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German QB Alexander Honig commits to TCU

The wunderkind footballer has been a hot riser over the past few months, but the Horned Frogs got in early and won him over.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Texas Christian Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

When you hear “Germany” and “football”, your first thought is probably of “futbol” or soccer. And who can blame you? The country is well known for its love of the beautiful game, and produces some of the top talent in the sport annually.

But, for one young man growing up, it was American Football that he fell in love with, with dreams of playing Division I stateside in his heart.

Today, that dream came true for quarterback Alexander Honig, who committed to TCU Football after attending the Horned Frogs’ camp, one of many he’s competed at in a whirlwind summer.

Honig is an athletic marvel at the QB position, standing 6’5” and tipping the scales at 230 pounds, Honig looks like a grown man - though he is classified as a member of the class of 2021. But it isn’t just his size that intrigued TCU among others - Honig is an outstanding athlete who has recorded a 38” vertical (a number that would be the best combine score for a quarterback since RGII), a 123” broad jump, and has a 40 time in the 4.7 range. Adam Kramer profiled Honig earlier this summer, and quoted 247 evaluator Barton Simmons as saying “He’s enormous, strong and athletic. He has very unique physical traits and a cannon for an arm.”

Looking like he was created in a factory in Germany for precision model QBs, Honig doesn’t have a lot of experience playing against the high level competition most American QBs see week in and week out in their high school and select team seasons. But his film is the stuff dreams are made of, and the bona fides seem to all be there: athletic, fast, sees the field, can make all the throws. This is a kid who has made it his goal to play in the NFL - to be the first European passer to play in the NFL - and has decided that Sonny Cumbie and TCU give him the best shot to get there.

At this time rated a three star by 247Sports (Rivals lists him as a five star prospect), Honig’s first offer was from UMass, with Baylor following with an offer of their own a day after the Frogs became his first P5 opportunity. Certain to be a hot commodity over the next several months, TCU will have their work cut out for them holding on to Honig’s services, but it seems he has found a home in Fort Worth.

It’s worth reading all of Kramer’s profile, but this bit stands out as a glimpse into the prospect and his rising profile:

Having heard about Honig’s 11-inch hands, Harbaugh wanted to confirm the measurement himself. He put his palm up to Honig’s palm—a hand typically found on NBA power forwards and not teenage quarterbacks. When his measurement checked out, Harbaugh couldn’t help but joke with the QB and crack a smile.

Though Michigan hasn’t offered yet, you can be sure Harbaugh and Big Blue will be keeping an eye on the teenage QB with Kawhi Leonard hands. But, in my opinion at least, he’s going to look really good in that purple.

Honig is the first commitment in the class of 2021. You can check out his highlights below.

Willkommen to the Frog Fam, Alexander! And hey, we know German athletes have a history of doing well here in DFW.