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FanPulse Week 6: All is not well in the Frogdom

The Frogs are falling farther and farther out of contention.

Three Texas teams made the FanPulse Top 25 this week, as Texas (#11), SMU (#24), and Texas A&M (#25) all made the cut. The Ponies are incredibly already bowl eligible in 2019 after jumping out to a 6-0 start through six weeks of play.

Meanwhile, after getting slobber-knocked in Ames over the weekend, TCU Football has fallen farther out of contention, and thus, fans confidence has been shaken some, according to this week’s poll:

Oklahoma remains the Big 12’s highest-ranked team at #6 overall, while Clemson has plummeted all the way to fifth. Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State, and LSU round out the top five.

Baylor fans have their unranked squad up to #16 in the fan-voted poll — the rest of the conference has them in the 22-25 range, with two exceptions: neither WVU or TCU fans put them in and I couldn’t be prouder.

Be sure to get your votes in for next week! You can do so HERE.