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TCU News: “He’s going to continue to develop and he’s going to have a chance to be a really good player.”

LT weighs in on his nephew’s freshman season.

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TCU Horned Frogs Football: 2019 Season Recap and Review | Heartland College Sports

Good recap on a disappointing season as we look to rebuild with a stud recruiting class.


Hopefully for TCU, the offense can get back up to speed but it’s going to be tough next season as well with the way things are looking right now. The Horned Frogs will lose just about their entire offensive line next season outside of center Coy McMillon. Not to mention, they will lose their top two backs (Darius Anderson & Sewo Olonilua) as well as their best player, wide receiver Jalen Reagor. The focus will be trying to improve Max Duggan as a passer this offseason. With a lot of pieces around him gone, Max may have to carry the offense next season unless someone else steps up big time.

As for the defense, they will return most of their defensive front as well as their linebackers which includes Garret Wallow. We will find out if first team All-Big 12 defensive lineman Ross Blacklock will stick around and if he does, then I would not even be worried about the defensive line or the linebackers. In fact, they could be better next season in these two areas. The one area I would be a little concerned about is the secondary as the Frogs will lose nearly their entire starting secondary including Jeff Gladney. However, TCU doesn’t rebuild on defense, they reload.

Here’s why TCU’s only hard commit of the 2020 class remains unsigned | The Star-Telegram

A severe injury has Bailey taking a theoretical grayshirt before coming to campus.

Much depends on what sort of progress he’s made by his next checkup appointment in January. If it’s going well, Bailey may be able to participate in practice by the start of fall camp. In that scenario, he would enroll this summer and pay for the summer tuition on his own before going on scholarship in August.

Or, if it looks like he’ll need more time, Bailey likely would get a day job for the summer and fall semester and join the team in January 2021.

“We’ll see,” Bailey said. “I’m not wanting to throw myself in against some big, monster defensive linemen if I’m not ready to go. I’d rather give myself extra time to heal.

“I did have a pretty severe tear. My doctor doesn’t want me to reinjure it. It wasn’t an easy fix.”

At the end of the day, Bailey wants TCU fans to know he remains all-in with the program. Heck, even offensive line coach Chris Thomsen heading to Florida State hasn’t changed Bailey’s mind.

Here’s what LaDainian Tomlinson thought of his nephew’s freshman season at TCU | The Star-Telegram

The young Tomlinson could have used some time to watch, but looks like a guy that can slide in to replace the two senior cornerbacks graduating out of the program.

LaDainian felt his nephew had a “solid” season, although felt he could’ve used a year to develop and acclimate more to the college game.

“Now that it’s over, I can say personally I wanted him to redshirt, but that’s done with,” LaDainian said. “He’s on to his second season now, but I believe the kid is a hard worker. He’s going to continue to develop and he’s going to have a chance to be a really good player.”

Tre’Vius, who is listed at 5-foot-9, 171 pounds, joined the program as a three-star recruit out of Waco Midway. Much like his uncle believes, TCU coach Gary Patterson has similar high hopes for Tre’Vius.

TCU recruiting report card: Top-heavy 2017 class didn’t provide Frogs necessary depth | The Dallas Morning News

LVZ is a guy who the Frogs need to be a big time player in 2020.

Player Who Hasn’t Broken Out But Still Could

La’Kendrick Van Zandt: Van Zandt showed flashes of brilliance this year splitting time between linebacker and safety. He was playing perhaps his best game of the season against Baylor before going down with a season-ending injury. TCU head coach Gary Patterson has praised Van Zandt’s athleticism several times, and with more injury luck, he’ll be a perfect fit with the defense in 2020.

My Grade For The Class: C

This class is far too top heavy to earn any higher rating. Reagor and Wallow turned into stars, and Corey Bethley has held down a starting job on the defensive line. Besides that, the 2017 class is littered with transfers like Robinson, Kenedy Snell and Omar Manning, along with players that haven’t found their niche yet.