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Beyond the Fort: Big games and brunch

You may want to stock up on the coffee.

Oklahoma v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

So, it’s May 16, 2019. That may not mean much to you at a glance, unless you realize that we now have exactly 100 days to go until college football returns. It’s also a great day to watch the PGA Championship and compare golfers to Big 12 football teams, as my dear friend and colleague Grant suggested you should do (If Oklahoma really is Brooks Koepka then there may not be any point of playing the games this fall, just saying).

Never mind that. What we are here to discuss is that if you love yourself some big-time Big 12 football, get ready to brunch frequently as you watch the best in the business go at it. No more marquee matchups under the Saturday night lights, at least for the most part.

If you have no clue what I’m talking about, well, here’s the deal. FOX Sports announced earlier this week that it will embark on a new strategy with its coverage this fall. That is, slotting its “marquee” games at 11 a.m. CT on a weekly basis. The reason: Why not have the network’s new pregame show — one that will feature on-air talent among the likes of Urban Meyer and Reggie Bush — immediately followed by the best matchup of the day? The more viewers the merrier after all.

So, what does this mean for TCU? Great question, because it really depends on how the team fares this season. The better the season, well, more reason to expect morning games — at least when the Horned Frogs draw quality opponents (think Texas and Oklahoma). Really, don’t be caught off guard for a morning matchup in those games regardless of how the Horned Frogs’ 2019 season goes. Whatever you do, if FOX has the first pick and TCU is on the brink of a top 25 matchup, it would be a mistake to anticipate a prime-time kickoff.

The good news: Well, the Big 12, for one, isn’t the only league with a FOX contract, joined by the Big Ten and Pac-12. So yes, there will be plenty of competition — even with some of the Big 12’s top games of the season. Also, TCU likely — keyword likely — won’t draw a ranked opponent at home October at the absolute earliest, with Arkansas-Pine Bluff, SMU and Kansas checking in as the Horned Frogs’ home opponent in the month of September. Now, no guarantees those non-conference matchups won’t be day games anyways, but I’ll do my best to alleviate your fears of having to spend additional days baking in the Texas heat thanks to FOX’s decision.

As for others. Well, sorry Oklahoma. You got a ton of 11 a.m. kickoffs a year ago, a you likely will once again this year. Texas, you’re next. When the rivals collide at the Cotton Bowl in October, good luck finding any brunch hot-spots in Dallas that aren’t filled to capacity. Only an ABC or ESPN broadcast can potentially save you from that reality at this point.