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Yeah, I’m going to have to call you back: Ponies, Buy-outs, and Heisman oh my!

Get caught up from a crazy weekend of College Football.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Florida State Melina Myers-USA TODAY Sports

This week was full of Frog tears with the loss to Oklahoma State. But, with Baylor at home this Saturday, a rivalry game, and a chance to end a perfect season all wrapped up in one 11AM game? Let’s just say it “sucks to B U”. Anyways, College Football itself had a lot of drama go down this week, so let’s dive right into that.

SMU falls to Memphis?

I speak for the TCU community as well as the majority of the Big 12 when I say- Nobody likes Baylor. However, if there is one team we despise even more this year, it’s SMU. With that being said there’s no reason to rehash the agonizing loss of the Iron Skillet earlier this season. It’s no secret that SMU started the season out 8-0, and in any normal scenario one might hope that team makes it big this year, maybe a New Year’s 6 bowl game, or even better the CFB playoffs. But it’s SMU, and Memphis handed it to them this past Saturday (54-48 at Memphis), so let me completely honest when I say, I could not be happier.

Florida State fired Willie Taggart?

Not only is this firing named the “second-largest buyout in College Football history”, but quite honestly it’s a huge mess. To begin to understand this, you’re going to need to background Taggart came in at a point in time where FSU genuinely needed him. Jimbo Fisher left the team for the head coaching position at A&M. previously, Taggart coached at Oregon, South Florida, and Western Kentucky.

Knowing that we fast forward 2 years to the present- where he’s fired. What happened within those 2 years? Well not much winning, to say the least. Last year FSU went 5-7, which meant they would miss their first bowl game since 1981. Already on thin ice, the Seminoles 4-5 record and a loss to in-state rival, the Miami Hurricanes, would seal Willie Taggart’s fate.

But the craziest part might just be that he allegedly was bought out by Donors. A source close to ESPN claims that $20 million was raised with private donations to cover Taggart’s buy out. However, a Florida State official denies any such claims. What’s next for Florida State? There are some coaches in speculation, but the jury’s still out. We do know that Odell Haggins, will serve as interim head coach (just like 2017).

Who’s winning the Heisman?

Bleacher Report did a great job of breaking this down (definitely worth the read) so let me give you the stats and let you in on my personal opinion.

Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

- 2,805 yards this season

- 30 touchdowns

- 4 interceptions

- 78.8% completion rate

Extremely impressive, I know. The completion Percentage is what excites me most about this Quarterback.

Jalen Hurts, QB, OU

- 2,469 yards on the season

- 21 touchdowns

- 3 interceptions

- 73.9% completion rate

He’s was tasked with filling the shoes of 2 previous back-to-back Heisman winners, I’d say he’s accomplished this feat.

Tua Tagovailoa, QB, Alabama

- 2,166 yards this season

- 27 touchdowns

- 2 interceptions

- 74.7% completion rate

He’s had 2 back-to-back great seasons for Alabama, this year’s definitely been a better year for this Junior. While these stats are great, there’s an injury to consider, just as there was last year. If one thing prevents Tagovailoa from winning, it’s going to be the injury. You can’t be the best if you’re injured, and this is the second season.

Justin Fields, QB, The Ohio State

- 1,659 yards so far

- 24 touchdowns

- 1 interception

- 68.8% completion rate

These stats are impressive for a Sophomore Quarterback, but are they Heisman worthy THIS year? Probably not. If he can replicate this next year? He’ll be heavily considered.

Chase Young, DE, The Ohio State

- 29 tackles

- 22 solo tackles

- 13.5 sacks

- 5 forced fumbles

Wow. This guy would be a major threat to all of the Quarterbacks above (besides Fields of course), but is going to win a Heisman over them? I’d love to see it, but I don’t think so. This isn’t a Quarterback/Running Back award, but it has become one (in 1997 Charles Woodson, Michigan, won as a Cornerback/Punt Returner) and the QB talent is just too good.

So, in my opinion? Hurts debuted this year in a 49-31 victory over Houston with 508 total yards, and 6 total touchdowns. Maybe a little biased to the Big 12, but this guy has my vote so far in the season. He’s filled previous winners’ shoes and lived up to the pre-season hype.