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TCU News: Which Horned Frog footballers can TCU least afford to lose?

Also, grading the spring sports.

Links O' War
Links O’ War
Danny Mourning


TCU Football: Breaking down the QB battle for 2019 season | Saturday Blitz

It’s not Rogers or bust, but if he wins the job, that’s probably the highest ceiling for the TCU offense, pending the Baldwin eligibility appeal.

He was a four-star recruit out of high school according to 247Sports and had numerous Power Five offers, including Texas, Texas A&M, Miami and Georgia, just to name a few. He ended up choosing TCU, but he has yet to fully regain his high school form since the injury.

The former four-star was one of the top dual-threat quarterbacks of his class and his ability to throw and run is what makes him so dangerous. If he continues to get healthier, he may end up being the favorite to win the job.

As a freshman, he saw a few snaps in TCU’s bowl game last year, but besides that, he spent the 2018 season recovering from his high school knee injury.

Ten players TCU can’t afford to lose for the 2019 season | 247 Sports

I love Jeremy but this feels like some serious hex voodoo stuff right here, lol. He’s right though, and it’s awesome to see a kid that hasn’t played much already be a key cog.

Mathis is the youngest of the group but after what we all heard about him in the spring, if he were to get injured it could be a big loss for the Frogs. In all of my years covering the Frogs, I’d never heard of Patterson singling out a particular player and saying he could be the best ever at the position for the program; he said that about Mathis. Mathis has serious athleticism at 6-foot-5, 235-pounds and for a position that is already in dire need for playmakers, losing a guy some suspect could be the best ever at the position would be detrimental. Luckily, there are some other talented players at the position so while losing Mathis would be bad, it won’t be as bad as it would be for other positions.


Report Cards | Fort Worth Weekly

The grades are all over the map, but one program stands on top.

TCU men’s tennis — Record: 22-7, Best win: Mississippi State, Worst loss: Tulsa

David Roditi continues to lead the most consistently elite group on campus other than women’s rifle. Baylor and Texas resurged this year and leapt over the Frogs during conference play, but Roditi’s squad still advanced to an Elite 8 appearance, and the cowboy-hat-wearing coach lassoed a Top 5 recruiting class. Their tournament loss to Texas doesn’t ding their grade because the Longhorns won the national championship. Senior Alex Rybakov finished the season ranked in the Top 4 individual players in the country, the second Frog racketeer in as many years to do so. TCU tennis is still looking for a squad balanced enough to break the eight-team barrier in the NCAA tournament and needs more parity between their third through fifth lines to do so.