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Bracketology Round Up: Where the Frogs stand as their Big 12 Tourney run ends

The Frogs were eliminated in Kansas City by Kansas State, and now will have a nervous two days.

Desmond Bane led the Frogs to a win that should have them celebrating Sunday.
Melissa Triebwasser

TCU Basketball is in a pretty good position ahead of Selection Sunday, with 20 wins, a 7-11 record in the country’s toughest conference (according to RPI) and a NET score in the top 50. In fact, by every metric, the Frogs are a top 50 team, which should make them all but a lock for the 68 team NCAA Tournament field.

If you’ve been following Anthony’s excellent Bubble Watch posts and reading Chris’ updated daily Rooting Guides, you know all of this, of course. Both have done a great job of keeping Frog fans informed of where the basketball program stands and where they can/should expect to be on Selection Sunday.

But, if you’re anything like me, you are sitting on pins and needles two days out from decision time, and would like to know every possible scenario as to where Jamie Dixon and co could end up next week. So, let’s lay it out. Here is a round-up of Bracketology from various sites around the world wide web:

Bracketology From Around the Web

Source Expert Seed Opponent Location
Source Expert Seed Opponent Location
Inside the Hall Andy Bottoms 10 Louisville Des Moines, IA
Bleacher Report Kerry Miller 10 Maryland Hartford, CT
Sports Illustrated Michael Beller 10 Cincinnatti Tulsa, OK
CBS Jerry Palm 11 Villanova Hartford, CT
Stadium Tim Krueger 11 Villanova Des Moines, IA
USA Today Shelby Mast/Scott Gleeson 11 Buffalo Tulsa, OK
Fox Sports Howie Schwab 11 VCU Tulsa, OK
Bracketville Bracket Guy Dave 11 (play-in game) Alabama Toledo/Des Moines
The Athletic Brian Bennett 12 NC State Hartford, CT
ESPN Joe Lunardi 12 (play-in game) Belmont Toledo/Salt Lake City
SB Nation Bill Riccette 12 (play-in game) Alabama Toledo/Hartford
Washington Post Patrick Stevens 12 (play-in game) Utah State Hartford, CT

In addition to the predictions, The Bracket Project - an aggregate scorer that takes into account every prediction available - has the Frogs pegged as a ten seed, averaged from the 113 brackets that they appear in. Five sites has the Frogs as a nine seed, one as an eight.

So what does this all mean?

It appears that TCU is a near-lock to make the field, assuming that there isn’t much more craziness in the coming days. They are probably as likely as likely to be in one of the First Four games as not. But as we saw a year ago, sometimes playing early, and getting in a rhythm, can be a good thing for a team with low expectations - just ask Syracuse.

We will update as we know more, when the conference tourneys are over tomorrow.

And we will have our answer Sunday, of course.