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TCU News: “I just have to be me.”

How does Alex Delton become TCU’s QB? He believes his best chance is by being him.

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‘I feel like I’m a playmaker.’ How Alex Delton can win TCU’s starting QB job | The Star-Telegram

How does Delton win the job? By not turning the ball over.

For Delton, his mindset is simple when it comes to what has to happen for him to be the starting quarterback when the season opens Aug. 31 against Arkansas-Pine Bluff.

“I just have to be me,” Delton said. “I have to just be the best me I can be. That’s someone who’s going to work every day, study a little bit extra, who’s going to work on my weaknesses, communicate well and be the best player I can be.

“That’s all I can ask and I feel like all we can ask from teammates and coaches all down the line -- just be the best we can be so that we do feel confident when game day comes that we have the best product on the field.”

Call it the Cheez-It Bowl Effect | Pressbox DFW

There’s a cautious optimism about this team.

Listening to Patterson, you get the feeling that he likes the foxhole his 2019 team has had to fight its way out of.

“Usually we’ve followed average years with unbelievable years,” Patterson said the other day. “My point is, going into it, I already feel a lot better, mind-wise, which is very important.

“And if we can stay healthy and get a couple of guys to step up at a couple of positions, then I think we’re going to have a chance.”

Videos: Getting to Know |

You’re going to want to watch this, I am quite sure.

“I’ve said I enjoy winter, but in Texas, it’s a totally different type of winter.


Desmond Bane hoping TCU senior season sets him up for more success | Pal-Item

Bane came back to improve his stock, and to win.

Despite Bane’s productive individual season, TCU underwhelmed in 2018. The Horned Frogs finished 23-14, good for seventh in the Big 12, and failed to be selected to the NCAA Tournament, a far cry from their preseason top-25 ranking.

Bane may very well want to improve his individual status for next year’s NBA Draft, but he also returned for his senior season to win in Fort Worth.

”I just want to be the best leader I can be and really come out and win games,” Bane said. “I’ve had a lot of individual accolades but I’m not satisfied with any of that. I want a championship.”