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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Down Goes Frazier

TCU knocked off Texas, and now they prepare for Oklahoma State.

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Jamie is served a big plate of crow for being very wrong about the Horned Frogs on Saturday, while Melissa recaps what it was like to get run over by Keyontae Ingram.

It’s a jam-packed episode:

  • Melissa’s sideline injury
  • Texas recap
  • Lucas Niang surgery announcement
  • What will it take for Cumbie’s job to be safe?
  • Don’t tweet at ADJD
  • The state of the Big 12 (including, does a 1-loss Big 12 team make the CFP?)
  • TCU baseball fends off the Arizona Diamondbacks for Kirk Saarloos
  • Oklahoma State preview
  • PICKS!

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