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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Introducing Stats O’ War with Parker Fleming

Parker takes us into the numbers, where Jamie’s head starts to spin.

Editor’s Note: This is a new weekly addition to the FOW pod, where our resident analytics guru, Parker Fleming, will talk about significant numbers related to TCU Athletics, and provide some context. Enjoy!

Jamie and Parker take a deep dive into the numbers in an attempt to project TCU baseball’s first weekend of the season. The Frogs head to Scottsdale, AZ to face off in the MLB4 tournament against Virginia, Vanderbilt, and Cal State Fullerton. Parker chats about what the Frogs need to improve upon from a year ago at the plate, and provides context to some of the deeper pitching analytics.

Then they shift to TCU football, as they analyze Bill Connelly’s 2019 S&P+ projections for the Big 12. Unfortunately, it seems like Baylor may actually be good this fall.

Keep tuning in, as Parker will regularly break down the stats, and give us some insight into the projects he’s working on for Frogs O’ War.