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MMQB: Nines, Not Tens

Despite an elite showing from the defense, the offense couldn’t get the job done and as a result TCU lost.

NCAA Football: Baylor at Texas Christian Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’m going to rip through these:

The Good:

-Literally, the defense as a whole: The defense basically kept us not only in the game, BUT IN THE LEAD for all but 24 seconds of regulation after Baylor had gone down the field and tied it up.

Mathis showed up and had 1.5 sacks along with 2.5 tackles for loss. This was the game that we have been waiting for all season long and hopefully this is a sign of things to come with the Sophomore.

Garrett Wallow and Ben Wilson both led the team in tackles with 11 each. Per usual Garrett Wallow is doing his job, flying to the ball and getting his.

Here is your weekly Ross Blacklock appreciation sentence.

Ar’Darius Washington and Jeff Gladney both played well for the most part. Significantly more good than bad from these two. La’Kendrick Van Zandt also had a nice play and caught himself an interception on the day.

-The Hunt catch: It was his only catch of the day but oh man was it maybe the best catch in TCU history. I know it can’t be that, because we didn’t win the game and he’s not Josh Doctson, Josh Boyce, Aaron Green (Catch 22), or even Jalen Reagor. That being said, on 4th and game Hunt went up with the ball and with had the awareness to get his hand down in bounds - yes HIS HAND - for the touchdown. All while spinning in the air. What the literal heck is that. Truly one of the most clutch catches in TCU history.

-Special Teams Unit: The Frogs were perfect on the day in terms of field goals and even forced a turnover while punting the ball away after they recovered the muffed punt. Typically when your special teams and defense play this know you win the game.

That’s all the good I got.

The Bad:

-The offense as a whole: I mean the fire Cumbie noise now is probably near deafening...and rightly so. The hilariousness of this game is that we dropped the game winning touchdown...on the first drive of the game. Literally, if we get 10 points TEN. POINTS. In regulation we win the game. Charlie Brewer is not a good quarterback. I scratched my head all pre-season when I saw all this hype for him, and I can safely say WITH MY CHEST, that he his bad...well he’s not good there how’s that. I’m not trying to come off as a sore loser, but if I’m Baylor I would probably be disgusted by the fact that my QB played like that in back to back games. This is not a case of me not being able to change my mind - for example I have totally turned my tune on Sam Ehlinger. He’s actually a good QB and I’ll fully admit that.

Anyways, this is not a Baylor blog, but what makes Charlie Brewer being so mediocre/bad against us is that we were just as bad. I’m not going to get into the overtime was Max in/was max out fiasco but what I will s-

It was close.

Back to OUR offense, I mean this should be the biggest red flag that Cumbie should not be allowed to call the plays again. I love him as a recruiter, and I really do like him as a QB coach, but he clearly cannot get the job done as a consistent play caller. I don’t know if he got worse since 2017, or if it is the inconsistent play of the team, but it’s clear that the team is not being put in the best place to succeed on offense and that has to change or else our program is going nowhere fast next year.

I don’t want to place the whole blame on Cumbie, because I need to know who decided to not play Darius Anderson more. He is our big play back and if he just gets a crease he is gone. That big run that Sewo had where he ripped one off and the opposing defenders caught up with him will haunt me in my dreams. Sewo did the best he could, but if that was Anderson? Touchdown. I don’t want to be known as the guy that gets mad at our players when they do the job they are asked to do, so I won’t...and for the most part I like having Olonilua I just wish we gave Darius more opportunities. Not just this game, but this season as a whole.

The Rational Quarterback Analysis Manifesto:

Aw man this one is going to be tough. Max didn’t play well today, he played with a lot of heart, but not a lot of precision. He almost had the potentially game winning play, and he threw a clutch 4th down pass to put Hunt in position to make the catch of his life. Duggan wasn’t accurate for most of the game, and when he was the receivers dropped them. Don’t let the 3 interceptions fool you, the last one was a “You have to go for it no matter what to win the game” type of pick, and another one hit Olonilua right in the face and bounced up for a pick.

It was that type of game.

Now, I’ll be the first one to say this since I’m sure people will just place the bag of flaming crap on Cumbie’s door step. Max has to play better. He is a true freshman so we can use that as the excuse for him being inconsistent. We can even use the “Well Cumbie is putting in bad positions so how can he be good” to which I say fair, but also he just didn’t make a ton of great throws on Saturday. He needs to grow more and hopefully with a new play caller he will.

I’m not going to lie to you all, it’s very hard not to overreact right now. I didn’t even get to watch most of the game since I was out of town, but I still cannot fathom not being able to find the end zone during regulation with your starting quarterback (while Baylor did the very same thing) . The broken finger certainly caused some difficulty with making throws but at some point you just gotta call it like it is. We are a bad team and we are likely going 6-6 (that would be nice).

Young QB that plays hard and has room to grow. A big play running back, a bruiser that can get you 5 yards and wear down a defense. An elite WR surrounded by young talented wide outs. That’s our offense on paper. What it has turned into is a shopping cart that only has 3 wheels working properly.

Anyways, on to the highlight of the game:

Play of the Game:

As previously mentioned, here is the Hunt catch...which is legit in the running for the best catch in TCU history. He goes up on 4th and GAME while covered by a defender. Catches it, gets spun around, gets his hand down somehow and gets the touchdown. While we didn’t win the game this catch will sure as hell go down on the list of all timers. If you think otherwise, then just @ me on twitter.

If you wanted to see it in slow motion/use it as a gif down the road well here you go:

Next Week:

On the road at TEXAS TECH. These games almost always seem to be frustratingly painful for both sides, and with the way that both of our seasons are going, it is likely going to be a close tough one to watch.

This season has been like putting my face in between two pieces of sandpaper. I’m still optimistic about a bowl but we’ll just have to play the games and find out. Greener pastures have to be ahead Frog fam. It’s going to be okay.

Go Frogs.