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TCU News: Beer sale$? ADJD says “Money was not a factor.”

There are a lot of reasons the Frogs moved to bring beer to the stadium, but money was apparently not one of them.

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‘It’s not a money grab.’ TCU AD Donati goes in-depth on beer sales, in-and-out policy | The STar-Telegram

Some fans will be upset, but this is the best thing for TCU Football going forward.

Donati said no stadium in the country that sells beer has an in-and-out policy, and it’s for safety and liability reasons. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons.

“This was something necessary that had to come hand-in-hand with beer sales,” Donati said. “I’m not trying to ruin your tailgate. We spend a lot of time and effort trying to ensure that our tailgaters get their money’s worth. We do give them a lot of time to experience their tailgate.”

TCU opens the parking lots six hours before game time, and fans must exit the lots three hours after the game concludes. Donati said the university has yet to discuss possibly adding additional time on the front, or backend for tailgaters.

Here’s how Gary Patterson truly feel about TCU selling beer at football games | The Star-Telegram

GP supports the university, but quipped that he may look for a seat in the shade.

TCU will become the latest school in the Big 12 to sell beer at football games, and athletic director Jeremiah Donati feels a byproduct from the decision will be a better crowd after halftime.

TCU is eliminating its in-and-out policy with the beer sales, something that isn’t sitting well with some fans who have grown accustomed to returning to their tailgates at halftime. But this decision should create a more lively atmosphere to start the third quarter.

Instead of fans lingering at their tailgates into the third quarter, they’ll be in the stadium.

At the end of the day, Patterson is going to support whatever decision Donati and the university feel is best for the game-day experience.

Chances Gary Patterson has his first-ever true freshman start at QB for season opener | The Star-Telegram

I still think Duggan has a shot.

“There’s a certain sense as a quarterback, ‘I may only get three to six reps,’” Cumbie said. “But they can’t think, ‘I’ve got three reps to win the job.’ The job is not going to be won in three practices, in three plays, in one play. It’s the consistency. It’s the body of work they put forth throughout fall camp.

“That’s what they have to really focus on. It’s a challenge.”

TCU has had five fall camp practices so far, taking Wednesday off. The first scrimmage is Saturday, and the feeling is Delton remains the favorite.

Collins and Duggan appear to be the two pushing Delton the most to this point. For his part, Duggan isn’t backing down even though he’s a freshman.

Frogs in fall camp: TCU finds itself facing load management; true freshmen impressing on defense | Sports Day

Patterson is giving a lot of off days to veteran players.

It doesn’t come as much a choice for the veteran TCU head coach either given some of the limitations the Frogs have a faced early on in fall camp. A number of players -- most notably junior quarterback Mike Collins, wearing a boot Saturday -- have been sidelined at some point in the last week.

Defensive end transfers Parker Workman and Shameik Blackshear, offensive tackle Lucas Niang, and safety Innis Gaines were all among others whom Patterson said have missed some amount of time in practice. Players returning from significant injuries last fall -- namely defensive tackle Ross Blacklock, who did not participate Saturday -- are also still being eased back into the swing of things.

2019 Baylor Football Opponent Quick-Hitter: TCU | Our Daily Bears

20-17... mark is down, Frog fans.

Prediction: TCU has had Baylor’s number for the last few years. The Bears get that monkey off their back this year. Baylor outclasses TCU handily at the quarterback position with returning star Charlie Brewer. While TCU’s defense could still cause problems, the offense should be improved just enough to get over the hump. That plus the potential third year bump in the Snow defense should give the Bears the edge over a statistically weaker TCU, even if it is a road game. Plus, with the season ending injury to TCU’s kicker, Bunce (what a terrible situation), that could very well make a difference of 3 or so points.

20-17 Baylor