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FanPulse Week 13: Let’s Talk Turkey!

Sure, we have your FanPulse data, but let’s talk sides instead.

Candied Yams? What’s wrong with you people?

We have candied yams and green beens as our top two sides, which means people are willfully choosing CANDIED YAMS AND GREEN BEENS over Mac & Cheese and Stuffing. It’s like I don’t even know you anymore.

Here’s the deal — turkey is pretty much bad, but a smoked bird twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) is pretty pleasant. For sides, stuffing, mac & cheese, and rolls reign supreme, with any other starch ahead of any vegetable. So shall it be written, so shall it be true.

Oh, and the rankings:

... you guys really want Alabama back in the playoffs, don’t you?

Who are the four best teams in college football? I think the first three are pretty easy, but things get awfully convoluted from there. Is Bama better than Oklahoma? In their current state, I don’t think so. Is OU better than Utah? Their resume would say yes. Where does Baylor belong? (I don’t know how we rank ‘hell’ wink*).

And how do we feel about TCU?

How or why folks would feel worse about the Frogs after a nail-biter in Norman, I don’t know. But, here we are.

Anyway, happy Turkey Day, Frog fans. Let’s black out the Carter Black Friday and get back to bowl eligibility.