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TCU Athletics announces Media Day attendees

And boy, will this be fun.

TCU Football vs Ohio State | September 15, 2018
TCU Football vs Ohio State | September 15, 2018
Melissa Triebwasser

TCU Football announced their Media Days attendees on Wednesday via From the Desk of #ADJD, and it’s a group ripe with talent - and personality.

The Frogs will bring a group heavy on defense, with three of the five attendees being from that side of the ball. They are also breaking tradition a bit, as only two of the included players will be seniors. Those seniors are safety Innis Gaines and offensive lineman Lucas Niang, juniors Ross Blacklock (DT) , Jalen Reagor (WR), and linebacker Garret Wallow will also be a part of the contingent to Arlington. Gaines, Blacklock, and Wallow are all expected to receive votes for preseason Defensive Player of the Year honors in the Big 12, while Reagor is an early favorite to carry player of the year honors for offense. Niang will likely find himself on the first team ballot for offensive lineman, and is expected to be a high draft pick next fall.

Two of those players are coming off of season-ending injuries in 2018 - Ross Blacklock didn’t play a snap for the Frogs last year after suffering an injury in camp, and Gaines was lost during the sixth game of the season after a very promising start. They are truly the linchpins of a defense that lost a lot - but gets a lot back, too. Wallow played, mostly on special teams, as a true freshman before taking a starting role in 2018; the high-motor standout out of Louisiana was expected to be the team’s starting linebacker, but moved to safety after a rash of injuries. He should return to his preferred position this year.

These are all guys that have been around the program for a long time, and while they’ll all be professional and well-spoken, you can bet Gaines will give us something that makes us laugh.

Big 12 Media Days will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX on July 15th and 16th.