorite play call, not my favorite call of a play (like by the announcers or radio guy) and to that I would have to say it’s been this (see the 1:26 mark):

We’re running a 4 receiver set, and using Reagor in the backfield who then begins running a wheel route, and in all of the route confusions Davis gets WIDE open and Max drops one in the basket to him. I love the creativity and how we used #1 as a technical running back and due to how spread out the defense was, one of our guys was able to slip open for 6. Good Cumbie!

What is your favorite homecoming tradition?

Getting 4 to 5 of the friend group from college (from in or out of town does not matter) and going to our favorite local spots and eating as much food as we possibly can before walking it off the next day as we walk around the stadium.

The typical spot is Swiss Pastry shop and we just annihilate some burgers and pie, but last year’s location was Fort Worth’s very own Heim BBQ. Each of us got a triple meat plate and a couple of beers and we were about ready for the morgue.

God bless the FW food scene.

Are the uniforms for hype or for Halloween?

Well if it were for Halloween that would make so much more sense. Since the colors are a bit all over the place, I want to say oh it’s for Halloween, but I know it’s probably not. Reactions have been all over the place with the new uniforms (in reference to the ones we are wearing against Texas this weekend that just got announced) but I think they aren’t too far off from being pretty good alternates. The red number is bad, but apparently the original concept of having the main number be purple with a red outline (like it is on the sides) got denied by the NCAA due to contrast issues(?) so there’s that. I’m not huge on the red and grey, but I need to see them in person with my own eyes before I make a final call.

The picture below is of the concept for these uniforms. As you can see the main number is flipped from what it ended up being.

Who knows, maybe we’ll run Texas out of the building with them and we’ll all adore these new uniforms. That being said, the gloves are SICK.

How Important is this game?

Well as much as I want to say it’s as important as all the games, because a win is a win and a loss is a loss...buuuuuut sitting at 3-3 that isn’t really the case now is it? We’re 1-2 in conference and a win vs one of the better teams would go a long way for this team’s confidence. Seeing us turn this around really fast would do wonders for our confidence and fan’s uneasiness, but it’s not going to be easy. A team just doesn’t suddenly stop having issues, they get ironed out over time.

I think that if we win and get back to 4-3, that’ll give us some great momentum for the handful of road trips we have left on the schedule. This game is important for because it is homecoming, it is important because it’s against Texas and I’m fed up losing to them (it was only one year but that’s all I can take), and it’s important cause we don’t want to dip under .500.

We don’t NEED to win, but oh man would it ease my hand far away from the panic button.

Happy Homecoming to all and GO FROGS!