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TCU News: “Not saying that I can’t go get a bucket, but I’d rather play the right way.”

Kenny Hustle is ready to make an impact ‘the right way’ on an up and coming Pelicans squad.

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Five noteworthy things K-State coach Chris Klieman said ahead of bye week, TCU game |

It feels like the Cats are vulnerable - but so are the Frogs.

Klieman wants to focus on K-State this week, by challenging his veteran players in scrimmages and giving freshmen more opportunities to prove themselves in practice. The Wildcats are about to play seven games in seven weeks, and Klieman wants to know which players he can depend on if further depth issues arise.

“We want to look at some younger players,” Klieman said. “We will put guys in certain positions and even scrimmage one day with the young guys who haven’t played as much, and then look more at the areas we have struggled in, like the high red zone, between the 25 and 35 yard line, getting things established there ... We will do that today and find another area tomorrow rather than spend two solid weeks on TCU.”

2020 NFL Draft Wide Receivers Watch: TCU’s Jalen Reagor flashes on quiet weekend for top receiver prospects |

Reagor finally broke out.

6. Jalen Reagor, TCU: Stock Up

Reagor had four catches for 69 yards and two touchdowns in TCU’s loss on the road to Iowa State, and three of the grabs were of the highlight-reel variety. With the score 28-3 in the third quarter, he made a contested catch down the middle of the field on a long ball. A few plays later, he snatched the football over his head on a fade in the end zone -- and the decision to throw a sub 6-foot-0 wideout a fade says a lot about what TCU thinks about Reagor’s ball skills. As the Horned Frogs tried to mount a comeback, Reagor made another reception in traffic in the end zone on a go route. It was his best performance since the season opener in late August.

TCU’s Patterson is ‘not OK’ with growing pains of young QB. So how will the Frogs adjust? | The star-Telegram

The QB play has to be better - but the coaches have to put the QB in a position to succeed, too.

Asked the difference, senior left guard Cordel Iwuagwu said: “We upped the tempo big time. Credit to them because they started blitzing more in the second half and we picked them up on a couple blitzes leaving the backs and receivers 1-on-1.”

Added Patterson: “Well, we started going down the field and I think they lightened up. They were making sure you don’t get beat deep. They didn’t apply pressure like they were early in the first half.”

Patterson deflected a question about whether Duggan is more comfortable in the up-tempo offense, saying he’d have to watch the film before giving a definitive answer.

But it’s an approach the Frogs may have to consider. Saturday saw them get off to a slow start once again offensively.


Pelicans 2019 preseason profile: Kenrich Williams |

Kenrich Williams Is continuing to make a name for himself by doing the little things.

“I want to be aggressive, but I need to be smart with it,” Williams said, before alluding to the overall offensive talent in New Orleans. “I know I’ve got a lot of guys on my team who can go get a bucket – Jrue (Holiday) can go get one, Brandon Ingram can get one. My job is to space the floor out, be ready to shoot when the ball gets passed to me, and just go make plays.

“I’ve never thought (about focusing more on scoring). I can never see myself going out and shooting 20-plus shots a night – I just can’t see myself doing that. I’m a team player. I fit well in a system and playing as a team. Not saying that I can’t go get a bucket, but I’d rather play the right way.”