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TCU News: “This is the best I’ve seen Jet run.”

A healthy Darius Anderson is good news for TCU, and bad news for opposing defenses.

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‘The fastest I’ve ever seen him.’ TCU’s Darius Anderson ready to turn on the jets | The Star-Telegram

DA is almost the forgotten man in the TCU backfield, but he’s ready to remind you how good he is.

The problem for Anderson, though, has been staying healthy and consistent throughout his college career. Early signs are encouraging for that to change his senior season.

“Jet is the fastest I’ve ever seen him,” coach Gary Patterson said on Wednesday. “I’ve never seen Jet run like Jet’s running right now. Not as a sophomore … this is the best I’ve seen Jet run.”

Beer makes everything better, including TCU football games. Here’s why. | The Star-Telegram

Selling beer in stadium has been proven to actually decrease fan incidents.

If you’re thinking this will encourage drinking, think again. Anyone who has walked through the parking lots around the stadium on game day knows it’s already happening.

With beer available inside, the tailgate scene will suffer, but TCU’s approach is smart. Removing in-and-out privileges alone will probably discourage over-consumption. And the price point, $7 per beer, is good for a sporting event but not low enough where most fans will match what they might drink from their own coolers in the parking lot.

TCU is catching up with universities in the Big 12 Conference, most of which allow for beer sales. And the Horned Frogs have already experimented by selling suds at baseball games, with no craziness reported yet.

Patterson proud of TCU’s ACS expansion, vows spring game coming | 247 Sports

If you build it, will they come?

Patterson is so proud about what the stadium will look like, he’s even talking about an event that Frog fans have long wanted him to have; an annual spring game. It’s not like Patterson hasn’t had spring games before, but he’s hoping the new addition to the stadium will bring the fans out; especially since the east side club seats provide shade to most of the east side stands. He also has a gigantic scoreboard to brag about.

He’s willing to make it a big event; that is if the fans show.

“Everybody gave me a bad time because we didn’t have a spring scrimmage. Before it didn’t look like this,” he said. “I always said I didn’t want cameras in here and people watching me. When we show up this spring we’ll have a spring game.”

“Now, I got something to show off. This is unbelievable; this now is a big time stadium.”

Around Campus:

Frog Chic Fashion Turns Neiman Marcus Into a TCU Wonderland | Paper City

This is always a great event!

It’s that time of year. When summer is coming to an end and we look to the autumn that lies ahead. Two things are often high on the list of priorities — getting a plan together for TCU football season and getting your fall wardrobe together. The two can sometimes overlap in the quandary of what-to-wear for some swellegant tailgating. How to incorporate our favorite shade of TCU purple.

Having done personal styling myself in Fort Worth, I know how serious a topic this can be and how looking “effortlessly cool-girl” is the dream of many.

The solution to that dilemma was solved more than 10 years ago with the birth of the annual Neiman Marcus Frog Chic Fashion Event. Creator Marjon Zabihi wanted to make it easy for Fort Worth girls to have a fun night of drinks and nibbles with friends. Throw in some great runway fashion and shopping afterward and you have a dream night.