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TCU News: “We need to get a picture of him in a Pelicans jersey up in the rafters.”

Jamie Dixon is ready to recognize Kenrich Williams.

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Links O’ War
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TCU hoops mindset going into Baylor: ‘We’ve just got to get on a run here’ | The Star-Telegram

You never know which win will start a winning streak. The Frogs are looking to do that Saturday night in Waco.

“Offensive rebounding is really key to winning our games,” Miller said. “[The games we’ve won] we’ve won our offensive rebounds.”

Miller said confidence won’t be an issue coming off the Tech game, either.

“We’ve got to keep our heads up, never put your head down,” Miller said. “Just be ready for each opponent, each and every night. We’ll be well prepared for each and every opponent.”

TCU knocked off Baylor in the Big 12 opener earlier this month, 85-81, although the Bears made it closer than expected by rallying from a substantial deficit.

As TCU prepares for rematch with Baylor, here’s why Jamie Dixon isn’t surprised by the Bears’ recent hot-streak | Sports Day

Baylor lost their best player... and got hot. The Frogs can certainly relate.

“We’re playing freshmen -- five out of nine,” Dixon said. “Who’s doing that? It’s been huge for us as far as improvement. They’ve got the biggest area of growth and that’s what we needed ... we’re continually excited about it because these guys are doing things and five of them are freshmen.”

Stranger things have certainly happened in a league that has eight of its 10 teams in the projected tournament field, per the latest bracketologyfrom ESPN’s Joe Lunardi. The latest round of shock waves were generated in Austin on Tuesday, as Texas ended its 10 game losing-streak to Kansas with a 73-63 victory over the No. 11 Jayhawks.

To Dixon, it’s just another reminder of the seemingly unparalleled depth --and chaos -- which the Big 12 has to offer.

‘It’s a great story for all’: How Kenrich Williams’ path to the NBA has generated yet another wave of optimism for TCU | Sports Day

Hustle’s success is resonated in Fort Worth at his alma mater.

“It’s just great. It’s fun for us,” Dixon said of Williams’ journey. “We need to get a picture of him in a Pelicans jersey up in the rafters. He’s playing well -- really just doing great.”

At a glance, Williams’ numbers don’t scream at one’s face, having only played in 16 games this season with an average of 3 points and 2.4 rebounds per outing. But it’s the journey that the Waco native took to becoming a professional athlete that makes “Kenny Hustle” -- a nickname that has since carried over from Schollmaier Arena to New Orleans -- a feel-good story for anybody who has ever put on a TCU uniform.

”As far as a program, you recruit kids and tell them you’re going to develop them and make them better.” Dixon said. “There’s now better story than an unrecruited high school kid becoming an NBA player and being developed here.”