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TCU News: Duggan wasn’t Plan A, but he’s working out

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Links O’ War
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TCU didn’t plan to start QB Max Duggan as a true freshman. But it’s been working out | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Duggan wasn’t plan A coming into the season, but he’s plan A now and moving forward.

“We’ve basically played the hand that we’ve been dealt,” Patterson said. “We’ve basically played the hand as good as we could probably play it, and we’re going to keep playing it for another three ballgames.”

5 things TCU fans need to know about Texas Tech, including a defender who could cut off half the field | Dallas Morning News

Jordyn Brooks is a name for TCU fans to know heading into Saturday.

Linebacker Jordyn Brooks is the Red Raiders’ own Garret Wallow. He enters Saturday ranked second in the nation in tackles for loss per game (2.0), fourth in solo tackles per game (6.7) and seventh in total tackles per game (10.9). The senior has a thick frame at 6-1, 245 pounds, and he combines that with above average speed. TCU offensive lineman David Bolisomi highlighted Brooks as a star Tuesday, saying the linebacker “flies from sideline to sideline.”

Patterson hears complaints about co-OC Sonny Cumbie, but won’t make ‘rash’ decision | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Patterson is going slow and steady, which is probably the correct path to take.

“I know a lot of the voices out there,” Patterson said. “It’s really easy — it’s like I was laughing with you guys earlier, you can always make changes, like divorce, so how many people you think the percentage is that once they got divorced, they re-married that it was better than the first one. Right? So you’ve got to make sure that everything lines up the way it’s supposed to line up, if you’re going to make changes.”

Kansas State QB Skylar Thompson surprised Alex Delton left TCU | The Mercury

Thompson battled Delton for the starting job at Kansas State before Delton’s transfer to TCU.

“I’m more worried about Alex just as a person,” Thompson told The Mercury on Tuesday. “I can only imagine what I went through, and having to go through it again, I can see where he’s at.”

Men’s Basketball

TCU signs two four-star big men to 2020 class | Fort Worth Star Telegram

Terren Frank and Eddie Lampkin are officially in the fold after signing with TCU on Wednesday.

Frank and Lampkin will be freshmen for the 2020-21 season and should provide nice inside depth for the Frogs.