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Frogs and Hops: Beer coming to the Carter (for real this time)

Jeremiah Donati announced Tuesday that beer will be sold at Amon G Carter Stadium this fall.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 26 Cheez-It Bowl - Cal v TCU
Is Super Frog of legal drinking age?
Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Jeremiah Donati has already ensured he has legendary status in TCU lore with his “because it’s our stadium” quote during baseball season, but he’s liable to have his own statue soon after announcing Tuesday that the beer would be flowing in The Carter this fall.

After TCU alum Andrew Sullivan appeared to break the news last week, Donati said the signage belonged to baseball, giving Frog fans false hope for a brief few hours. But, a week later, it appears ADJD pulled a fast one on us, wanting instead to announce it himself as part of his 30 Game Day Changes announcements in August.

Now we know that Miller Coors will be providing eight different alcohol options, including a hard seltzer. The price point will be $7 for all alcholic beverages. Sales will begin when the gates open (two hours before kick-off) and end before the start of the fourth quarter, similar to what we see at other collegiate sporting events. With the addition of alcohol sales, in and out privileges will indeed be revoked.

Alcohol has always been available in the premium seating areas across the stadium, and several other Big 12 schools have already been selling beer for quite some time (Texas, Texas Tech, Kansas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and West Virginia). I will say, I have attended games at several of those stadiums, and things weren’t any rowdier or less enjoyable with beer widely available.

In a post on, TCU Athletics says “TCU is always looking to enhance the fan experience, and beer sales have been a popular request through the years. After our latest season-ticket holder survey, the timing is now right.” TCU also has policies in place for unruly fans and is working on a designated driver program.

Overall, this is a good move for the university and the athletics department, who have had to contend with lowered attendance in the second half as people slowly find their way back from the tailgates. It’s also a financial boon for the Frogs. As always, get there early, stay late, and be safe, Frog fans.