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TCU News: “I think the guys have the right want-to. I don’t doubt any of that, but morale’s horrible.”

Time is running out to turn things around for TCU Baseball.

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Links O’ War
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Former TCU Football Player KaVonte Turpin Pleads Guilty to Assaulting Girlfriend | NBC DFW

Turpin is on some NFL radars, but has yet to sign with a team.

Turpin, who was a wide receiver/kick returner on the Horned Frogs football team until he was dismissed in the fall of 2018, will serve two years deferred adjudication probation and must complete a 27-week Partner Abuse Intervention Program through SafeHaven of Tarrant County.

”While KaVontae Turpin may have been a star on the football field, his actions here are unacceptable and will not tolerated,” said prosecutor Lloyd Whelchel. ”Turpin was held accountable for his conduct, and will have the next two years to reflect on what he has done.”

Turpin’s 2018 arrest came hours after he had a 99-yard kickoff return for his school-record sixth career special teams touchdown and a 41-yard TD catch in TCU’s 52-27 home loss to Oklahoma on on October 20.


After being swept by Baylor, TCU baseball coach hopes team has reached ‘basement’

On the brink with time running out. Not a great place to be for TCU Baseball.

“We’re on the brink of it,” Janczak said. “We show it in a lot of different ways, then we don’t show it in other ways. We’re right on the cusp. I believe in these guys. They’re incredible teammates. They work their tails off. We’re so close.

“I can feel it, but there’s a few things we’ve got to clean up all around.”

The problem is the number of games and time are dwindling to do so.

TCU has just three Big 12 series left in the regular season, including two on the road at West Virginia next weekend and at Texas Tech from May 16-18.

Morale is “horrible,” Schlossnagle said, but the want-to and effort is there. It’s just a matter of whether that one defining moment, one season-changing game, is still out there for the Frogs.

“I think the guys have the right want-to. I don’t doubt any of that, but morale’s horrible,” Schlossnagle said. “It’s horrible. I’m at fault for some of that. It’s the fine line between holding people accountable and living up to the standards of the program. I’m just not very good at Pollyanna thinking. I don’t believe in it. So it’s not in my nature to say everything is going to be OK when it’s not going to be OK. It’s just not who I am. It’s hard for me to change my stripes.

Fort Worth Local:

‘Racist motive’ for dress code? Coach who works with TCU athletes denied entry at bar | The Star-Telegram

This is a developing story.

“Unfortunately, the venue wouldn’t let me in because I was wearing the Jordan 11’s,” Maxwell said in a string of posts on Twitter on Sunday. “Just so you know that I’m being objective, I totally respect a venue’s dress code, if they have one. What’s interesting about Texas Republic’s dress code is how specific it is. And how there is a hint of a racist motive in their dress code.”

The dress code, which is listed on the club’s website, prohibits baggy clothing, Air Jordans, Air Force Ones, Polo boots, sports attire and offensive clothing after 9 p.m. It’s also posted on its Facebook page and at the entrance.

A man who identified himself as the Texas Republic manager but declined to give his last name said customers are turned away all the time for dress code issues. The shoes are banned at the club, he said, because too often fights erupt after one patron steps on the shoes of another patron.

“They’re so expensive, it’s a busy club and people step on them, people get upset,” he said. “We allow other sneakers. Nobody is going to be mad when someone steps on their dirty Adidas.”