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Quick Hitters: Not All Negative

TCU took a heart-wrenching loss to #12, and rival, Baylor today. Are there some issues? Yes. But cmon now, it wasn't all negative.

Ochaun Mathis and Ross Blacklock had big days for a TCU defense that balled out.
Melissa Triebwasser

You don’t need me to tell you that this game shouldn’t have ended this way. Yes, yes, the team is having some offensive issues. Yes, yes the defense got a little sloppy in the second half. But in all honesty, was it SO bad? Take a moment to look at some of the positives from tonights game.

1. Defensive shut out in the first half

First tackle of the game came from Garret Wallow, this guy is a leader on this team so I think this set the tone defensively for the entire first half. Following that play came and interceptions by Van Zandt. Gaining this momentum early helped the Frogs later on. Also, later TCU lost Van Zandt to an injury, and this also affected them in the 4thquarter. Trevon Moehrig proved himself to be a key asset to this team as well with 2 pass break ups. He was consistently covering his man and playing that defense Patterson likes to see. Looking at the defense in the first half, I feel they played a completely different game than the team who allowed it to get tied up. Post-game Patterson, Cordell, and Gladney all said that the Bears were playing “physical” and they really tried to “match [their] physicality”. I think the defense deserve insane credit for accomplishing a first half shut out, not to mention this is the first time that’s been done to Baylor all season.

2. Duggan’s performance

Passing was not something Duggan did especially well today. He went 14-32 with 3 interceptions. Not a good passing performance by any means, however his rushing plays are something worth discussing. He was second to lead the team in rushing tonight, behind Olonilua. He gained a total of 66 yards (and should’ve had that touchdown too). Duggan showed everyone today that his passing needs work, but he can adjust to the running better yet make plays off them. Patterson post-game agreed that Duggan isn’t making every play they need him to, but he put emphasis on the player being the jersey. He said that the “foundation” of the player is “solid”.

3. Song’s perfect performance

It may not have been an exciting run or pass game tonight, but Jonathan Song came in clutch. You have to give the guy immense credit. He didn’t have any missed kicked tonight (couldn’t say that about Baylor’s kicker), which in all honesty was crucial in a close game like this. Missed kicks and missed attempts gave TCU the edge on Baylor multiple times. If one thing was perfect tonight, it was by far Song’s performance.

4. Good Baylor defense, or bad TCU offense?

At some point we all need to give credit to the Baylor defense. Yes, we have some problems with the offense, but it was a mixture with a good defense tonight. Like I’ve been saying, credit is due to all sides of this game. The TCU offense was able to squeeze in 3 field goals, and 2 OT touchdowns. The Baylor defense limited them to 3 field goals and stopped a 3rdOT touchdown. It was just a good game. TCU’s ability to take a not so successful season, and play a #12 team like this is success in itself.

5. Trevon Moehrig putting the clamps on receivers

Moehrig was seen having an impact on almost every defensive play today. He accounted for 3 solo tackles, and 6 total. However, his fame today is coming from his ability to close off Baylor assets. He was a major contributor to this impressive defensive game today. The 2 pass break ups speak for themselves, but adding on to that, he consistently covered his guy and proves he can adjust to anything.

6. Ochaun Mathis: defensive star?

Right above Moehrig is Mathis, and let me tell you, he had his best game of the season. 4 solo tackles and 7 total doesn’t begin to express the energy seen from this guy on the field today. He had 1.5 sacks for 14 yards. He exploded on that field today, and I am going to continue to say it, this defense played amazing. Did they lose their momentum second half, obviously, but this leaves TCU with some great feedback to work with this week.

7. The catch of the season

In the first overtime, the ball was not moving down the field quickly, or quite literally at all. Between an incomplete pass and a sack, it definitely wasn’t looking good. But, if you’ve learned anything wanted the frogs over the years, it’s that this team plays to end and is going to battle for it. Tevaliance Hunt makes the most impressive catch I’ve seen across the board of college football, this entire year. This 24 yard catch is going to highly debated for quite some time by the officials. They called it incomplete on the field, but a single replay got the crowd roaring enough to take a second look. After review, the call was reversed and became the touchdown they needed to stay competitive. Hunt deserves all the credit in the world for this, and Patterson said it best, “I couldn’t have done it”.