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Look Good. Play Great. TCU’s #BeatTexas uniforms did the job Saturday.

“For all those people that don’t like ‘em, I still love you.”

NCAA Football: Texas at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Gary Patterson wants you to know that he forgives you.

Patterson reads just about everything on the internet when it comes to his program, and I can about guarantee that he saw every uniform criticism tweet, article, and probably text message between you and your friends.

He’s always paying attention, after all (Hi, coach!).

Another thing GP is paying attention to is what the kids like and how to stay ahead of the trends and relevant with recruits — and nothing does that better than new swag. The Horned Frogs delivered some serious swag on the field Saturday, and in the entire week leading up to it.

Of course, after TCU’s upset of #15, the media wanted to talk to the coach and the players about the uniforms as much as they did the game. Patterson was more than happy to talk about both, as the results were overwhelmingly positive. “Our kids loved them. I can tell you recruits were over the moon on them.”

The kids did love them — Taye Barber called them “too fire”, Garret Wallow elaborated, saying “I think everybody was pretty excited to see how we were going to look in the uniforms. And they looked pretty good in the video, so it definitely hyped us up a little bit.”

Patterson knows that they aren’t really for the over 25 crowd, saying as much in his Tuesday press conference. “As a general rule, anybody under 25 loves them. The recruits do. I’ve had the helmet and all that stuff for nine months and all of the recruits have loved it. Anybody over a certain age doesn’t like them. That’s been pretty normal with any uniform we’ve had that hasn’t been just purple and white.”

That’s the area that Patterson has probably grown the most in, being willing to go away from what’s traditional to live in the space where the players he recruits and the coaches he hires live. The kids notice it, too, as Trevon Moehrig relayed when asked about the postgame locker room environment. “It was crazy. Everybody was just in there, like I said, on the sideline, they were getting hyped, giving hugs, coach was into it, and it’s going to push us next week, push us into next week with more energy.”

Patterson has taken to throwing a game ball into the stands after big wins and celebrating with fans on the field at home. He hasn’t been afraid to call out folks for not showing up, but has been happy to praise them when they do. He didn’t seem bothered by the field rush — something that he might have had something to say about earlier in his career — and allowed his players to soak up the feeling as well. “It’s kind of warming just to see everyone come together. It was a good team win, good win for the program, for the university. It felt good to get back on track,” Jalen Reagor said. Moehrig added “it was overwhelming. Like I said, it was crazy, everybody was congratulating one another and giving high fives, it was an amazing feeling throughout the whole day.”

Gary Patterson knew he needed to build confidence in his team, and if it took crazy new uniforms to do so, he was all about it. “You know, we haven’t had a lot of good things happen to us this year so far, and so fans and players alike, I think we’ve been all frustrated.” Frustrated about the uniforms having too much of a “non-school color” is a lot more fun than being frustrated about the way the team is playing, isn’t it?

So, yeah, Gary forgives you. “For all those people that don’t like ‘em, I still love you. Go Frogs.”

But, maybe be glad they weren’t worn for a night game. “They would have even looked better if this would have been a night game. They would have really popped. I might have worn one if it would have been a night game. Gil [LeBreton] and I would have wore it.”