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The Revivalry is alive and well: New TCU scoreboard built with the Bears in mind.

Gary Patterson and co couldn’t resist sticking it to their rival during stadium remodeling.

Baylor v TCU Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Gary Patterson and Art Briles really didn’t like each other, and it made TCU vs Baylor games a whole lot of fun (most of the time).

The rivalry took a backseat for a time as Baylor dealt with things far more serious than football and Briles was given the boot.

Now, there’s a different level of respect between the two sidelines, though, as Patterson and third-year Bears’ coach Matt Rhule share a mutual admiration and genuine respect for each other that has taken some of the vitriol out of this annual matchup - and the fact that the Horned Frogs have won four straight games in convincing fashion helps, too

But lest you think that these two programs don’t still harbor an intense and intrinsic despite for each other, Gary Patterson, Jeremiah Donati, and TCU Football are here to remind you in the throes of the most recent edition of an Amon G. Carter Stadium renovation.

The loge boxes, suites, and club seats being built on the stadium’s east side will be complemented by a new, improved scoreboard as well - one that will measure 108’4” wide and 48’6” high. That’s 5,500 square feet of Snackwards Cam, for those of you playing at home.

While it was a foregone conclusion that the Horned Frogs would take this opportunity to upgrade a scoreboard that left something to be desired, the measurements were set with a very specific goal in mind: be bigger than the one at the school 90 miles down I-35. Baylor's video board measures in at a barely visible 107’ wide by 47’ high. The Bears’ McLane Stadium opened in 2014

According to the Star-Telegram’s Mac Engel, it was absolutely by design.

You hate to see it.

TCU Football opens their season on August 31st, with construction expected to be completed in time for the Horned Frogs’ October 26th date with Texas in Fort Worth. Baylor will get to see the new scoreboard in person on November 9th, when the Frogs host the Bears in Fort Worth.