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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War Survivor Pool, March 23

Did you survive Round 1? If so, submit your Sunday selection

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Kansas State vs UC Irvine
The Anteaters knocked out 4-seed K-State and a few Pool entrants
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Friday brought us more madness and gave a shake up to the pool, as an additional 27% of entries were eliminated with the upsets. The Big 12 regular season champion K-State and tournament champions Iowa State both fell in the first round, knocking out a significant chuck of contenders. The others were knocked out with Friday losses by Cincinnati, Wisconsin, and Mississippi State. Despite the carnage of the first round, we still had 52 contestants remaining.

The Saturday slate was loaded with some juicy match ups, with many great opportunities to take put favorites up against Cinderella candidates including a pair of 2-seeds taking on 10-seeds, FSU getting 12-seed Murray State, and 1-seed Gonzaga as a 14.5-point favorite over Baylor. What did our surviving entrants choose and who will still be around for the Sunday slate?

Survivors of the First Round and their Saturday picks

Congratulations to those of you still in the game! Submit your Sunday selection in the form below (or click this link if the form doesn’t show below) before Tennessee-Iowa tips off at 11:10 AM on Sunday.

NCAA Tournament games of Sunday March 24