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TCU News: More questions than answers when it comes to Baldwin, Olonilua

Matthew Baldwin’s waiver is still in process, an injury may cost him camp either way.

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Ohio State transfer Matthew Baldwin sidelined for TCU’s fall camp | The Star-Telegram

His eligibility waiver has yet to be decided, but Baldwin will be sidelined for a bit regardless.

“He’ll be close [to practice] by the time somewhere in fall camp. There’s no reason with what we have for us to push his issue, but he’s walking around now. He’ll progress like anybody else does, then he’ll progress to running. There’s no reason for us to go jump through hoops.”

Despite the surgery, Baldwin remains one of six candidates to win the starting quarterback job, barring Baldwin obtaining an immediate eligibility waiver from the NCAA.

Here’s the latest on TCU RB Sewo Olonilua’s status | The Star-Telegram

Sewo is still with the team as the legal process runs its course.

The Walker County criminal district attorney’s office has yet to determine whether to go forward with the charges, so no court date has been set yet.

As far as TCU is concerned, until something happens legally, it’ll stand pat. There is no contingency plans should this legal process drag into fall camp.

“We haven’t got to that point yet,” Patterson said.

Officials expect to know more on the matter when fall camp starts in early August.

Gary Patterson compares his golf game to his quarterback situation | Heartland College Sports

Patterson is always good for a laugh or two at these events.

Patterson expanded on his answer, adding, “Mike Collins wasn’t at camp because of mending, he’ll be back. Alex Delton, you’ve got a guy that was a team captain, handled himself well. Max Duggan, came in, the freshman. Justin Rogers was able to do more this spring than last spring. So for us having all those guys along with Baldwin and Downing so you have six guys that I think really have handled themselves very well.”

So while Patterson remains coy on what to do, the reality is he has a few weeks to figure out who will start Week 1 against Arkansas Pine-Bluff and then get a week off before a tough road trip to Purdue. Patterson admitted that time is of the essence, knowing he will have to get this six-man race down quickly, saying, “I judge quarterbacks on Saturdays, but at some point in time, out of that group we will have to get down to three pretty quickly because you can’t give guys enough reps to get where you need to without doing that.”

Gary Patterson Reveals Reasoning for Game Plan vs. Wisconsin in 2011 Rose Bowl | Bleacher Report

This was a great nugget.

“So Wisconsin goes into the Rose Bowl, their offensive coordinator and the offensive coordinator at Boise State were both vying for the offensive coordinator at Texas. So do you think you can just get the offensive coordinator at Texas job by running for 300 yards and not throwing the football and just pounding TCU? Probably not. So I took into consideration, the more I read the papers, the more I listened, that they would probably try to play action and do more. So we played to our advantage until the last drive. We had them locked, incomplete, 2nd-and-10, well now that plays the advantage of a smaller TCU team.”

Newy: One-on-One With TCU Head Coach Gary Patterson | NBCDFW

A good watch.

From the Horned Frogs’ quarterback battle to their predicted fourth-place finish in the conference, TCU head football coach Gary Patterson chatted with NBC 5’s Newy Scruggs at Big 12 media days Monday in Arlington. (Published Monday, Jul 15, 2019 | Credit: Newy Scruggs)