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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Purdue preview with a critique of Texas and USC

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Live from Punch Bowl Social, Jamie and Melissa preview the TCU-Purdue matchup coming up on Saturday night in West(ern) Lafayette, with an in-depth discussion of the greatest receiver of all time Ron-dale Moore, questions about Elijah Sindelar’s concussion, and what TCU got better at during their “get better week.” (Including offensive creativity, ball security, and defensive pressure).

J & M also spend some time wondering why a blue blood program like Texas decides not to supply air conditioning to their opponents, and why a blue blood program like USC has such a lackluster fan experience.

Of course, no podcast would be complete without a little QB conversation, and questions still about about the position. Picks, predictions, and more round out the episode.

A big thanks to all of you for listening, subscribing, rating, and reviewing, and a big thanks too to Punch Bowl Social. Their hospitality was tremendous, and we’ll be back to record another live show there soon. Details pending, but we hope you come out and join us, and support a really, really cool establishment.