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TCU Basketball Retrospective: A Look Back at the Numbers in 2019

Where did TCU excel? Where did they struggle? Let’s see what the numbers say.

TCU Basketball vs Creighton | March 26, 2019 | Fort Worth, TX
TCU Basketball vs Creighton | March 26, 2019 | Fort Worth, TX
Melissa Triebwasser

Hello, friends.

There’s a lot going on in the world of TCU basketball right now, and none of us are very excited about it. In light of that, I staved off some anxiety by diving into TCU’s KenPom page to highlight some interesting stats from the last season. What this team accomplished given the turnover and the injuries and all the bad breaks is worth acknowledging for sure. This isn’t so much an article as it is a list of what I found interesting, but I’ll be active in the comments on this post, and I’d love to hear from you regarding the season.

TCU had a pretty decent season, by national standards. The Frogs spun a disappointing tournament omission into a couple of quality NIT wins and some reps for the young guys, sending Alex Robinson and JD Miller out well along the way. TCU ended their season at 43rd in KenPom, 64th on Offense and 29th on Defense. A top 30 basketball Defense is a stellar effort, and the offensive struggles were understandable. The Frogs were 8th in the Big 12 in overall efficiency, 6th in defense, and 7th on offense. While this wasn’t a banner season, there were plenty of positives to build on. Below, I’ll throw out some stats about SCHEDULE, INDIVIDUAL EFFORTS, and TEAM LEADERS.


36th toughest Strength of Schedule, 40th in Toughest Offenses Played, 34th in Toughest Defenses Played. 321st in bench minutes, obviously, given all the depth issues, and 106th in 2-foul participation, which just quantifies the shortness of the bench.

  • Best wins (regular season): @ #16 Iowa State, Home #16 Iowa State, @ #27 Texas
  • Worst losses: @ #96 West Virginia, @ #84 Oklahoma State, H #41 Lipscomb
  • Non-Conference: 12-1
  • Conference: 8-12
  • Home: 12-5
  • Away: 4-7
  • Neutral: 4-1
  • vs top 25: 3-7
  • vs top 50: 6-11
  • vs top 100: 11-13
  • vs top 150: 14-13
  • Best five offensive performances:

H West Virginia (132.4) (2nd best against WVU all season)
H Nebraska (130.4) (4th)
H Eastern Michigan (130.1) (3rd)
@ Iowa State (121.2) (4th)
@ USC (119.7) (4th)

  • Worst five offensive performances:

H Kansas State (86.4) (22nd)
H Lipscomb (88.1) (27th)
H Florida (88.4) (27th)
@ Kansas State (91.2) (19th)
N Kansas State (91.6) (18th)

  • Best five defensive performances:

@ USC (76.1) (1st)
H Florida (80.4) (1st)
N Charlotte (81.0) (4th)
H Central Michigan (82.3) (1st)
H Creighton (83.9) (2nd)

  • Worst five defensive performances:

@ Baylor (144.1) (34th)
@ Texas Tech (133.3) (34th)
@ Texas Tech (125.1) (28th)
H Baylor (113.3) (21st)
@ Iowa State (109.4) (16th)


  • Elite: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pretty Good: Adjusted Efficiency (57th), Effective FG% (101st), Offensive Rebound % (84th), 3pt % (127th), 2pt% (90th),
  • Below Average: Average Possession Length (174th), Steal % (159th)
  • Yikes: Turnover % (245th), FTA/FGA (226th), FT% (255th), Block % (280th)


  • Elite: Adjusted Efficiency (41st), 3pt% (22nd)
  • Pretty Good: Average Possession Length (120th), Effective FG% (69th), FTA/FGA (61st), Block% (66th), Steal% (75th)
  • Below Average: Turnover % (151), 2pt% (169th)
  • Yikes: Off. Reb% (215th), FT% (303)

Players: (Note: 2184 players eligible)

  • Elite: Kevin Samuel’s eFG% (10th), Kevin Samuel’s Blk% (40th), Alex Robinson’s AstRate (12th), Kevin Samuel’s 2pt% (23rd), Kevin Samuel’s ORebRte (67th), Desmond Bane’s ORtg (100th), Desmond Bane’s eFG% (170th), Desmond’ Bane’s TORte (152nd), JD Miller’s FTRte (103rd), Desmond Bane’s 3pt% (148th), Kendrick Davis’s Stl% (116th)
  • Pretty Good: Alex Robinson’s Steal% (413th), JD Miller’s TORte(363rd), Kouat Noi’s Stl%, Kouat Noi’s 2pt%, Kendric Davi’s AstRate (287th), Desmond Bane’s 2pt% (461st), JD Miller’s ORtg (430th), JD MIller’s OReb% (319), JD Miller’s TORte (363rd), JD Miller’s FC/40 (253rd), JD Miller’s 2pt% (416th), RJ Nembard’s Blk% (452nd), Kevin Samuel’s FTRte (328th), Kevin Samuel’s DRebRte (255th)

Team Leaders:

Most Common Starting Lineup:

  • 15 Games: Robinson, Bane, Noi, Miller, Samuel (8-7 record)
  • 8 Games: Samuel, Bane, Nembard, Miller, Samuel (5-3 record)
  • 8 Games: Robinson, Fisher, Bane, Miller, Samuel (7-1 record)
  • 2 Games: Davis, Robinson, Bane, Miller, Samuel (0-2 record)


  • Desmond Bane (121.7)
  • JD Miller (112.4)
  • TIE: Kouat Noi (110.9), Kevin Samuel (110.2)

Percent of Minutes:

  • Desmond Bane (87.4%)
  • Alex Robinson (86%)
  • JD Miller (75.9%)


  • Desmond Bane (503)
  • Alex Robinson (416)
  • Kouat Noi (380)

Offensive Rebound %:

  • Kevin Samuel (12.7)
  • JD Miller (9.0)
  • Kouat Noi (6.7)

Defensive Rebound %:

  • Kevin Samuel (20.0)
  • JD Miller (15.6)
  • Kouat Noi (12.7)

Assist Rate:

  • Alex Robinson (37.6)
  • Kendric Davis (22.1)
  • Desmond Bane (13.8)

Turnover Rate:

  • Desmond Bane (11.6)
  • JD Miller (13.5)
  • Kouat Noi (14.0)


  • Kevin Samuel (8.8)
  • RJ Nembard (2.7)
  • Lat Mayen (3.2)


  • Kendric Davis (3.1)
  • Kouat Noi (2.5)
  • Alex Robinson (2.4)

3 Point Shooting:

  • Desmond Bane (.414)
  • Kouat Noi (.368)
  • Alex Robinson (.327)

Well, there you have it; TCU’s season in a statistical nutshell. Here’s to the future, whatever that might hold, being better and brighter for TCU Basketball.