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Iowa State 49, TCU 24: It’s all bad in Ames

TCU falls to 3-2 with a bad effort in Iowa.

TCU v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

Well, there should probably be something here. So let’s get into some thoughts about this game.

  • I tweeted this earlier: TCU has give up 83 points to the two competent offenses it has faced this season (Iowa State scored a defensive TD today). That doesn’t bode well for the remainder of the season.
  • The offensive issues are bigger than any one thing. The line struggles to block consistently, neither QB is accurate, and the play calling lacks anything remotely resembling creativity or imagination. It’s beyond time to have serious conversations about Sonny Cumbie’s future.
  • Do we think Patterson’s frustrations with the offense are bleeding over to his defensive coaching?
  • No one can bash Max Duggan’s toughness or effort. He’s a warrior.
  • I do not understand a game plan that involves Darius Anderson touching the ball fewer than 20 times. And we can’t blame the deficit, either. He only had five carries in the first half.
  • Jalen Reagor had his second receiving touchdown of the season, on a very nice pass from Duggan who let him go up and get it. It was a flash of what Duggan can be, and of what Reagor is.
  • TCU’s defensive line has been incapable of getting pressure all season, and that was on display in a big way today. Purdy is elusive, yes, but he didn’t really have to use that much. The Frogs hardly ever got close to him.
  • It’s easy for opposing offensive lines to focus on Blacklock and Bethley when they don’t have to worry about anyone coming off the edge.
  • TCU’s secondary struggled today. TCU’s run defense struggled today.
  • TCU’s tackling was bad today. Very, very bad.
  • Max flashed his upside in the second half, he looked very, very good. Stood tall in the pocket, got the ball out well, made smart decisions. The future is bright with him, people just need to be patient.
  • Where does TCU add to the win column this season? Oklahoma, Texas, Tech, Baylor, OSU, Kansas State, and West Virginia all on the schedule, still.