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UPDATE: Frogs O’ War Survivor Pool, Sweet 16

Favorites continue to win, setting up a super Sweet Sixteen

Colgate v Tennessee
Admiral Schofield was quiet in the 2nd half, but his Vols escaped in OT
Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The 2019 Tournament has been chalk. There have been a few exciting moments - Tennessee’s OT win over Iowa after blowing a 25-point lead and the Zion-Tacko showdown were really the only games of note in the 2nd round - but for the most part, favorites rolled to easy victories throughout. 12-seed Pac 12 Tournament Champion Oregon is the only team seeded lower than 5 to reach the Sweet 16. Although this has meant a rather bland opening week, it could mean a truly stellar 2nd week. Usually when a Cinderella team reaches this point, it runs up against a top team and gets run off of the court, but there is little chance of that this season. This will make it especially difficult for our 29 remaining entries (for reference: last season we only had 18 people make it this far, with more entries at the start), as there are no double-digit favorites and every game is a near toss-up.

Reminder: you cannot select a team that you have previously chosen, so check the below chart before submitting your Sweet 16 picks.

The remaining survivors after the Tournament’s first weekend

Sweet 16 picks are due by Thursday March 28 at 6:00 PM, ahead of tip-off of Florida State vs. Gonzaga in Anaheim. Submit your picks in the form below or follow this link if the form doesn’t show in your browser. Good luck!

Sweet 16 schedule. Note: Eastern Time shown