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TCU News: “It really showed me how much I love the game. I learned a lot of things about myself.”

Innis Gaines is ready for his senior season, having become a father and overcome an injury a year ago.

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Super dad: How TCU’s Innis Gaines balances fatherhood and football all for his son | The Star-Telegram

This is a great read on one of my favorite Frogs - hard-hitting safety and super dad Innis Gaines.

“It’s very inspirational having a son,” Gaines said. “He teaches me patience, love, being humble, kind … just knowing he watches everything I do, pushes me to be great in every aspect of my life.

“Not having a dad growing up, it taught me a lot about becoming a man. Seeing my mom do it, she showed me a lot about what men need to do to take care of your family. Having that chance to actually be a father and do something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid gives me joy every day.”

Those closest to Gaines see the positive impact becoming a father has had on him. His girlfriend couldn’t have asked for a better first 11-plus months with Aaiden.

Gaines is all-in when it comes to his son.

“He’s such a hands-on dad,” Fluellen said. “We were each taking 15 hours worth of classes and he always said, ‘I got you.’ He would do everything at night, so I could sleep, so he’s been very supportive.

Ex-Ohio State QB won’t be available for TCU in 2019 after NCAA ruling | CBS Sports

But good ol’ Tathan had no problem getting eligible at Miami!

If that appeal is denied and the NCAA sticks to its initial ruling, Baldwin will have to sit out the 2019 season before he’s eligible to compete for the Horned Frogs.

Baldwin’s argument for immediate eligibility is based on the fact that he redshirted his first year at Ohio State following an injury late in his high school senior season. It’s worth noting, however, that TCU was already going to have to start fall camp without Baldwin in the quarterback battle following offseason knee surgery. If the NCAA’s ruling is overturned on appeal, he still might not be healthy enough to play until after the season has started.

A dream fulfilled for new TCU commit Alexander Honig | Horned Frog Blitz

Honig says all the right things. He might end up being the steal of the class of 2021.

“I love it. It is awesome that it is close to the airport for my family to get there,” he said. “On the other hand on campus it doesn’t feel like you are in a big metropolitan area because everything is so relaxed and you also have beautiful green landscapes. You can also feel the importance of football in Texas.”

As previously mentioned, Honig has athleticism that is unlike many of the quarterbacks he’s in the same class with; regardless of the country. In addition to his athleticism, Honig has a big arm with great mechanics; no doubt a sign that he has worked long and hard to perfect. Although he admits he’s still raw in some areas, he feels like he will be a good fit for the Frogs’ offense.

“I think of myself as a pretty raw player still. So I think you can make me grow into a system pretty well. My athleticism will definitely help to perform in TCUs offense,” he said. “I just feel like the quarterback should be the best athlete on the field because he gets the ball every snap. I’m trying to do that so I can be a big part of the quick TCU offense and want to help with a lot of arm strength as well as athleticism.”

TCU Horned Frogs season preview: 3 breakout candidates, key questions, projected results and more | Sports Day

A comprehensive look at Dean’s preview series this summer.

3. Can Gary Patterson’s great track record with rebound seasons continue?

Before last season, Gary Patterson coached six teams that failed to win at least 10 games. In five of the six seasons that followed, Patterson’s teams rebounded with double-digit win totals (averaging 11 wins/season overall). The 2018 team marked Patterson’s seventh team to finish below that 10-win threshold. History may be on Patterson’s side, but betting experts are not -- most oddsmakers have the Horned Frogs’ 2019 win total pegged at 7.5.