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Midweek Musings: Moved signage gives Frog fans false hope

We thought an intrepid former Frog broke some big news Tuesday, only to be told it was just a dream.

Colorado Rockies v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

It’s been long debated amongst readers here and elsewhere, and it appears that’s we finally have an answer to our favorite off-season question…

No, not the quarterback one.

According to a tweet from TCU alum Andrew Sullivan, new signage going up at Amon G. Carter Stadium seems to indicate that there will be beer available for sale in the stadium this fall:

TCU piloted this initiative during baseball season this past spring, selling beer at the last several home games at Lupton. That led many to believe that the football stadium would soon be following suit, a thought bolstered by AD Jeremiah Donati’s promise to release one addition to the game day experience each day in August.

How could beer sales not be a part of 31 announcements? How many other changes could there possibly be?

While twitter exploded with takes - some celebrated, some derided the loss of in and out privileges, some looked for anywhere to spend their money - the truth was revealed when Star Telegram reporter Drew Davison got in touch with ADJD:

While yes, that sign does look suspiciously like the very same one that hung above Riff Ram BBQ at Lupton this past season, I am not fully convinced that we are getting the whole story here. First of all, since when do they store signage at the football stadium? And if they were going to do that, why do it while the stadium is under construction? Doesn’t seem like that would be the best possible place for it now, does it? Is ADJD trying desperately to save this surprise for a bigger reveal, and using a little white lie to distract us?

Also, how is water $4 and beer only $7?!

Of course, alcoholic beverages are already available in the club sections and suites in the stadium, as well as the Stuart Family Courtside Club pregame. Patrons have also enjoyed returning to their tailgates at halftime, a point of contention when it seems to take them a quarter and a half to get back to their seats - if they even bother to return at all.

So, the question remains: Will TCU offer beer to the general population in 2019? Or were we simply duped by some poorly placed signage from Lupton?

I guess we will find out some time in the next month.

TCU’s fall camp opens Thursday with media availability and practice begins a day later, on Friday.