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2019 Men’s Conference Tournament Rooting Guide and Open Thread

We’ll be keeping track of every men’s conference tournament here over the next two weeks and letting you know who to root for to improve TCU’s bubble position.

NCAA Basketball: Iowa State at Texas Christian Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Day 14 - March 17th

The bubble nearly escaped unscathed yesterday as bid thieves from the American, the Mountain West, and the Mid-American were all eliminated. However, the Pac-12, which has played more at the level of a mid-major conference this season, decided to shrink the bubble one more spot as Payton Pritchard put on a show to take down Washington and steal the automatic bid. However, that does mean that no more bid thieves remain today, so Frog fans won’t really need to pay attention to any of the remaining games today.


Championship: (2) Cincinnati vs. (1) Houston, 2:15pm, ESPN

Thank goodness both of these teams took care of business and eliminated Memphis and Wichita State from the bid thief contingent. Nothing to see here except to see if Houston can improve on their gaudy record and potentially secure a No. 2 seed in the Big Dance.

Atlantic 10

Championship: (6) Saint Louis vs. (4) St. Bonaventure, 12pm, CBS

When VCU lost in the quarterfinals, the damage to the bubble was done and the Atlantic 10 was done having an impact on the bubble. Only the winner of this game will be heading to the Big Dance.

Big Ten

Championship: (3) Michigan vs. (1) Michigan State, 2:30pm, CBS

Both these teams are locks for the NCAA Tournament, so the only thing that will come of this game is seeding for the NCAA Tournament. No particular rooting interests here for the Frogs.

Ivy League

Championship: (2) Yale vs. (1) Harvard, 11am, ESPN2

This game won’t have an impact on TCU’s chances, but the winning team is sure to be the smartest team in the NCAA Tournament.


Championship: (5) Auburn vs. (3) Tennessee, 12pm, ESPN

In yesterday’s action, Florida could have moved up to a Quadrant 1 win for TCU if they found a way to take down Auburn, but an egregious no-call by the officials prevented Florida from going to the FT line to tie the game in the final second. Everyone watching the game could see they were trying to foul intentionally and Auburn coach Bruce Pearl admitted so after the game. However, there is nothing that can be done about it now and today’s game will not have any real impact on TCU.

Sun Belt

Championship: (2) UT Arlington vs. (1) Georgia State, 1pm, ESPN2

Neither of these teams faced the Frogs and only the winner will be going to the NCAA Tournament, so this game should not have an impact on TCU.


Nothing of note for TCU fans to follow today, meaning that their fate has likely been sealed already, for better or for worse. The selection show will be at 5pm CT tonight on CBS.

Day 13 - March 16th

There was a ton of bubble action across the board yesterday, and if you were watching, you’d know that TCU actually received a significant amount of help. At the end of the day, the teams that the Frogs wanted to win went 12-5 yesterday and some key results included Kentucky defeating bubble team Alabama and Buffalo surviving against Central Michigan to remain in the hunt for the MAC’s automatic bid. Not all was great though as VCU was upset by Rhode Island, which likely means they will receive an at-large bid and the Atlantic 10 will be a two-bid league instead of a one-bid league, thus taking away an available bubble spot. Lots of exciting action is on deck again today as 14 different conferences will crown their champions and hand out automatic bids.

America East

Championship: (3) UMBC @ (1) Vermont, 10am, ESPN2

The only impact this conference will have is on the NIT picture and whether or not Vermont takes that automatic bid. Will everyone’s favorite No. 16 seed be returning to the Big Dance (look out Virginia), or will Vermont finally get their revenge in this rematch of last year’s conference championship game?


Semifinal #1: (5) Memphis vs. (1) Houston, 2pm, ESPN2

Semifinal #2: (6) Wichita State vs. (2) Cincinnati, 4pm, ESPN2

The American tournament is all about Houston and Cincinnati from here on out. Both of those teams are pretty much locks to make the field of 68, but potential bid thieves Memphis and Wichita State will be playing knowing that a loss sends them to the NIT if anything. Wichita State helped us out yesterday by defeating bubble team Temple, but the Frogs need Houston and Cincinnati now.

Atlantic 10

Semifinal #1: (8) Rhode Island vs. (4) St. Bonaventure, 12pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (6) Saint Louis vs. (2) Davidson, 2:30pm, CBSSN

With VCU’s exit yesterday at the hands of Rhode Island, the Atlantic 10 realy has no remaining impact on the bubble, since only the winner should make the field of 68 from these teams.


Championship: (4) Florida State vs. (3) Duke, 7:30pm, ESPN

Nothing really to watch for here for TCU - both teams are locks to make the NCAA Tournament.

Big 12

Championship: (5) Iowa State vs. (3) Kansas, 5pm, ESPN

Although both teams are locks to make the field of 68 and TCU played both twice, I am a firm believer that who you beat matters and Iowa State winning would make the Frogs’ two best wins look even better.

Big East

Championship: (3) Seton Hall vs. (1) Villanova, 5:30pm, FOX

Although I am not a big fan of their resume, the prevailing thought around Seton Hall by bracketologists is that they are fairly safely in and they will have recency bias going for them with a pair of recent wins over Marquette and one over Villanova at the end of the regular season. Still, since I am not as sold on them, I think it would be better for Villanova to put Seton Hall on the bubble, rather than having them receive an automatic bid.

Big Sky

Championship: (3) Eastern Washington vs. (1) Montana, 7pm, ESPNU

TCU did not face either of these teams and the Big Sky is a one-bid league, so the only thing that matters here is whether or not Montana goes dancing or if they take away an NIT at-large.

Big Ten

Semifinal #1: (4) Wisconsin vs. (1) Michigan State, 12pm, CBS

Semifinal #2: (7) Minnesota vs. (3) Michigan, 2:30pm, CBS

With their win over Purdue yesterday, Minnesota should feel much more safe about their position in the NCAA Tournament, so it doesn’t really matter who wins from here on out - all four will be dancing.

Big West

Championship: (3) Cal State Fullerton vs. (1) UC Irvine, 11pm, ESPN2

Yet another one-bid league with none of TCU’s non-conference opponents, so it doesn’t really matter for the Frogs who wins this one. This will be an important game for NIT bubble teams though.

Conference USA

Championship: (2) Western Kentucky vs. (1) Old Dominion, 7:30pm, CBSSN

Once again, the Frogs did not face either of these teams and only the winner will be dancing, so no particular rooting interests in this one.

Ivy League

Semifinal #1: (4) Pennsylvania vs. (1) Harvard, 11:30am, ESPNU

Semifinal #2: (3) Princeton vs. (2) Yale, 2pm, ESPNU

The Ivy League finally is getting their tournament underway with a pair of semifinals, but it won’t have much of an impact on the Frogs, since it will also be a one-bid league.


Championship: (3) Bowling Green vs. (1) Buffalo, 6:30pm, ESPN2

Go Buffalo. They are a lock to make the NCAA Tournament this year no matter what, but Bowling Green can only get in by winning. Every fan of a team on the bubble NEEDS Buffalo to win to prevent the bubble from shrinking by another spot.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

Championship: (3) North Carolina Central vs. (1) Norfolk State, 12pm, ESPN2

The MEAC is like most of the smaller conferences crowning champions today, it won’t really matter for the Frogs, but hopefully some avoid taking at-large spots in the NIT so that there are enough left.

Mountain West

Championship: (4) San Diego State vs. (2) Utah State, 5pm, CBS

Just like Buffalo, every bubble team NEEDS Utah State to secure this automatic bid since they are a lock to make it no matter what and San Diego State is not. This is another game that could shrink the bubble by a spot if the wrong team comes out victorious.


Championship: (6) Oregon vs. (1) Washington, 9:30pm, ESPN

This game might be on late tonight, but TCU fans will want to pull hard for Washington. While some pundits think Oregon has a chance at an at-large, most believe that their only way into the NCAA Tournament is through an automatic bid. If they win, the bubble would shrink by another spot.


Semifinal #1: (8) Florida vs. (5) Auburn, 12pm, ESPN

Semifinal #2: (3) Tennessee vs. (2) Kentucky, 2:30pm, ESPN

For the Frogs, it is all about Florida from this point on. They were on the bubble and their win yesterday over LSU likely cemented their spot in the field, especially considering that if they were to lose to any of the other three, it would be to a very good opponent and not hurt them much. The Gators can still provide a major boost to the TCU resume if they can keep winning and move up in the NET rankings. Florida is currently at No. 31 in the NET rankings, making the Frogs’ home win against them a Quadrant 2 victory. However, if they move up to No. 30 or higher, that victory would shift over into Quadrant 1. Although it would only be a small movement in the rankings, that could be a significant movement on TCU’s team sheet in the eyes of the committee, especially since it was a non-conference game.


Championship: (4) New Orleans vs. (2) Abilene Christian, 8:30pm, ESPN2

This game is unlike most others since it doesn’t matter even for the NIT, but I will be pulling for Abilene Christian because I enjoy seeing schools and programs receive their first-ever bid to the Big Dance.

Southwestern Athletic

Championship: (2) Texas Southern vs. (1) Prairie View A&M, 5pm, ESPNU

Only the winner from the SWAC will be dancing, so there is a lot on the line, but it will not have any impact on TCU’s situation.

Sun Belt

Semifinal #1: (4) Texas State vs. (1) Georgia State, 3pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) Georgia Southern vs. (2) UT Arlington, 5:30pm, ESPN+

The Sun Belt has quite the interesting Texas vs. Georgia theme going with their semifinals today, but none of these teams are in the at-large conversation and TCU hasn’t faced any of them, so no particular team to root for.

Western Athletic

Championship: (3) Grand Canyon vs. (1) New Mexico State, 9pm, ESPNU

Although this game won’t really have an impact on TCU’s bubble situation, the scenario going through my head is seeing the GCU logo pop up on the bracket reveal only to get my hopes up thinking we made it before crushing me when it’s Grand Canyon. Therefore, go New Mexico State.


Most conference tournaments remaining will not have much of an impact on the Frogs, but there are definitely some games that TCU fans need to pay attention to where locks for the NCAA Tournament are taking on bid thieves. It would also be nice if Iowa State and Florida can continue to make the Frogs’ best wins look even better.

Day 12 - March 15th

Yesterday was rough watching Kansas State slowly pull away in the second half to take down the Frogs, but not all hope is lost. ESPN continued to show a graphic during the game that showed TCU with less than a 40% chance of making the field with a loss, but in today’s version of Bracketology, the Frogs still remain as one of the last four in. This is because TCU got a good amount of help from around the country. UCLA failed to knock out Arizona State and bump them down and Ole Miss allowed Alabama to survive, but other than that, things went very well: Buffalo stayed alive for the MAC’s automatic bid, Xavier, Marquette, and Kansas all defeated teams on the bubble, and Florida and Fresno State both are on the verge of moving into Q1 and Q2 victories, respectively, for TCU. Fresno State did move into Q2, but will likely need to win today to stay there as well.


Quarterfinal #1: (9) UConn vs. (1) Houston, 11am, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Memphis vs. (4) Central Florida, 1pm, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #3: (10) SMU vs. (2) Cincinnati, 6pm, ESPNU

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Wichita State vs. (3) Temple, 8pm, ESPNU

Houston and Central Florida are both safely into the field of 68 most likely, so we will want them to win the first pair of games to eliminate potential bid thieves. Regardless of what SMU does, they should remain as a Q2 victory on the team sheet, but with how NET factors in many things, a win for them over Cincinnati should provide a nice little boost for the Frogs’ own resume. Cincinnati is a lock to make the NCAA Tournament though, so we want either them, Houston, or Central Florida to win the automatic bid. I am not really sure if SMU can provide enough of a boost to make it worth opening up more of a path for a bid thief, so I would root for Cincinnati. Lastly, Temple sits in the last four byes section of ESPN’s Bracketology, so a loss to Wichita State might bump them down below TCU, so Frog fans will want to pull for Wichita State.

Atlantic 10

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Rhode Island vs. (1) VCU, 11am, NBCSN

Quarterfinal #2: (5) George Mason vs. (4) St. Bonaventure, 1:30pm, NBCSN

Quarterfinal #3: (10) St. Joseph’s vs. (2) Davidson, 5pm, NBCSN

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Saint Louis vs. (3) Dayton, 7:30pm, NBCSN

The Atlantic 10, which has typically been a multi-bid mid-major conference, has had a down year and as a result, VCU is likely the only team that would receive an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. Therefore, we need them to prevent any bid thieves from securing the automatic bid, because if that happens, VCU will likely bump off a bubble team if they were to join the at-large field.


Semifinal #1: (4) Florida State vs. (1) Virginia, 6pm, ESPN

Semifinal #2: (3) Duke vs. (2) North Carolina, 8pm, ESPN

All four of these teams are locks to go dancing, so it doesn’t really matter who wins this tournament for TCU. However, if you are a college basketball fan in general, these games will have major implications on who receives No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament. Also, it should be the first time we see Zion play a full game against North Carolina.

Big 12

Semifinal #1: (5) Iowa State vs. (1) Kansas State, 6pm, ESPN2

Semifinal #2: (10) West Virginia vs. (3) Kansas, 8pm, ESPN2

As long as any team besides West Virginia wins the conference tournament, all will be okay for TCU in the Big 12 tournament. Kansas State, Kansas, and Iowa State are all locks to make the field of 68, but West Virginia could potentially steal a bid, and that might be TCU’s.

Big East

Semifinal #1: (4) Xavier vs. (1) Villanova, 5:30pm, FS1

Semifinal #2: (3) Seton Hall vs. (2) Marquette, 8pm, FS1

Villanova and Marquette are both locks to make the field at this point, and according to ESPN’s projected bracket, Seton Hall appears to have played their way in despite being ranked No. 59 in NET. Xavier has moved up to the next four out category, so they will be attempting to play their way in as well, and a win over Villanova would certainly help. Frog fans will want to pull for Villanova and Marquette to win today, since TCU should have a chance on the bubble against either Seton Hall or Xavier.

Big Sky

Semifinal #1: (4) Weber State vs. (1) Montana, 6:30pm,

Semifinal #2: (7) Southern Utah vs. (3) Eastern Washington, 9pm,

The Big Sky will be a one-bid league regardless of who wins, so not much of an NCAA Tournament impact here. However, it never hurts to have as many at-large spots available as possible for the NIT, so it’ll be best if Montana wins this tournament.

Big Ten

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Ohio State vs. (1) Michigan State, 11:30am, Big Ten Network

Quarterfinal #2: (13) Nebraska vs. (4) Wisconsin, 2pm, Big Ten Network

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Minnesota vs. (2) Purdue, 6pm, Big Ten Network

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Iowa vs. (3) Michigan, 8:30pm, Big Ten Network

Of the teams remaining in the Big Ten tournament, TCU needs Ohio State and Nebraska to be eliminated. Ohio State currently is sitting in the last four byes section of ESPN’s projected bracket, but a loss would drop them to 19-14 and likely drop them from their position at No. 55 in the NET rankings, which could bump their overall resume below TCU’s. Nebraska can only really play their way into the field by securing the automatic bid, so hopefully Wisconsin will knock them out today and prevent that from occurring. The remaining six teams all seem to be in a good position to make the Big Dance.

Big West

Semifinal #1: (5) Long Beach State vs. (1) UC Irvine, 8:30pm, ESPNU

Semifinal #2: (3) Cal State Fullerton vs. (2) UC Santa Barbara, 11pm, ESPNU

The Big West is going to be a one-bid league and does not feature any of the Frogs’ non-conference opponents, so the only thing that would matter is UC Irvine winning it and staying out of the NIT.

Conference USA

Semifinal #1: (5) UAB vs. (1) Old Dominion, 12:30pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (3) Southern Miss vs. (2) Western Kentucky, 3pm, CBSSN

None of these four teams faced TCU this season and Conference USA should also be a one-bid league this year, so no particular rooting interests for the Frogs in this tournament outside of Old Dominion not receiving an automatic bid to the NIT.


Semifinal #1: (5) Central Michigan vs. (1) Buffalo, 5:30pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (7) Northern Illinois vs. (3) Bowling Green, 8pm, FCS

As nice as it would be for Central Michigan to continue to provide a boost to TCU’s resume, the Frogs absolutely need Buffalo to win this tournament. They are a lock to make the tournament as an at-large if they are eliminated whereas the other three teams are nowhere near it. If Buffalo were to be eliminated, then they would be forced to take an at-large spot and potentially knock off a bubble team such as TCU.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

Semifinal #1: (4) Howard vs. (1) Norfolk State, 5pm, FloHoops

Semifinal #2: (3) North Carolina Central vs. (2) North Carolina A&T, 7pm, FloHoops

The MEAC won’t really have much of an impact since it should be a one-bid league for the NCAA Tournament. It will still help though if Norfolk State wins the conference tournament, just so as many NIT at-large spots are available as possible.

Mountain West

Semifinal #1: (4) San Diego State vs. (1) Nevada, 8pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (3) Fresno State vs. (2) Utah State, 10:30pm, CBSSN

Whereas Central Michigan and SMU could not provide a major boost to the Frogs’ resume, TCU would be much better off if Fresno State finds a way to win today. If they are victorious, it would likely secure them as a Q2 victory, which is a big difference from a Q3 victory on the team sheet. Plus, if they do win and advance, Nevada, a lock for the tournament, could still be in play to take the automatic bid and prevent a bid thief. Best-case scenario: Nevada and Fresno State win today, Nevada defeats Fresno State tomorrow.


Semifinal #1: (5) Colorado vs. (1) Washington, 8pm, Pac-12 Network

Semifinal #2: (6) Oregon vs. (2) Arizona State, 10:30pm, ESPN

The Pac-12 will be one to watch as it features one team that is likely safely in (Washington) and three teams on the bubble. Arizona State is the only team on the bubble here that is currently viewed as in the field, according to ESPN, but Colorado and Oregon could both be playing their way in. Although Arizona State, who is currently projected as one of the last four byes, might drop below TCU if they were to lose, it could be at the expense of Oregon finding a way to steal a bid. The Frogs will want to prevent any potential stealing of a bid by Colorado or Oregon by rooting for Washington and Arizona State today.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) Florida vs. (1) LSU, 12pm, ESPN

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Auburn vs. (4) South Carolina, 2:30pm, ESPN

Quarterfinal #3: (10) Alabama vs. (2) Kentucky, 6pm, SEC Network

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Mississippi State vs. (3) Tennessee, 8:30pm, SEC Network

Florida might be on the bubble with TCU, and a loss by them could move the Frogs into a better spot on the bubble, but a win by the Gators could also help as they are on the verge of becoming a Q1 victory for TCU instead of a Q2 victory, a small, yet significant distinction on the team sheet for the Frogs. With so many questions left for the committee to answer regarding how they are evaluating teams and the introduction of NET, I don’t know if one is better than the other. One thing I do know is that the Frogs will want to pull for Auburn and Kentucky today - South Carolina is 16-15 overall and in the 80s of the NET rankings, so they likely need an automatic bid to make the field, and Alabama currently sits as the first team out in ESPN’s Bracketology. A loss by Alabama would drop them to 18-15 overall and they are already behind TCU in the NET rankings, but a win over potential No. 1 seed Kentucky could be enough in the eyes of the committee.


Semifinal #1: (4) New Orleans vs. (1) Sam Houston State, 5pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) Southeastern Louisiana vs. (2) Abilene Christian, 7:30pm, ESPN+

The Frogs did not face any of these teams and the Southland should be a one-bid league, so no particular rooting interests for TCU when it comes to the bubble picture. The only thing to watch is whether or not Sam Houston State takes away another NIT at-large spot.

Southwestern Athletic

Semifinal #1: (4) Grambling State vs. (1) Prairie View A&M, 2:30pm, ESPN3

Semifinal #2: (6) Alabama State vs. (2) Texas Southern, 8:30pm, ESPN3

Like the Southland, TCU did not face any SWAC teams and this conference will also be a one-bid league, so the main thing to watch will be Prairie View A&M and the effect they could have on the NIT.

Sun Belt

Quarterfinal #1: (8) South Alabama vs. (4) Texas State, 5pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (7) UL Monroe vs. (3) Georgia Southern, 7:30pm, ESPN+

The Sun Belt is also a one-bid league that does not feature any of the Frogs’ non-conference opponents, so the only thing to watch for here is going to be the No. 1 seed and the NIT.

Western Athletic

Semifinal #1: (4) UT Rio Grande Valley vs. (1) New Mexico State, 8pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) Grand Canyon vs. (2) Utah Valley, 10:30pm, ESPN+

TCU’s only non-conference opponent from the WAC, Cal State Bakersfield, was eliminated from the tournament yesterday, so the only impact left for this one-bid league’s tournament to have is whether or not New Mexico State steals an NIT automatic bid by being knocked out.


Lots of action again today as conference tournaments begin to wind down and champions begin to be crowned this weekend. There will be numerous crucial games for Frog fans to pay attention to today across most of the conferences as the bubble picture begins to take even more shape.

Day 11 - March 14th

If you are a college basketball fan who loves watching games all day, today is the day for you! It might not be the opening rounds of the NCAA Tournament, but there are 62 games today across 17 conferences to check out. Yesterday was average for the Frogs in terms of help they got across the country, but they took care of business in the most important game on the docket and managed to survive against Oklahoma State, despite trailing in the final minute after blowing a 21-point lead. In terms of non-conference opponents for TCU, Bucknell failed to secure the Patriot League title and provide a little boost, but USC defeated Arizona and moved up from No. 96 in NET to No. 92, likely cementing themselves as a Q2 victory for the Frogs. With regards to the bubble, Clemson and Butler failed to win their games, but most of the teams in action found a way to survive and stay in the competition.


First Round Game #1: (9) UConn vs. (8) South Florida, 12pm, ESPNU

First Round Game #2: (12) Tulane vs. (5) Memphis, 2pm, ESPNU

First Round Game #3: (10) SMU vs. (7) Tulsa, 7pm, ESPNU

First Round Game #4: (11) East Carolina vs. (6) Wichita State, 9pm, ESPNU

When it comes to the American Conference, none of the teams in action are in the conversation for an at-large spot currently, though Memphis might be able to play their way into it. The top four seeds will be the teams to watch - TCU will want Houston, Central Florida, or Cincinnati to secure the automatic bid since they are all virtually locks. Temple currently sits in the last four byes section with TCU, so we will want on opening game exit from them. Today though, we can root for SMU to take down Tulsa since they can provide a bit of a boost to the Frogs’ resume, although they should be a Q2 victory on the team sheet on Selection Sunday. We can also root for Tulane, if only to prevent Memphis from playing their way into the at-large conversation.

Atlantic 10

Second Round Game #1: (9) La Salle vs. (8) Rhode Island, 11am, NBCSN

Second Round Game #2: (12) George Washington vs. (5) George Mason, 1:30pm, NBCSN

Second Round Game #3: (10) St. Joseph’s vs. (7) Duquesne, 5pm, NBCSN

Second Round Game #4: (11) Richmond vs. (6) Saint Louis, 7:30pm, NBCSN

Nothing to really watch for in the Atlantic 10 tomorrow, but fans of every bubble team will be rooting for VCU to win this tournament. They are pretty much safely in the field at this point and if any other team won the automatic bid, they’d be stealing it from a better bubble team.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) North Carolina State vs. (1) Virginia, 11:30am, ESPN

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Virginia Tech vs. (4) Florida State, 1:30pm, ESPN

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Louisville vs. (2) North Carolina, 6pm, ESPN

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Syracuse vs. (3) Duke, 8pm, ESPN

All eight of the remaining teams in the ACC tournament are currently in the projected field for the NCAA Tournament; however, NC State, despite their win over Clemson yesterday, remains in the last four in category. A loss to a probable No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament might not knock them out, but a win would certainly get them in. A lot of the committee’s eyes will probably be on that morning game. Other things to watch for as a fan here are will Zion return and can the ACC secure three No. 1 seeds in the NCAA Tournament (Virginia, North Carolina, and Duke)?

Big 12

Quarterfinal #1: (5) Iowa State vs. (4) Baylor, 11:30am, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #2: (8) TCU vs. (1) Kansas State, 1:30pm, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #3: (10) West Virginia vs. (2) Texas Tech, 6pm, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Texas vs. (3) Kansas, 8pm, ESPN2

Wow, TCU made it extremely interesting down the stretch but they have found themselves in the quarterfinals and now are presented with a Q1 opportunity against a team that is without All-Big 12 First Team forward Dean Wade. A win today might be enough for TCU to cement themselves in the field of 68 on Selection Sunday, but an ugly loss could leave a bad impression on the committee if they’re watching - which they probably will be. Texas is another team to watch as a loss would drop them to 16-16 overall and likely out of the field. West Virginia represents a potential bid thief if they win the tournament so it’d be nice to see them go away and it will be interesting to see who the Frogs might match up with if they win. Baylor would be a much tougher team, and Makai Mason is no stranger to March, but it is difficult to defeat a team three times in one season, which is what they would have to do against Iowa State.

Big East

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Providence vs. (1) Villanova, 11am, FS1

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Creighton vs. (4) Xavier, 1:30pm, FS1

Quarterfinal #3: (7) St. John’s vs. (2) Marquette, 6pm, FS1

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Georgetown vs. (3) Seton Hall, 8:30pm, FS1

The Big East is 100% bubble central today. Villanova and Marquette are locks to make the field at this point, so we will want either of them to secure the automatic bid from this conference. Xavier needs to likely win the tournament to get in, since they are sitting at No. 70 in the NET rankings. Providence too would likely need to make a run to make the NCAA Tournament. For some reason, Seton Hall is not one of the last eight teams in despite being only No. 62 in the NET rankings. As far as the other three go, ESPN has all of them sitting extremely close to the bubble: St. Johns - last four byes, Creighton - first four out, Georgetown - next four out. Ideally, all of the top seeds win here today to knock out bid thief Providence and the three bubble teams, and then Villanova and Marquette take down Xavier and Seton Hall tomorrow.

Big Sky

Quarterfinal #1: (9) Sacramento State vs. (1) Montana, 1pm,

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Portland State vs. (4) Weber State, 3:30pm,

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Southern Utah vs. (2) Northern Colorado, 6:30pm,

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Montana State vs. (3) Eastern Washington, 9pm,

The Big Sky is more relevant for the NIT as it will be a one-bid league no matter what and TCU has not played any of these teams. With the win yesterday, I feel pretty safe about the Frogs making the NIT if they get left out of the Big Dance.

Big Ten

Second Round Game #1: (9) Indiana vs. (8) Ohio State, 11:30am, Big Ten Network

Second Round Game #2: (13) Nebraska vs. (5) Maryland, 2pm, Big Ten Network

Second Round Game #3: (10) Penn State vs. (7) Minnesota, 6pm, Big Ten Network

Second Round Game #4: (11) Illinois vs. (6) Iowa, 8:30pm, Big Ten Network

If you enjoyed yesterday’s “elimination game” between Clemson and NC State, you will love Ohio State and Indiana going at it. ESPN currently has Ohio State as the last team in and Indiana as the first team out, making this essentially another elimination game. Maryland is virtually a lock to make it so we will want them to eliminate Nebraska, who can play their way into the at-large conversation, but would likely be a bid thief like Saint Mary’s was in the West Coast. Minnesota and Iowa are likely in the field now whereas Penn State would have to play their way in and Illinois would have to win the whole tournament. Although a Q3 loss to Illinois might hurt Iowa’s seeding, it’s tough to see them falling out. I’d rather let the teams sitting well above TCU win and stay safe than have another team play their way in and have the Frogs still behind the others. Frog fans should root for the top seeds across the board here today.

Big West

Quarterfinal #1: (7) Cal State Northridge vs. (2) UC Santa Barbara, 2pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #2: (6) UC Davis vs. (3) Cal State Fullerton, 4:30pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #3: (8) UC Riverside vs. (1) UC Irvine, 8pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #4: (5) Long Beach State vs. (4) Hawaii, 10:30pm, ESPN3

The Big West is another one-bid league with no TCU non-conference opponents, so this would have mattered more if the Frogs were closer to the bubble of the NIT.

Conference USA

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Louisiana Tech vs. (1) Old Dominion, 6pm, Stadium

Quarterfinal #2: (5) UAB vs. (4) UTSA, 6:30pm, Facebook

Quarterfinal #3: (10) North Texas vs. (2) Western Kentucky, 8:30pm, Stadium

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Marshall vs. (3) Southern Miss, 9pm, Facebook

This conference will also only be sending one team to the NCAA Tournament, so it doesn’t have as much relevance for the Frogs any more. TCU’s only non-conference opponent from this conference, Charlotte, who the Frogs were paired up with at Diamond Head, failed to even make the conference tournament.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) Akron vs. (1) Buffalo, 11am, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Central Michigan vs. (4) Kent State, 1:30pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Northern Illinois vs. (2) Toledo, 5:30pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (11) Ball State vs. (3) Bowling Green, 8pm, ESPN+

MACtion is all about rooting for Buffalo this week for all fans of bubble teams. They are a lock to make the field of 68 and every other team here would be a bid thief. Toledo has a solid record and a decent NET ranking, but they probably will have to win the tournament to get in simply because their conference tournament does not provide nearly enough Q1 and Q2 opportunities to make a significant jump. However, I will still be rooting for Northern Illinois to take them down today. TCU fans can also pull for Central Michigan, who the Frogs beat earlier this season, to provide whatever little boost they can. They will be a Q3 victory on the team sheet on Sunday.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

Quarterfinal #3: (11) Delaware State vs. (3) North Carolina Central, 5pm, FloHoops

Quarterfinal #4: (5) Bethune-Cookman vs. (4) Howard, 7pm, FloHoops

Really nothing to see here today for either the NIT or NCAA Tournament picture as this is a one-bid league and the No. 1 seed advanced to the semifinals with a win yesterday.

Mountain West

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Boise State vs. (1) Nevada, 2pm, CBSSN

Quarterfinal #2: (5) UNLV vs. (4) San Diego State, 4:30pm, CBSSN

Quarterfinal #3: (7) New Mexico vs. (2) Utah State, 8pm, CBSSN

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Air Force vs. (3) Fresno State, 10:30pm, CBSSN

Nevada is a lock for the NCAA Tournament and Utah State is pretty much a safe bet as well to make it, so the bubble will be fine as long as one of them wins it. TCU beat Fresno State earlier this season at home in one of the Frogs’ better non-conference resume builders. It could become even better though if Fresno State can somehow improve their NET ranking from No. 82 to No. 75 or better come Sunday, since that would make them a Q2 victory instead of a Q3. The UNLV/San Diego State matchup doesn’t mean much for TCU, but Frog fans will want to pull for the top seeds in the other games.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) USC vs. (1) Washington, 2pm, Pac-12 Network

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Colorado vs. (4) Oregon State, 4:30pm, Pac-12 Network

Quarterfinal #3: (7) UCLA vs. (2) Arizona State, 8pm, Pac-12 Network

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Oregon vs. (3) Utah, 10:30pm, ESPN

The Pac-12 has struggled mightily this season and now they only have one team that is likely safe for the NCAA Tournament: Washington. Although I would love to see USC cement themselves as a Q2 victory even more with a victory over the Huskies, every bubble team, TCU included, needs to root for Washington to win this tournament. Arizona State is currently on the bubble and in the last four byes according to ESPN, but a Q3 loss to UCLA might drop them out (or at least below TCU), so we should pull for the Bruins. Colorado and Oregon are also near the bubble and in the at-large conversation, but they would likely need to make the championship game at least to have a chance. Ideally, Washington, Oregon State, UCLA, and Utah would win today and then Washington would find a way to win the automatic bid.


Second Round Game #1: (9) Arkansas vs. (8) Florida, 12pm, SEC Network

Second Round Game #2: (12) Missouri vs. (5) Auburn, 2:30pm, SEC Network

Second Round Game #3: (10) Alabama vs. (7) Ole Miss, 6pm, SEC Network

Second Round Game #4: (11) Texas A&M vs. (6) Mississippi State, 8:30pm, SEC Network

The SEC has a lot of important action for the Frogs today and it begins with Florida, who is currently sitting at No. 33 in the NET, but is viewed as one of the last four in due to their 17-14 record. This game is significant though because 1) Arkansas is on the bubble and could play their way into at-large consideration, but more importantly 2) if Florida can improve their NET into the top 30 for Sunday, then TCU’s home victory over them could become a Q1 victory instead of a Q2, which would be a major boost. That coupled with a Q1 victory if the Frogs beat Kansas State could be enough to seal the deal. TCU will want Auburn, who is a lock, to eliminate potential bid thief Missouri in that game. Then the Frogs will want Ole Miss, who also appears to be safely in the Big Dance, to knock off Alabama, who is currently in the next four out according to ESPN. Lastly, TCU will want Mississippi State, another team that is a lock to take out the Aggies, a potential bid thief. Here’s hoping for chalk in the SEC tournament today.


Quarterfinal #1: (5) Lamar vs. (4) New Orleans, 5pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (7) Central Arkansas vs. (3) Southeastern Louisiana, 7:30pm, ESPN+

No non-conference opponents in a one-bid league means nothing to really see here today for TCU’s chances.

Sun Belt

Second Round Game #1: (8) South Alabama vs. (5) Louisiana, 5pm, ESPN+

Second Round Game #2: (7) UL Monroe vs. (6) Coastal Carolina, 7:30pm, ESPN+

Same as the Southland above, no particular rooting interests here for the Frogs.

Western Athletic

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Chicago State vs. (1) New Mexico State, 2pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Cal State Bakersfield vs. (4) UT Rio Grande Valley, 4:30pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #3: (7) UMKC vs. (2) Utah Valley, 8pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Seattle vs. (3) Grand Canyon, 10:30pm, ESPN+

New Mexico State has a chance to earn an at-large bid if they fail to win their conference championship, but it might be difficult because a loss could come from Q2, Q3, or Q4, which would hurt their resume. However, it will be best for TCU and all bubble teams if they win the automatic bid and stay out of the at-large conversation. Frog fans can also root for a little boost from Cal State Bakersfield with a win today, since TCU beat them in the season opener.


What a day on the docket. There is so much to check out across the country but some of the most important teams to root for today are Xavier, Marquette, Buffalo, Fresno State, UCLA, Florida, Ole Miss, and of course, TCU.

Day 10 - March 13th

If you are a fan of a bubble team, either for the NCAA Tournament or for the NIT, yesterday was not a great day for you. For the NCAA Tournament, an at-large bubble spot was likely stolen by Saint Mary’s, who secured the West Coast’s automatic bid with a win over Gonzaga. The Gaels were likely on the outside looking in and destined for the NIT if they had lost, so someone on the bubble that was above them will now not be making it. For the NIT picture, No. 1 seeds Wright State, St. Francis (PA), and Hofstra all fell in their conference championship games, meaning three more at-large NIT spots will now be taken away as automatic bids for these teams. While yesterday might not have gone well, today is a new day and the most important day for the NCAA Tournament bubble yet.

Atlantic 10

First Round Game #1: (13) Massachusetts vs. (12) George Washington, 12pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (14) Fordham vs. (11) Richmond, 2:30pm, ESPN+

None of the games here matter today, but once VCU enters the tournament, all bubble teams like TCU will want to root for them. Anyone else securing the automatic bid would be a bid thief.


Second Round Game #1: (9) Clemson vs. (8) North Carolina State, 11am, ESPN

Second Round Game #2: (12) Miami (FL) vs. (5) Virginia Tech, 1pm, ESPN

Second Round Game #3: (15) Notre Dame vs. (7) Louisville, 6pm, ESPN2

Second Round Game #4: (14) Pittsburgh vs. (6) Syracuse, 8pm, ESPN2

The Clemson/North Carolina State game is essentially an elimination game for the NCAA Tournament as both currently sit in the last four in according to ESPN’s Bracketology. NC State’s chances are slightly better at this point, but it does not really matter for TCU who wins. Syracuse seems pretty safely in the field at this point, despite a worse NET than NC State and Clemson, but a loss to Pittsburgh would certainly make their situation more precarious. Louisville and Virginia Tech are locks at this point, so hopefully they simply take care of business and eliminate the potential bid thieves they are facing.

Big 12

First Round Game #1: (9) Oklahoma State vs. (8) TCU, 6pm, ESPNU

First Round Game #2: (10) West Virginia vs. (7) Oklahoma, 8pm, ESPNU

The most important game of the day for TCU is obviously their own against Oklahoma State. With their NET in the 80s, a neutral game against Oklahoma State represents an opportunity for a Q2 win and a victory would provide a Q1 opportunity against No. 1 seed Kansas State, who will likely be without Dean Wade. In the other game, Oklahoma has one of the strongest schedules in the country and should be a lock for the NCAA Tournament, so hopefully they knock out potential bid thief West Virginia.

Big East

First Round Game #1: (9) Butler vs. (8) Providence, 6pm, FS1

First Round Game #2: (10) DePaul vs. (7) St. John’s, 8:30pm, FS1

The Big East is an extremely competitive league and has numerous teams that could play their way in this weekend. Since all teams are in the top 100 of the NET rankings, except DePaul, all of their games this weekend represent either Q1 or Q2 opportunities on a neutral floor. St. John’s is currently No. 66 in NET, but is currently viewed as one of the last four byes by ESPN. Butler is sitting at No. 63 in NET, but could play their way closer to the bubble with a solid week. Today, I would root for Providence and DePaul, neither of whom are on the bubble, to diminish the resumes of the other two bubble games.

Big Sky

First Round Game #1: (9) Sacramento State vs. (8) Northern Arizona, 10:30am,

First Round Game #2: (10) Idaho State vs. (7) Southern Utah, 1pm,

First Round Game #3: (11) Idaho vs. (6) Montana State, 3:30pm,

This conference will be a one-bid league for the NCAA Tournament no matter what, so the only thing that will matter will be No. 1 seed Montana and their potential impact on the NIT.

Big Ten

First Round Game #1: (13) Nebraska vs. (12) Rutgers, 5:30pm, Big Ten Network

First Round Game #2: (14) Northwestern vs. (11) Illinois, 8pm, Big Ten Network

In today’s action, Nebraska is the only team that is on the bubble for the NCAA Tournament, so hopefully Rutgers can find a way to eliminate them from the conversation. The Cornhuskers currently sit at No. 52 while Rutgers sits at No. 100, meaning a win would be a Q2 victory, but it could bump down Rutgers and only be a Q3 win. A loss likely would bump Rutgers up to being a Q2 loss for Nebraska, but would end their chances of playing their way in. Go Rutgers!

Conference USA

First Round Game #1: (9) Florida Atlantic vs. (8) Louisiana Tech, 6pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (12) Middle Tennessee vs. (5) UAB, 6:30pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #3: (10) North Texas vs. (7) Florida International, 8:30pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #4: (11) Rice vs. (6) Marshall, 9pm, ESPN+

Conference USA should also be a one-bid league like the Big Sky, so we will keep an eye on the No. 1 seed when they enter.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

Quarterfinal #1: (9) South Carolina State vs. (1) Norfolk State, 5pm, FloHoops

Quarterfinal #2: (7) Coppin State vs. (2) North Carolina A&T, 7pm, FloHoops

Another one-bid league, so the only team that matters is Norfolk State because they would take an NIT at-large spot away.

Mountain West

First Round Game #1: (9) Colorado State vs. (8) Boise State, 1pm, Mountain West Network

First Round Game #2: (10) Wyoming vs. (7) New Mexico, 3:30pm, Mountain West Network

First Round Game #3: (11) San Jose State vs. (6) Air Force, 6pm, Mountain West Network

Traditionally a strong mid-major conference, the Mountain West has had a really down year outside of Nevada and Utah State. Both those teams should be safely in the NCAA Tournament, so as long as no one else steals a bid, the Frogs should be fine here.


First Round Game #1: (9) Arizona vs. (8) USC, 2pm, Pac-12 Network

First Round Game #2: (12) California vs. (5) Colorado, 4:30pm, Pac-12 Network

First Round Game #3: (10) Stanford vs. (7) UCLA, 8pm, Pac-12 Network

First Round Game #4: (11) Washington State vs. (6) Oregon, 10:30pm, Pac-12 Network

This year has been an absolute struggle and it is reflected in the fact that the conference has five of their twelve teams outside of the top 100, meaning games against those teams are only Q3 opportunities. Washington seems like a lock to make the NCAA Tournament, but Arizona State, Colorado, and Oregon all sit on the bubble - Arizona State is the only of the three currently projected to be in the field. With Colorado and Oregon on the bubble, TCU fans should be rooting for California and Washington State to beat them and add a Q3 loss Oregon and a Q4 loss to Colorado. Frog fans should also be rooting for USC to win over Arizona, since TCU beat the Trojans. USC is currently No. 96 in the NET, and if they lose, they could drop out of the top 100 and become only a Q3 victory instead of a Q2.

Patriot League

Championship: (2) Bucknell @ (1) Colgate, 6:30pm, CBSSN

In this instance only, because the Frogs beat Texas and are much closer to the NCAA Tournament, I will be rooting for Bucknell to beat Colgate at the expense of an NIT at-large spot. The Frogs beat Bucknell earlier this season and having a non-conference NCAA Tournament opponent on your resume can only help.


First Round Game #1: (13) Georgia vs. (12) Missouri, 6pm, SEC Network

First Round Game #2: (14) Vanderbilt vs. (11) Texas A&M, 8pm, SEC Network

Nothing really to watch here as none of these teams are in the at-large conversation currently. If any do make a miracle run, they might play their way into the conversation, but they are all long shots for now.


First Round Game #1: (8) Houston Baptist vs. (5) Lamar, 5pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (7) Central Arkansas vs. (6) Texas A&M-Corpus Christi, 7:30pm, ESPN+

The Southland will be a one-bid league no matter who wins, so it will be more important once the No. 1 seed enters play.


It will be a very important day in college basketball as numerous bubble teams are in action, but first and foremost, TCU will need to take care of business against the Cowboys of Oklahoma State to stay in the conversation. Hopefully they will get some help from around the country as well.

Day 9 - March 12th

In the biggest game on the docket yesterday, Wofford survived against UNC Greensboro to secure the Southern Conference’s automatic bid and moved UNCG to the bubble conversation. While personally I think a 28-win team from the Southern Conference deserves to be in, the prevailing thought is that it will now be a one-bid league, which is good for TCU’s chances. Action continues to roll along today as five more conferences will crown champions, bringing the total at the end of the day to eleven.

America East

Semifinal #1: (7) Binghamton @ (1) Vermont, 6pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (4) Hartford @ (3) UMBC, 6pm, ESPN+

This will be a one-bid league, so anyone paying attention to the NIT picture will be rooting for Vermont to win. A rematch of last year’s exciting conference championship game between Vermont and UMBC would be awesome. Vermont might be out for more revenge than Virginia.


First Round Game #1: (13) Wake Forest vs. (12) Miami (FL), 11am, ESPN

First Round Game #2: (15) Notre Dame vs. (10) Georgia Tech, 1pm, ESPN

First Round Game #3: (14) Pittsburgh vs. (11) Boston College, 6pm, ESPNU

Although this will be a tournament to watch with superstars and bubble teams, the games being played today do not feature any bubble teams or have any real implications for the Frogs.


Championship: (2) Northeastern vs. (1) Hofstra, 6pm, CBSSN

The Colonial should be a one-bid league this year, so TCU fans and fans of any team that might be heading to the NIT should be rooting for Hofstra.

Horizon League

Championship: (2) Northern Kentucky vs. (1) Wright State, 6pm, ESPN

This will be a one-bid league as well but it has major NIT implications. If Wright State wins, they will head to the NCAA Tournament and Northern Kentucky will not be headed to the NIT, but if it is reversed, then Northern Kentucky will go dancing and Wright State will be headed to the NIT, taking away an at-large spot. Any one rooting for a team that might need an at-large spot in the NIT should be rooting for Wright State.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

First Round Game #2: (9) South Carolina State vs. (8) Maryland Eastern Shore, 5pm, FloHoops

First Round Game #3: (10) Morgan State vs. (7) Coppin State, 7:30pm, FloHoops

The MEAC will also be a one-bid league this season, so the only thing that will matter will be the No. 1 seed and the impact they might have on the NIT.


Championship: (2) Fairleigh Dickinson @ (1) St. Francis (PA), 6pm, ESPN2

The Northeast Conference features the exact same predicament as the Horizon League - a win by St. Francis (PA) sends one to the NCAA Tournament and none to the NIT, whereas a Fairleigh Dickinson victory sends one to each and takes away an NIT at-large spot.

Southwestern Athletic

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Alcorn State @ (1) Prairie View A&M, 7:30pm, PVAMU Sports Network

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Arkansas-Pine Bluff @ (4) Grambling State, 7:30pm

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Southern @ (2) Texas Southern, 7:30pm

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Alabama State @ (3) Jackson State, 8pm

The Frogs did not have any games against a SWAC opponent this year and it is a one-bid league, so the only team that matters here is the No. 1 Seed Prairie View A&M. None of the SWAC teams would be in the at-large conversation for the NCAA Tournament or the NIT, so teams looking for at-large spots in the NIT will need Prairie View A&M to win the tournament.


Championship: (4) North Dakota State vs. (2) Omaha, 8pm, ESPN2

Not much of importance here since TCU did not face either of these teams and neither of them are the No. 1 seed. I personally am pulling for Omaha though, since they have never made it to the Big Dance.

Sun Belt

First Round Game #1: (9) Arkansas State @ (8) South Alabama, 7pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (10) Appalachian State @ (7) UL Monroe, 7pm, ESPN+

TCU did not face any Sun Belt teams and it will be a one-bid league this season, so the only team that will matter will be the No. 1 seed when they enter play.

West Coast

Championship: (2) Saint Mary’s vs. (1) Gonzaga, 8pm, ESPN

Gonzaga is a clear lock, but Saint Mary’s is still on the bubble and the prevailing thought by bracketologists is that they are on the outside looking in, so TCU fans, as well as all fans of bubble teams, will want Gonzaga to win, rather than Saint Mary’s moving safely into the field.


The only game that has NCAA Tournament bubble implications is the West Coast Conference championship game, so Frog fans will want to root for Gonzaga there. However, given that we never quite know what committees will do, nor do we know how TCU will do in Kansas City, I think it is still important for Frog fans to watch the NIT picture - and today is a big day for that with so many No. 1 seeds from one-bid leagues in action.

Day 8 - March 11th

Yesterday wasn’t superb for TCU as non-conference opponents Lipscomb (also a No. 1 seed likely taking an NIT automatic bid) and Oral Roberts were eliminated from their conference tournaments. However, Bucknell and most No. 1 seeds survived and advanced so things were pretty much average for the Frogs. Today starts week two of Championship Week(s) and we are now six days away from Selection Sunday. Things will really ramp up this week as the power conferences begin their tournaments and numerous bubble teams will be in action.


Semifinal #1: (5) Delaware vs. (1) Hofstra, 5pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (3) Charleston vs. (2) Northeastern, 7:30pm, CBSSN

This conference is likely a one-bid league and since TCU didn’t play anyone in this conference, the only thing relevant here is the No. 1 seed Hofstra and the NIT, so we should be pulling for them just in case.

Horizon League

Semifinal #1: (4) Green Bay vs. (1) Wright State, 6pm, ESPNU

Semifinal #2: (3) Oakland vs. (2) Northern Kentucky, 8:30pm, ESPNU

This is similar to the Colonial tournament in that it too will be a one-bid league and we didn’t play any Horizon League teams, so we should be rooting for No. 1 seed Wright State to win this tournament.

Metro Atlantic

Championship: (6) Monmouth vs. (1) Iona, 8pm, ESPN2

Another one-bid league with with no TCU opponents, we should be pulling for Iona to secure the automatic bid today for the NCAA Tournament rather than heading to the NIT.


First Round Game #1: (9) Miami (OH) @ (8) Akron, 7pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (12) Western Michigan @ (5) Central Michigan, 6pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #3: (10) Ohio @ (7) Northern Illinois, 8pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #4: (11) Ball State @ (6) Eastern Michigan, 6pm, ESPN+

The Frogs beat both Eastern Michigan and Central Michigan in back-to-back games earlier this season, and since they are a pair of the better wins on the resume, we should be rooting for them to continue to boost our resume as much as possible - starting with winning today.

Mid-Eastern Athletic

First Round Game #1: (11) Delaware State vs. (6) Savannah State, 5pm, FloHoops

TCU did not play anyone from the MEAC and it will be a one-bid league, so the only thing to watch will be the No. 1 seed for the NIT picture.


Championship: (2) UNC Greensboro vs. (1) Wofford, 6pm, ESPN

UNC Greensboro is not close enough to the bubble to merit an at-large spot whereas Wofford is an at-large lock for the NCAA Tournament if they lose - that makes UNC Greensboro a bid thief if they win. TCU fans and all fans of bubble teams around the country will be rooting hard for Wofford today.


Semifinal #1: (8) Western Illinois vs. (4) North Dakota State, 6pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) Purdue Fort Wayne vs. (2) Omaha, 8:30pm, ESPN+

The Summit League has no relevance to the Frogs anymore since No. 1 seed South Dakota State and TCU non-conference opponent Oral Roberts have both been eliminated. Of the four remaining, North Dakota State is the only one that has ever made the NCAA Tournament, so I personally will be pulling for any of the other three to be dancing for the first time.

West Coast

Semifinal #1: (8) Pepperdine vs. (1) Gonzaga, 8pm, ESPN

Semifinal #2: (7) San Diego vs. (2) Saint Mary’s, 10:30pm, ESPN2

Gonzaga is a lock for the NCAA Tournament and could even earn a No. 1 seed in the Big Dance, but Saint Mary’s is on the bubble and most likely on the outside looking in. Ideally, Gonzaga and San Diego win today and the Zags take care of business to secure the automatic bid.


Not too many conference tournaments to follow today, but Frog fans will want to really keep an eye on the Wofford game and root for them as well as TCU’s pair of non-conference opponents from the MAC. Gonzaga will also be a team to root for today as the rest of the West Coast’s teams could all be bid thieves.

Day 7 - March 10th

Yesterday was fantastic for TCU’s chances of making the Big Dance solely because they won the most important game on the schedule. In a game that felt like it was in control for the final thirty minutes, the Frogs picked up a key Quadrant 1 victory on the road at Texas. Yesterday also saw the Murray State Racers punch the first ticket to the Big Dance from the Ohio Valley Conference behind a monster performance from Ja Morant. They upset No. 1 seed Belmont, which sends them to an automatic bid to the NIT, but they would have made the NIT as an at-large and will be in the conversation for an NCAA Tournament bid. Three other No. 1 seeds have fallen (Campbell, Loyola (IL) and South Dakota State), meaning the NIT has four automatic bids given out so far. However, it might not matter if TCU can play their own way into the NCAA Tournament.

Atlantic Sun

Championship: (2) Liberty @ (1) Lipscomb, 2pm, ESPN

We should all be pulling for Lipscomb to stay out of the NIT and so that the Frogs can say their only non-conference loss was to a very solid NCAA Tournament team that will likely be up near a No. 12 or 13 seed if they’re in.

Big South

Championship: (4) Gardner-Webb @ (2) Radford, 12pm, ESPN

No. 1 seed Campbell was eliminated already and will be heading to the NIT with an automatic bid. Today’s game really does not matter for TCU as only the winner will be heading to the Big Dance.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) James Madison vs. (1) Hofstra, 11am,

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Delaware vs. (4) William & Mary, 1:30pm,

Quarterfinal #3: (10) UNC Wilmington vs. (2) Northeastern, 5pm,

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Drexel vs. (3) Charleston, 7:30pm,

The Colonial is another one-bid league, so Frog fans should be rooting for No. 1 seed Hofstra to win today and win the whole tournament to stay out of the NIT.

Metro Atlantic

Semifinal #1: (5) Siena vs. (1) Iona, 5pm, ESPN3

Semifinal #2: (6) Monmouth vs. (2) Canisius, 7:30pm, ESPNU

Like the Colonial and many of these smaller conference tournaments, the MAAC will only be sending one team to the Big Dance, so for the Frogs, let’s hope it’s No. 1 seed Iona.

Missouri Valley

Championship: (6) Northern Iowa vs. (5) Bradley, 1pm, CBS

Last year’s Final Four Cinderella Loyola (IL) was eliminated in the semifinals and will now likely be taking an automatic bid to the NIT. The Missouri Valley will likely be a one-bid league this year and it doesn’t matter much for the Frogs who wins today.

Patriot League

Semifinal #1: (5) Navy @ (1) Colgate, 11am, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (3) Lehigh @ (2) Bucknell, 1pm, CBSSN

The Patriot League is an interesting conference because one of TCU’s better non-conference wins is Bucknell, but at the same time we’ve been pulling for No. 1 seeds to win these smaller conferences. For now, we can continue to root for both to win today; however, I think we will want to root for Bucknell to provide any boost they can for our resume and win this tournament. I feel much better about our NIT chances with yesterday’s victory over Texas and any help that moves us toward the NCAA Tournament is welcomed.


Semifinal #1: (4) East Tennessee State vs. (1) Wofford, 3pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) Furman vs. (2) UNC Greensboro, 5:30pm, ESPN+

Here is a breakdown of where all of these teams sit currently: Wofford - NCAA Tournament lock, Furman - NIT lock, NCAA Tournament bubble, UNC Greensboro - NIT bubble, East Tennessee State - NIT bubble. Ideally, Wofford wins this conference tournament since they are already headed to the NCAA Tournament. Furman makes me nervous because if they win the automatic bid, will they be bumping the Frogs out, who are the last team in currently. It might become a moot point depending on what TCU does in Kansas City.


Quarterfinal #3: (5) Oral Roberts vs. (4) North Dakota State, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (6) South Dakota vs. (3) Purdue Fort Wayne, 8:30pm, ESPN+

The Summit League really doesn’t matter much for TCU now as No. 1 seed South Dakota State was eliminated yesterday by No. 8 seed Western Illinois. Since the Jackrabbits will be heading to the NIT and this will be a one-bid league, Frog fans should be all in on Oral Roberts making a run, since TCU beat them earlier this season and the Frogs can use any minor late boost they can get on their resume.


Plenty more conference tournament action today with some more teams punching their tickets to the NCAA Tournament. Frog fans should continue to root for the No. 1 seeds in action today just in case and should be pulling for former non-conference foes Lipscomb, Bucknell, and Oral Roberts to provide whatever small boost they can to TCU’s resume.

Day 6 - March 9th

Today marks a big day in Championship Week as the first automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament will be handed out by the Ohio Valley Conference. There is also a significant amount of No. 1 seeds in action today that the Frogs will be pulling for so that not too many NIT automatic bids are used. Most importantly though, TCU’s own game at Texas may make or break the Frogs’ chances of making the NCAA Tournament - will they be up to the task today?

America East

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Maine @ (1) Vermont, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) UMass Lowell @ (4) Hartford, 4pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #3: (6) Albany @ (3) UMBC, 12pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (7) Binghamton @ (2) Stony Brook, 6pm, ESPN+

None of the teams in the America East are likely in consideration for an NCAA Tournament at-large selection or an NIT at-large selection, so TCU fans will be pulling for Vermont to win out in this tournament. It will be interesting to see if UMBC has any more March magic in them.


First Round Game #1: (9) Towson vs. (8) James Madison, 3pm,

First Round Game #2: (10) UNC Wilmington vs. (7) Elon, 5:30pm,

No. 1 seed Hofstra may be worthy of an at-large discussion for the NIT, but not for the NCAA Tournament, so TCU fans should be rooting for them to win this tournament. They will face the winner of the Towson-James Madison game.

Metro Atlantic

Quarterfinal #3: (6) Monmouth vs. (3) Quinnipiac, 6pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #4: (5) Siena vs. (4) Rider, 8:30pm, ESPN3

Not much of importance for TCU fans today in the MAAC tournament as No. 1 seed Iona already advanced to the semifinals by winning yesterday.

Missouri Valley

Semifinal #1: (5) Bradley vs. (1) Loyola (IL), 2:30pm, CBSSN

Semifinal #2: (6) Northern Iowa vs. (2) Drake, 5pm, CBSSN

The Missouri Valley has had a down year and has no teams in the at-large conversation for either postseason tournament, so TCU fans should once again be pulling for the No. 1 seed to secure this conference’s automatic bid.


Semifinal #1: (6) LIU Brooklyn @ (1) St. Francis (PA), 1pm, ESPN3

Semifinal #2: (4) Robert Morris @ (2) Fairleigh Dickinson, 11am, ESPN3

Like many conferences in action today, the No. 1 seed is what matters here as well so Frog fans should be rooting for St. Francis (PA) to win again.

Ohio Valley

Championship: (2) Murray State vs. (1) Belmont, 7pm, ESPN2

The first automatic bid will be handed out today but I do not believe that it matters who win. Most likely, the team that wins the automatic bid will head to the NCAA Tournament and the loser will be headed to the NIT. Belmont does have a stronger chance of an at-large consideration for the NCAA Tournament though.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) VMI vs. (1) Wofford, 11am, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Chattanooga vs. (4) East Tennessee State, 1:30pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Samford vs. (2) UNC Greensboro, 5pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Mercer vs. (3) Furman, 7:30pm, ESPN+

In the Southern Conference, Wofford is a lock to make the NCAA Tournament and Furman has probably at least earned an NIT selection, if enough at-large spots are available. If Furman wins the conference tournament, this would be a two-bid league with no NIT teams, which would hurt the chances of NCAA Tournament bubble teams. If any other team wins, this likely becomes two bids to the NCAA Tournament and one to the NIT. UNC Greensboro and East Tennessee State will likely be in the conversation for the NIT, but not near the top. Ideally, the Frogs want Wofford to win this tournament.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) Western Illinois vs. (1) South Dakota State, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (7) North Dakota vs. (2) Omaha, 8:30pm, ESPN+

Another conference where the only thing that matters is the No. 1 seed winning the automatic bid and not heading to the NIT. Go Jackrabbits.

West Coast

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Pepperdine vs. (4) San Francisco, 9pm, ESPN2

Quarterfinal #2: (7) San Diego vs. (3) Brigham Young, 11pm, ESPN2

Today’s action is not as important for this conference, but come Monday, we will want the winner of the San Diego-BYU game to knock off Saint Mary’s and for Gonzaga to win it all.


As you can see, another big day for the NIT picture, but most importantly, we will keep tabs on the TCU game @ Texas - a win and we move back toward the NCAA Tournament picture or a loss and we become even more desperate for these No. 1 seeds to win.

Day 5 - March 8th

In yesterday’s conference tournament action, things went well for both the NIT picture and the Frogs’ NCAA Tournament resume - all of the No. 1 seeds in action were victorious and Bucknell, who TCU beat in the Diamond Head Classic, won their Patriot League quarterfinal. The only bad spot was the thrashing Indiana State, who the Frogs defeated twice this season, received at the hands of Valparaiso in the opening round of the Missouri Valley tournament. Not many tournaments are in action today, but there are still a handful of No. 1 seeds to pull for.

Big South

Semifinal #1: (6) Charleston Southern vs. (2) Radford, 5pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (4) Gardner-Webb vs. (1) Campbell, 7pm, ESPN+

The Big South will be a one-bid league, so Frog fans should be pulling for Campbell to take that bid and leave open an extra at-large spot in the NIT. All college basketball fans should be pulling for Campbell as well so that we can get a chance to watch senior guard Chris Clemons play in the NCAA Tournament. Clemons is an elite scorer and recently moved up to No. 4 all-time in Division I scoring. His 3,170 career points surpassed Doug McDermott and he is 47 points away from tying No. 3 Lionel Simmons, which Clemons could accomplish by the time this tournament is over.

Metro Atlantic

Quarterfinal #1: (9) St. Peter’s vs. (1) Iona, 6pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #2: (7) Manhattan vs. (2) Canisius, 8:30pm, ESPN3

The Metro Atlantic is another one-bid league, so TCU fans will be looking for Iona to win the tournament to leave as many NIT at-large positions as possible available.

Missouri Valley

Quarterfinal #1: (9) Valparaiso vs. (1) Loyola (IL), 12pm, MVC TV Network

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Bradley vs. (4) Missouri State, 2:30pm, MVC TV Network

Quarterfinal #3: (7) Illinois State vs. (2) Drake, 6pm, MVC TV Network

Quarterfinal #4: (6) Northern Iowa vs. (3) Southern Illinois, 8:30pm, MVC TV Network

With Indiana State’s disappointing exit yesterday, the only team here Frog fans need to worry about is the No. 1 seed Loyola (IL). Despite being a typically strong mid-major conference, the Missouri Valley does not have any teams that are in the conversation for at-large spots - not even last year’s Final Four Cinderella. However, we should root for Loyola to at least return to the NCAA Tournament, rather than being knocked out and taking up an NIT spot.

Ohio Valley

Semifinal #1: (4) Austin Peay vs. (1) Belmont, 7pm, ESPNU

Semifinal #2: (3) Jacksonville State vs. (2) Murray State, 9pm, ESPNU

The Ohio Valley is an odd situation because both Murray State and Belmont are in the bubble conversation. Both sit above TCU in the NET rankings, but not by much and their conference is not as strong as the Big 12. As long as one of them wins the automatic bid, then we will likely see that team in the NCAA Tournament and the other in the NIT, although both are worthy of consideration. I personally would root for Murray State, simply because I believe the NCAA Tournament will be better if Ja Morant is in it. He is an absolute star and I would highly encourage watching him and Murray State play if you haven’t already.


First Round Game #1: (9) Western Carolina vs. (8) VMI, 4pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (10) The Citadel vs. (7) Samford, 6:30pm, ESPN+

The Southern Conference is very similar to the Ohio Valley in that there are two really good teams; however, there is a greater disparity between the No. 1 and 2 seeds. The No. 1 Wofford is a lock for the NCAA Tournament, whereas Furman is on the bubble and on the outside looking in according to ESPN’s Bracketology. If Furman or anyone else were to win the conference tournament, then the Southern Conference would become a two-bid league and knock a bubble team out of the field. As far as today goes though, there is nothing to be concerned of.

West Coast

Second Round Game #1: (8) Pepperdine vs. (5) Loyola Marymount, 8pm,

Second Round Game #2: (7) San Diego vs. (6) Santa Clara, 10pm,

The West Coast is similar to the Southern Conference - Gonzaga is a lock for the NCAA Tournament and Saint Mary’s is right there on the bubble. All the same issues discussed above apply to this tournament, but we will have to wait until Monday for those teams to enter play.


Tonight’s action features two of the best players in college basketball and will be exciting, but in terms of the Frogs’ March outlook, the only things of concern are the No. 1 seeds winning.

Day 4 - March 7th

Conference tournament action is picking up on the men’s side as seven tournaments are in play today, and a handful of No. 1 seeds will be in action along with a couple of TCU’s non-conference opponents. In the only game of any importance to the Frogs yesterday in tournaments, Northeast Conference No. 1 St. Francis (PA) survived and advanced. There were numerous games though of bubble interest and a few of TCU’s non-conference opponents were in action. In two of the most important bubble games, both Seton Hall and Clemson won, officially moving the Frogs to the outside looking in according to ESPN’s most recent Bracketology. TCU is not completely out of the question yet, but if they continue to struggle and Championship Week produces a lot of upsets, even their NIT hopes could be jeopardized.

Atlantic Sun

Semifinal #1: (5) NJIT @ (1) Lipscomb, 7pm, ESPN+

Semifinal #2: (3) North Florida @ (2) Liberty, 6pm, ESPN+

Frog fans should be all-in on Lipscomb as they represent TCU’s only non-conference loss and they are the No. 1 seed. If they keep winning, the loss looks more and more respectable for TCU and they can avoid taking up an NIT automatic bid by winning the NCAA Tournament bid.

Big South

Quarterfinal #1: (7) Presbyterian vs. (2) Radford, 11am, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #2: (6) Charleston Southern vs. (3) Winthrop, 1pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #3: (8) Hampton vs. (1) Campbell, 5pm, ESPN3

Quarterfinal #4: (5) High Point vs. (4) Gardner-Webb, 7pm, ESPN3

The NIT picture is what is at stake in this conference tournament - TCU fans should be pulling for Campbell to win here and avoid the NIT, leaving yet another at-large spot available.

Metro Atlantic

First Round Game #1: (9) St. Peter’s vs. (8) Marist, 4pm, ESPN3

First Round Game #2: (10) Fairfield vs. (7) Manhattan, 6pm, ESPN3

First Round Game #3: (11) Niagara vs. (6) Monmouth, 8pm, ESPN3

This conference tournament will be another one to pay attention to when it comes to the NIT picture; however, none of the games today have any implications on that.

Missouri Valley

First Round Game #1: (9) Valparaiso vs. (8) Indiana State, 6pm, MVC TV Network

First Round Game #2: (10) Evansville vs. (7) Illinois State, 8:30pm, MVC TV Network

The Frogs took down Indiana State twice this season so TCU fans will want to pull for the Sycamores here today for any small boost it might bring to the Frogs’ resume.

Ohio Valley

Quarterfinal #1: (5) Morehead State vs. (4) Austin Peay, 6:30pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (7) UT Martin vs. (3) Jacksonville State, 8:30pm, ESPN+

Once again, this conference tournament will be crucial for the NCAA Tournament and NIT picture, but that will not be until Belmont and Murray State enter play in tomorrow’s semifinals.

Patriot League

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Boston University @ (1) Colgate, 6pm, Patriot League Network

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Navy @ (4) American, 6pm, Patriot League Network

Quarterfinal #3: (6) Army West Point @ (3) Lehigh, 6pm, Patriot League Network

Quarterfinal #4: (10) Holy Cross @ (2) Bucknell, 6pm, Patriot League Network

The Patriot League is an interesting one because we would want to root Colgate to avoid them taking up an NIT spot, but also for Bucknell since the Frogs beat them and could help our resume just a bit. Today, we can root for both, but ask me after TCU’s game Saturday what will be more beneficial as the tournament moves along.

West Coast

First Round Game #1: (9) Pacific vs. (8) Pepperdine, 8pm,

First Round Game #2: (10) Portland vs. (7) San Diego, 10pm,

This conference tournament will be all about Gonzaga for TCU fans. We need them to roll in the conference tournament and we need Saint Mary’s to be eliminated in their first game, as they too sit squarely on the bubble. Both teams though will not enter the field until Monday.


No major games for TCU fans to look out for today, but there are a handful of No. 1 seeds and former Frog opponents to root for. After the Frogs’ game on Saturday, we will know more about the importance of these tournaments and whether to focus more on the NCAA Tournament bubble or the NIT picture.

Day 3 - March 6th

On an incredible night of basketball that saw Duke survive against Wake Forest at home and Kansas’ reign at the top of the Big 12 come to an end, there was only one conference tournament game that had major implications on the NCAA and NIT, and that was Wright State defeating IUPUI, which was good for the Frog’s overall postseason hopes. Three conferences are back in action tonight, but once again, there will not be much to watch in these games for the Frogs.

Horizon League

Quarterfinal #3: (6) Youngstown State @ (3) Oakland, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (7) Detroit Mercy @ (2) Northern Kentucky, 6pm, ESPN+

The Horizon League is a one-bid league, and since none of these teams faced TCU nor is the No. 1 seed in action, there is nothing important here for Frog fans to follow.


Quarterfinal #1: (8) Bryant @ (1) St. Francis (PA), 6pm, NEC Front Row

Quarterfinal #2: (7) Wagner @ (2) Fairleigh Dickinson, 6pm, NEC Front Row

Quarterfinal #3: (6) LIU Brooklyn @ (3) Sacred Heart, 5pm, NEC Front Row

Quarterfinal #4: (5) St. Francis (NY) @ (4) Robert Morris, 6pm, NEC Front Row

The Northeast Conference will also be a one-bid league, but as I have mentioned, we never really know where TCU stands in the NCAA or NIT picture until the brackets are out. In 2017, when I thought we were right on the bubble to get in, not only did we get left out, but we dropped to a No. 4 seed in the NIT. Therefore, I think it is still important to root for the No. 1 seeds to win so that they do not take away a lot of NIT at-large spots. Therefore, we should be pulling for St. Francis (PA) here tonight.

Ohio Valley

First Round Game #1: (8) SIU Edwardsville vs. (5) Morehead State, 6:30pm, ESPN+

First Round Game #2: (7) UT Martin vs. (6) Eastern Illinois, 8:30pm, ESPN+

On Saturday, the Ohio Valley Conference will become the first conference to wrap up their tournament and send a team to the Big Dance. However, this tournament will not be relevant to Frog fans until No. 1 seed Belmont and No. 2 seed Murray State enter play on Friday. The Ohio Valley will be interesting as each of those two teams would be in the at-large discussion. Belmont is currently ranked No. 45 in NET and Murray State is ranked No. 50 (thru games 3/4), both of which are higher than TCU. The best-case scenario for TCU will be an early exit by Murray State on Friday and Belmont winning the title. However, as a basketball fan, I highly encourage you to try and tune in for a Murray State game - potential top-3 NBA Draft selection Ja Morant is 100% the real deal.

— —

Outside of the St. Francis (PA) matchup, there is not much for TCU fans to be on the lookout for in today’s conference tournament action. Some of the Frogs’ non-conference opponents will be in action elsewhere though, so we should be pulling for Florida (vs. No. 10 LSU), Charlotte (vs. Rice), and Fresno State (@ San Diego State) to provide any late boosts they can to TCU’s resume by winning tonight. There are also a handful of bubble teams that the Frogs should be rooting against tonight - Seton Hall (vs. No. 16 Marquette), Clemson (@ Notre Dame), Georgetown (@ DePaul), and Creighton (vs. Providence). We will provide updates on these games as well in tomorrow’s update.

Day 2 - March 5th

In last night’s action, the most important game for the Horned Frogs’ NCAA Tournament hopes was TCU’s own home game against Big 12-leading Kansas State. The Frogs came up short and the loss has now dropped TCU 6 spots in the NET rankings to No. 54 and dropped the Frogs to the last team in in Joe Lunardi’s latest Bracketology. TCU’s spot on the bubble has become even more tenuous and the Frogs likely need a win in Austin and one in Kansas City to ensure a spot in the Dance - two losses and a crowded NIT field full of auto bids and who knows if the Frogs will even have a postseason. In 2017, when the Frogs were on the bubble, many of us thought they were closer than they were, as not only did they not make the NCAA Tournament, they were a No. 4 seed in the NIT.

In terms of other conference tournaments, TCU at least got some help from Lipscomb last night. The Bisons, who are the Frogs’ only non-conference loss, improved their resume with another win and stayed alive in their conference tournament as the No. 1 seed. Three more conference tournaments begin today but the games today except for one will be of little consequence to the Frogs.

Big South

First Round Game #1: (10) UNC Asheville @ (7) Presbyterian, 6pm, ESPN3

First Round Game #2: (11) USC Upstate @ (6) Charleston Southern, 6pm, ESPN3

First Round Game #3: (9) Longwood @ (8) Hampton, 6pm, ESPN3

None of these teams are relevant for TCU in terms of the NCAA or NIT picture and the Frogs did not face any of these teams, so tonight’s action is not very important to us. The Big South will be a one-bid league to the NCAA Tournament.

Horizon League

Quarterfinal #1: (8) IUPUI @ (1) Wright State, 7pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) Illinois-Chicago @ (4) Green Bay, 7pm, ESPN+

Wright State is the top seed here and therefore would take an NIT automatic bid if they are eliminated, so TCU fans should be pulling for them here.

Patriot League

First Round Game #1: (10) Holy Cross @ (7) Lafayette, 6pm, Patriot League Network

First Round Game #2: (9) Loyola (MD) @ (8) Boston University, 6pm, Patriot League Network

Like the Big South, the Patriot League is a one-bid league and none of the teams in action tonight carry any relevance for the Frogs. Things will be more interesting here when the No. 1 seed Colgate and No. 2 seed Bucknell, who the Frogs beat at the Diamond Head Classic, enter play.

— —

Only one game overall tonight is of importance for TCU, but these tournaments will be of importance to the NIT picture in the coming days, so make sure to keep checking back.

Day 1 - March 4th

We have reached that wonderful time of year - the calendars have turned to March and the unofficial start of March Madness has arrived: Championship Week(s)! The Frogs are currently projected to be in the Big Dance, but their situation has become much more precarious in recent weeks and TCU might be needing some help over these last two weeks. Keeping up with all of the conference tournaments around the nation is not easy so we will be updating this page daily over the course of the next two weeks to keep track of all the happenings around Division 1 and how they affect TCU’s chances.

If you remember these rooting guides from the past, you’ll remember that we often mentioned how regular season winners, aka No. 1 seeds, receive NIT bids if they fail to win the automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. In the past this was of concern to TCU, who was not necessarily a lock for the NIT, but given this year’s resume and quality wins over teams such as Iowa State (x2) and Baylor, it is hard to see the Frogs slipping out of the NIT. However, it wouldn’t hurt if most of the No. 1 seeds in these smaller conference tournaments win so that there are more NIT at-large bids to go around.

All times given will be Central.

Atlantic Sun

Quarterfinal #1: (8) Kennesaw State @ (1) Lipscomb, 7pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #2: (5) NJIT @ (4) Florida Gulf Coast, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #3: (6) North Alabama @ (3) North Florida, 6pm, ESPN+

Quarterfinal #4: (7) Jacksonville @ (2) Liberty, 6pm, ESPN+

The Lipscomb Bisons are TCU’s only non-conference loss this season, but it is by no means a bad loss. Lipscomb enters their conference tournament at 23-6 overall and are ranked 46th in NET (thru games 3/2). Frog fans should be pulling hard for Lipscomb to win here because it makes it look like an even-more respectable loss, and because they would likely take away an NIT spot if eliminated.


That’s all we have for today. The Atlantic Sun is the only conference tournament that starts tonight and Lipscomb is the only team that carries any relevance for TCU. Be sure to check back tomorrow as the Big South, Horizon League and Patriot League get underway and feel free to leave any posts or comments!