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Frogs O’ War Podcast: Frogs pound Purdue, prepare for (final?) Iron Skillet

Jamie and Melissa recap the win over Purdue, and get ready for SMU Hate Week.

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Zero Purdue rushing yards through three quarters defined TCU’s dominance over the Boilermakers on Satruday night, as it seems the Frogs have captured another level of magic on defense.

Meanwhile, the running game is hitting on all cylinders, as Darius Anderson and Sewo Olonilua plowed through Purdue’s defense.

Big questions remain about the quarterback situation, but it seems the odds are tilting in Max Duggan’s favor, for now.

The real question though, that Melissa and Jamie debate, is whether there’s still value in playing SMU every year.

Check it all out in this week’s episode of the Frogs O’ War podcast.