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Beyond the Fort: Everybody loves Sam

There’s just always somebody sounding off on the Longhorns passer these days.

NCAA Football: Texas Orange-White Spring Game John Gutierrez-USA TODAY Sports

Sound the alarms, because TCU football will take the field at Amon G. Carter for its season-opener in exactly two months from this weekend. Okay, so that’s actually still pretty far away, but with July just days away, it’s hard to not get all that much more excited about the 2019 season.

For the meantime, you can fill the void by joining us for a journey around the rest of the conference.

Everybody hates loves Sam Ehlinger

If you sit in the camp of not being amused by Cleveland Browns quarterback and former Oklahoma star Baker Mayfield taking a shot at a college quarterback in the form of Texas signal-caller Sam Ehlinger last week, you’ll be sure to roll your eyes at the latest episode of criticism directed at the Longhorns passer. We have a 4-time Super Bowl champion and Pro Football Hall of Famer firing the shots off this time, folks.

That would be none other than legendary Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw, who rambled on a tangent about the Longhorns “stacking up” on passers Thursday before remarking that Ehlinger, without explicitly stating his name, “ain’t that great.”

If you’re trying to connect the dots here, Louisiana Tech — Bradshaw’s alma mater — faces Texas in Week 1 for what will be the first-ever meeting between the two schools. Okay, sure, we get it Terry, but isn’t this a little bit much for somebody of your stature? We’ll let y’all be the judge, but you start to wonder if Mr. Ehlinger will ever be able to catch even the slightest break after this one.

Let’s talk football win predictions

So, is the Big 12 going to send a team to the College Football Playoff for a third straight season this fall? And if so, will it be Oklahoma completing a playoff-bid three-peat?

CBS Sports recently took a jab at forecasting the over-under on wins for each team in the conference, and if the predictions hold, the Big 12 could be hard-pressed to find itself back in football’s final four this December. No surprise, the Sooners did lead the charge, albeit at just 10.5 wins compared to the 12 victories OU has reached each of the past two years.

Other notables: Texas at 9.5, Iowa State at 8, and TCU at 7.5. Nothing too outrageous, but we’ll see how the games play out in the fall. Any given Saturday, after all.

Championship rewind

Drum roll please.....

The 2018-19 NCAA season is complete, and the Pac-12 — yes, the Pac-12 — has taken home the crown for the most championships this past school year: A lucky 13 titles, to be exact. Maybe the conference isn’t in as dire of straits as we make it to be after all?

Though the Big 12 had less than half of that at five, no need to panic, because that’s still the third most of any Power 5 conference (and one more than the SEC, ha!), with one belonging to your beloved TCU rifle team. Not to mention, the conference had national semifinalists or the runner-up in football, men’s basketball and baseball. Sure, a national title in one of the “Big Three” sports would be nice, but let’s focus on the success a conference that looked doomed just four or five years ago is enjoying now rather than eyeing in on the shortcomings.