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FanPulse Week 10: Hey, look! It’s basketball season!

The Frogs face the fans’ #10 team.

After jumping back to 85% following the beatdown of Texas a week ago, fans’ confidence is somewhat shaken again after losing to Oklahoma State in week 10.

And that’s before the Frogs’ started hemorrhaging QBs at an alarming rate.

TCU Football is in no immediate danger of being ranked this season, and there’s little reason to pay attention to the initial college football playoff rankings that will be revealed Tuesday evening, other than to see where Baylor slots ahead of the week 11 matchup with the Bears in Fort Worth.

First, here is your Top 25, as voted on by fan bases across SB Nation:

That tracks.

Oklahoma is still a top ten team despite their tumble against Kansas State, Baylor is just behind them at tenth, and SMU stays in the top 20 after dropping a one score contest at Memphis. The Wildcats squeak into the top 25 at 24, hanging tough after beating the Sooners.

Makes sense.

Four one loss teams are ranked above two undefeated teams, which always seems silly — is there a loss that’s better than the worst win on anybody’s schedule? I think not. TCU fans were at least smart enough to put Minnesota 11th, ahead of two loss teams Florida and Auburn. But the rest of the fans can’t SE-see past those quality losses, I guess.

Even Baylor fans put their team behind a pair of teams with an L, with Georgia and Oklahoma.

But, hey, basketball season is 48 hours away, and we will have a chance to vote on that. Maybe the Frogs, picked tenth in the conference, will surprise some folks. With the opening game just two days away, fans’ confidence in Jamie Dixon and TCU is high, despite the off-season drama. 80% of Frog fans feel good about where the program is and where it is heading ahead of game one.

Make sure you keep casting your vote through the end of football season, and take part in the basketball polls to come. If you haven’t yet registered, you can do so HERE.