QBs not the problem- did you watch the O line collapse all day or the defense get humiliated?

I made the trip to rainy Iowa and watched the Frogs v Iowa State game firsthand. The QB, whether Duggan or Delton, is not the problem. Sure they have their bad plays and missed opportunities, every QB does on any given day. However, at Iowa State, the TCU offensive line collapsed so many times, neither Duggan or Delton had a split second to even look up for a possible read. Brock Purdy (ISU QB) had so much time he could check off three reads and still decide if he wanted to run or pass! Which brings me to the defense. When you get 49 points scored on you, somebody didn’t do their job! It’s about time everyone acknowledge the Frog defense isn’t rock solid. It showed against SMU and now Iowa State. Purdue continues to prove they are extremely weak this year so forget that game and move on.

If you check the stats Duggan finished with almost as many passing yards and TD passes as ISU Purdy. And TCU didn’t even start the passing game until the third quarter. Duggan was second in yards on the ground for TCU. He is not the problem the TCU play calling is hurting their game. Not to mention a TD run by Duggan that got called back due to a penalty. And TCU racked up plenty of penalties that diminished their success.

Yes, we have a young, inexperienced QB. But he is not the Frogs problem. The coaching staff needs to peel back the onion and acknowledge they have several weaknesses that need to be addressed. And stop blaming individuals for what is a team effort.

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