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The inaugural FanPulse ballot is out! See how your votes stack up.

This is the first poll where YOUR vote actually matters.

Well, here it is, the first poll that YOU, the fan, had a say in:

That’s right, the inaugural Fan Pulse top 25 is out, and TCU is...

... not ranked.

BUT, that’s okay! We like #earningthechip, right?

Let’s take a look at how the votes shook out among the fans.

Where we did right:

Clemson at #1: Well, yeah. They’re good. In fact, it’s pretty hard to argue with a top four of Clemson, Alabama, Georgia, and Oklahoma. Each is certainly a playoff caliber team heading into 2019. Clemson was a near unanimous choice at number one, save for one team site - I’ll let you guess which.

Where we did wrong:

Michigan at six? How many Wolverine fans voted in this thing? Big Blue is becoming the Texas of the preseason, annually valued as a top ten team despite not really winning anything of value.

In that vein, have you seen Texas A&M’s schedule? Sure, they might be the richest school in college football, but all that dough is buying them - on average - eight wins a year.

Also, Auburn loses a pretty good QB and is turning to a guy that split reps in high school to replace him this fall. #18 feels a little steep. Oregon is overvalued in my opinion as well, as fans seem to be clamoring to jump on the Justin Herbert bandwagon.

The whole poll feels a little “blue-bloody”, but that’s pretty typical for the first poll of the season. People tend to vote what they know, so not a ton of surprises in this first top 25.

Ranking Iowa above Iowa State is just cold, though. Don’t do our midwestern brethren like that, friends.

What we are missing:

Where are the Horned Frogs? TCU wasn’t an option to vote for amongst the 40 teams listed in the first slate, but don’t worry, we let the Powers’s that be know about it.

Baylor, on the other hand, was, but you all did a good job making sure that they didn’t make the top 25 cut. In fact, not a single person that registered through this website voted for the Bears, period. Proud of you, Frog fans.

For those of you that voted, be sure to let us know how your vote stacked up. For those that didn’t, don’t worry, it’s not too late to sign up - do so HERE.

You’ll have a chance to vote each week, so make sure get signed up now!